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Yalla Yalla

Restaurants, Lebanese Fitzrovia
4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
(36user reviews)
Yalla Yalla
Rob Greig / Time Out

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Lebanese street food served in a casual atmosphere.

As good as ever – this Middle Eastern café continues to satisfy with outstanding food and tip-top service. Long tables dominate the airy dining space, and there are seats where you can eat alfresco while puffing on a hookah pipe. The atmosphere suits the menu: a casual mix of mezze, mains and wraps.

Everything I tried was marvellous but there were a few must-order items. Get the labne bil thum: a lush dip of strained yogurt flavoured with garlic and topped with colourful greens in a pool of golden olive oil. Swirled on to pitta bread, spread on pastry parcels or smothered on sausages, this velvety mixture complimented just about every other dish on the table. Another favourite was the soujoc, spicy cocktail-sized bullets of lamb bathed in a punchy tomato sauce. Also terrific was a refreshing bowl of mohalabiya, a milk pudding from Damascus with pomegranate seeds and syrup. Something about this dessert was reminiscent of the best sort of childhood comfort pudding: delicate and nourishing without being remotely cloying.

Service was as faultless as the food. Funny and perceptibly kind, my waitress knew all about each dish, gave excellent recommendations and brought the plates out at a good pace. Cosy vibes plus terrific food is a winning formula. No wonder Yalla Yalla has remained at the top of its game since opening in 2010.

By: Brooke Jackson



Address: 12 Winsley Street
Transport: Tube: Tottenham Court Road
Price: Dinner for two with drinks and service: around £75.
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4 out of 5 stars

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3.6 / 5

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I met a group of friends at the Winsley Street branch of Yalla Yalla when we were looking for an easy meal to have a quick catchup.  We chose to have a mixture of mezze, highlights being the Baba Ghannouj, haloum meshoue and samboussek jibne.

At the time we wondered if there was enough food but I was still full hours later!  This meal was excellent value and utterly delicious with the bill coming to less than £20 each for food and a shared bottle of wine. 


Great Lebanese restaurant in central London, just a few steps away from the busy Oxford street. Vast selection of small plates to share with company, delicious lebanese main dishes and decent prices.


Yalla Yalla has made its way to North Greenwich! In perfect view of Canary Wharf this Lebanese street food makes a quick and tasty lunch. I had the chicken wings as they were the only gluten free option, however it was just what I fancied and they were absolutely divine. The waitress told me exactly what was on them and showed me that they were grilled away from any gluten which was super helpful. She also told me there would be a ten minute wait which was nothing in comparison to the surrounding restaurants and meant that I knew my food would be cooked properly. 

As all the food is takeaway, it was nice to go and sit on the grassy banks to enjoy my lovely chicken and get some sunshine. My friends all had wraps which looked and smelled amazing. I believe they included either lamb or chicken, garlic sauce and salad. Everything came with Yalla Yalla's home made chilli sauce which was thick and just the right balance of heat, sweetness and bitterness. So at a very reasonable price of around £5 we were all left feeling full and satisfied with Yalla Yalla's Lebanese delights. 


The Soho/Oxford Street area is full of hidden places to eat and this is one we almost gave up on because it was pretty difficult to get a seat. If you can wait (the staff were cheerful and more than happy to get us a drink while we were hanging around outside) it is worth it. Inside is really cosy and homely feel - there are cushions, stools, chunky tables and because of it's small size it sort of feels like you're at a big family dinner but in a nice way, not a stressful way. 

The food is good and we had a few different mezze dishes to share. Personal favourites included the hummus shawarma and samboussek chicken parcels. Now I like hummus anyway, but the hummus here is a whole different level. I wasn't a fan of the calamari dish though as I thought it tasted a little bland. 

All the while that you're eating you can see all of the amazing pastries on the counter top just begging to be ordered afterwards. Alas, I was too full to try any but I still regret not getting a little of the baklava to take home with me.


