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Yauatcha City

Restaurants, Chinese Broadgate
3 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
(12user reviews)
Yauatcha City
Yauatcha City
Yauatcha City

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

A City branch of the dim sum specialist.

Stretching across one bendy swathe of multi-storey foodie development Broadgate Circle, the City branch of the Cantonese chain looks a bit like an extremely glamorous spaceship. Designed as one very long room, it creates the illusion, as you walk through, of going on for ever. Obviously it doesn’t: there’s a flowery garden at each end for smoking in. But on our visit, that sense of unreality was heightened by the fact that the hoarding hiding the building site opposite was papered over with fake sky.

As in life, the best bit was over before we really knew it was happening: Yauatcha’s sublime venison puffs – tiny parcels of intensely caramelly pastry stuffed with rich, dark meat. Crab dumplings were juicy and translucent, while plump scallop shumai were so wonderfully slippery we actually dropped one. Other plates underwhelmed: hand-pulled noodles were unexpectedly thin, basically your-average-Chinese-takeaway standard; and Yauatcha’s speciality jasmine ribs came dry and caked in a gummy red jelly.

There’s a bakery downstairs serving fancy French-Asian patisserie. You can order these to be served at your table (staff are polite and accommodating) and you cannot leave without eating the chocolate pebble: a smooth globe of brownie, crunchy cocoa nibs and squirty chocolate liquid. It’s possible to eat extremely well here, if you mostly stick to dim sum and puds. Much like that papery, building-site sky, the mains looked swisher than they actually were.


Address: Broadgate Circle
Transport: Tube: Liverpool Street
Price: Dinner for two with drinks and service: around £100.
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Users say (12)

4 out of 5 stars

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4.4 / 5

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I'm so happy I finally got to try Yauatcha! I've wanted to come eat here for the longest time so dinner here last night was most satisfying. My aunt and I had a lovely table facing the centre of Broadgate Circle, which was incredible in the evening - lit up with post-work crowds munching and drinking and the beautiful sunset. I liked that the restaurant had a very open environment. From huge glass windows, to the open balcony/bar, and a glimpse into the kitchen. 

I started off by ordering a cocktail, as I've heard that this was one of the aspects they're known for and I was not disappointed. I had the Cha La Lai, which was a vodka based cocktail flavoured with black grape, oolong tea, apple, and champagne. This was really refreshing cocktail, not overly sweet, and I liked how I could see the grapes in the glass that were used to add flavour. 

Between my aunt and I, we shared the following dishes: 

1. King Crab Shanghai Siew Long Bun with Pork - This was a take on a traditional Chinese soup dumpling, which was actually done really well. It's one of the best soup dumplings I've tasted in London so far because there was actually soup in the dumpling! I could poke the dumpling to reveal a tasty soup oozing out into my spoon. 

2. Char Siu Bun - A classic dim sum dish that I had to have, as it's my favourite. These were also done well - the bun was light and fluffy, and the filling had the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. 

3. Wild Mushroom Dumpling - A non-traditional take on a vegetarian steamed dumpling, which I really enjoyed! Although the skin of this dumpling looked thick and dry at first, the flavour of the filling made up for it. They were well filled and the dumpling skin turned out not to be as dry as it looked. 

4. Three Style Mushroom Cheung Fun - My favourite dish we ordered! These were filled with mushrooms that were so tasty, I could see and taste each individual mushroom used. They were well stuffed and not too salty while the skin was perfectly done. They were shining as they arrived at our table and were drizzled in a lovely soy sauce. 

5. Venison Puff - Something a little different for my aunt, as this is normally done with the same filling as a char siew bun in Asia but came through strong. We both liked the seasoning and flavour of the venison and that the puff pastry was crumbly. 

6. Sesame Egg Yolk Custard Ball - These were the biggest disappointment because we both couldn't taste the egg yolk custard filling. It was definitely filled with enough, but I guess we're used to the traditional salty version, which actually gives it more of a kick. So this was quite ordinary in my opinion. The sesame ball was done well though, with the sticky texture coming through on the inside. 

Overall, we thought that the dim sum dishes worked out better when ordering the non-traditional Chinese stuff. They did them really well! It didn't feel like they were trying too hard with attempting to adapt the dishes to a more local taste, which is surprising. A different take on dim sum, but one that I really enjoyed and will be coming back for soon!

For dessert, we shared two:

1. Pecan Coffee Delice - This was a beautiful combination of flavours that I love. The coffee mousse on the inside had a great and strong taste of coffee, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Paired with the dark chocolate and nut shell exterior, it was heavenly! However, I did find the combination of everything together a little too rich. There was a lot of chocolate going on, which is normally ideal but I think with the other strong flavours, it felt a tad much. 

2. Apple and Shiso Fan - This was my favourite! It was so light, refreshing, and different - I loved it! It did have a bit too much cream on the outside though, which in my opinion, didn't add much flavour to the whole dessert. But the interior apple jam and shiso mousse was terrific! Together with the apple sorbet, little droplets of lemon curd, and the apple bits - perfection! 


I has dinner here with a bunch of friends and it was really delicious. The dim sum is truly amazing, and the cocktails are delicious. If you eat anything from here it must be the prawn and bean curd roll- that was lovely. I LOVED their deserts- so pretty and delicious. 


I really can’t fault this restaurant, I have been a few times for dinner and separately for drinks at their City Nights during the summer and it has been consistently good! The Cantonese dim sum is excellently executed and I would recommend ordering solely dim sum over other dishes on the menu. As it is quite pricey, if you did want to try a range of their menu with cocktails and wine, their supreme Saturdays on Saturday afternoons give you a good deal for £52 per person.


Not usually a fan of messing around with the traditional formula, but Yauatcha's dim sum ranks up there with the places I've been taken to since I was a child. Take a date (if you really like them) take your mum (if you really like her) or take a book and treat yourself. There are sufficient tasty things for vegetarians if you're going in a group and enough meat to satisfy those inclined. The mushroom cheong fun and the homemade spinach tofu with asparagus are some of my favourites, along with their venison puffs- a nice twist on the normal char siu offering. If you don't have space, don't let it put you off from getting dessert, their patisserie, with exotic flavourings, are exceptional value at £5 per beautiful portion. 


An excellent take on dim sum but with a twist! My friend and I came here after seeing an offer for a 8 course tasting menu and as my friend is a veggie, we opted for the vegetarian option. The food was out of this world! Each course got better, and although each portion was only small, we were nicely content by the end. The staff were all very friendly and took their time to talk through each course that was being served. The venue itself is very impressive and has great views overlooking Broadgate circle. We will definitely be returning, this is by far my favourite place for dim sum in the city!


I went to Yauatcha with a friend as we found an offer for a tasting menu for only £29 (thank you Open Table!). There were 8 courses - each of them were barely more than a mouthful though which was quite disappointing at first. However, the explosion of flavour immediately made up for the size! This is hands down the best dim sum I have ever had and I'm not sure I will ever find anything to top it. The highlight was the sticky rice in lotus leaf with chicken and shrimp - it was insanely