Went to this place after after-work-drinks with a couple of others.  We ordered about 5-6 starters to share between us (as instructed by the waiter).  Whilst the food was good, I thought it was not quite what I would have ordered if I had been hungry for a proper meal - luckily, we were all after snack-ish sized amounts.  I did think they were a bit stingy with the pita bread considering we got 3 pieces with our 6 starters, presumably because extra bread is only £1?

I didn't try the mains but had serious food envy at the group next to us who did - and they looked great

I'd go back to try those on a day when I was hungrier 


Found this place when searching for 'Cheap soho eats', and it is indeed affordable.  The place is small but cosy with lots of cushions made from middle eastern fabric giving it an authentic feel.  We were a party of 3 and two of us had 4 mezze plates to share and the guy had one of the mains which looked very abundant in portion size! All the small dishes were tasty in particular the Sautéed chicken liver with garlic and pomegranate molasses. which was also voted as Time out 100 best dishes 2013.  Also each extra bag of pitta is only an a £1!

This place is an absolute hidden gem. It's tiny, and you will struggle to get a seat at most times of the day...but when you do, WOW. Great tasting, fresh, interesting, flavoursome food. Honestly I cannot praise this place highly enough. Then to top it off they even do a cracking baklava dessert.

My main complaint is that we did not feel that it was good value for money. The service was friendly and the food was good but not outstanding. When ordering a large selection of mezze for several people you get a remarkably small amount of pita bread and have to pay extra to get more.


This location in Fitzrovia is a cheerful Lebanese cafe with wood pannelling. I ordered the Beirut, a lunch special including hummus, tabouleh, lamb schwarma, and felafel. The hummus is creamy but a bit salty. The schwarma is a bit bland on its own but goes well with the vinegary tabouleh and felafel. Good value for money and attentive service.

Quality of the food not as good as it was a couple of years ago but overall I still love this little place.

Came here once anr deally liked it (would have given it 4 stars) then came back after 1 year and found the quality of the food had gone a bit down hill, not as good as it once was I believe..

Came here once anr deally liked it (would have given it 4 stars) then came back after 1 year and found the quality of the food had gone a bit down hill, not as good as it once was I believe..

Great Lebanese street food restaurant down an alley in Soho. I went near my birthday this year and we and all the classics - moutabel/baba ganouj, tabbouleh, some great houmous with schwarma and some other dishes. Intimate feeling with friendly staff.

I likw the atmospere and the food is quite nice. Yet it basically is a take away with seating provided that seems a bit overpriced to me. Also half of our party arrived late, so we wanted to wait with ordering food until they arrived, so we decided to have a drink in the meantime. We got told though that alcoholic drinks only get served after the purchase of food which seemed a bit annoying..

A delightful experience, not a bad dish in the bunch. We had a lovely time- beautiful flavours and great service.

"we don't seat you until all your party are here" said a surly waiter. I responded that my "party" (one other person) would arrive in minutes and I would like to sit down and order a drink. He said no, then consulted the manager who was even more brusque in his dismissal of my outrageous demand. Something along the lines of "we can't have customers filling up the tables while they wait". The restaurant (early evening) was only 1/4 full. I was told I could sit outside and have a drink. I sat outside but didn't order anything and watched with amusement as one of the chefs came out to take delivery of a pizza. "for the kitchen staff" he told me. So this is a restaurant with front of house staff who don't like the customers and kitchen staff who don't like the food. Go figure. And in an area rammed with alternatives. We went to ping pong round the corner where the staff were delightful and the food good.

I went to Yalla Yalla on Winsley Street with my best friend tonight. We'd like to express our disappointment of this place which was overcrowded and too noisy that we had to scream over the table and also food. We both ordered chicken shawarma and it was very dry, we thought it was obvious that adding some sauces selection would be a solution for that. We were so unsatisfied with our meal that we decided to go for dessert to make our moods better but it was also kind of ok-ish. There is no wide selection of desserts and most of them are not available. So on the end the only good thing we had was lemonade. We left the restaurant very disappointed and not satisfied at all considering the amount of money that we spent. We don't really understand why is it in top ten. I definitely don't recommend this place.

Avoid!!! extremely bad customer service and food is ok-ish... don't waste you time queueing for an average over priced meal. If you want lebanese, stick to the usuals and avoid the trendy chains.

Nice place to go if your in the oxford street area looking for somewhere informal, for somewhere not too expensive and delicious food

Never ceases to deliver a great informal experience... Always really enjoy dinner here and a "go to" place if in need of somewhere to go...

A great place to go after a long shop. Good service- ordered the Christmas Meal and the food arrived promptly. A mix of different platters e.g. delicious spicy sausages, roasted scallops, pomegranate salads etc, followed by an exceptional slow cooked lamb. This is an easy going restaurant for people looking for a cheap bite and a warm atmosphere.

Might be decent and good value for money for a quick weekday lunch but this place shouldn't be an option for a proper meal. No one seems to be Lebanese there to start with and they seem to be victims of their success and resting on their laurels. Each time I called to make a group booking, a despicable person answered. The time I managed to get one, I was told that I had to fill a form and pay a deposit, which I was very happy to do until I was called a week later and told that my booking can no longer be taken because it's a "busy time" for the restaurant. Any good restaurant should be busy on a Friday night anyway and, apart from the food, the advantages of Lebanese restaurants in general are: They are convenient, unfussy and IDEAL FOR GROUPS, and clearly Yalla Yalla isn't!

Great food, great prices. The service was fine, accessing the toilets is an extreme sport.

Baba ghanuj is the best i had so far in London and Paris, the chicken liver with Molases is great too, was impressed with their wine list, try the St Thomas red Leb. Our waitress was so helpful also.will visit next time their branch in Soho while im in London.

think this is a brilliant restaurant. excellent value and high quality food. nice buzz about the place too along with great service. best place of it's kind by far!

Our office local for a quick lunch great mezzes and super wraps try the soujoc wrap (spicy sausage) quick and friendly service by eversmiling east european crew no mater how busy they are......well worth a visit

Excellent mezzes with professional and attentive service, staff seem to enjoy themselves and pass that on to their customers, would highly recommend the sambousseks stuffed with cheese or lamb and the hummus with lamb ..yummy.

First time visit for me this lunch and had the fortune of having one of the best kofta wraps I've had in London, the unit was very busy and the quality of the wrap and the friendly service was excellent.....highly recommend

Had the special offer for Lunch with a glass of water melon lemonade and the bill came only under £10.....EXCELLENT quality food and smiley service. Great bargain for the west end and specially for Market place area. Highly reccommended.

Just had the worst experience ive ever had in a restaurant!! This place has the worst Manager in History at the WINSLEY STREET Branch, he has the worst Customer Service relations ever. Ive been in quite a few times here, recommended and taken friends and always enjoyed the food. So i decided to try a take out wrap. Never again! the service was chaotic, the was no system to placing orders, people who ordered after me got the wraps before me, they couldnt find a card machine so was left waiting even longer, they had no idea what was under the toasting press, so they had to keep opening up everything which took longer. Ive been in places that serve taken away wraps which are toasted, and its never taken this long Now i explained this the the Manager, and my experience as a customer.......but he didnt want to hear any off it, all i got was explained over and over was that it takes time to cook the wraps. which i totally understand, but they could have speed it up by having a better system. so he keeps saying this, making me more angry, he just didnt want to hear my experience as a customer. He then basically told me to go away if i didnt like the service and never come back im very shocked by this, as all he need to say was that he was sorry, the sorry goes along way, and that he would look into it. Not much to ask, really, that way he would have kept me as a customer, and also all of my friends, im now going to tell everyone ive recommended it to NOT TO GO

I went to Yalla Yalla with 5 friends on Friday night, as nice as the food was, our evening was completely overshadowed by the appaling service we received. We were firstly given a tiny table to try and squeeze all 6 of us onto. We were then left waiting for at least 15 minutes before being asked if we would like to order drinks. After ordering food, 4 people's main courses arrived when we were still eating our starters and we were left to tidy the table to make room for the plates. The 2 remaining main dishes arrived after not only had the other 4 of us finished eating, but our plates had been cleared. There were no apologies throughout and all we were offered at the end were a few baklava. Not happy.

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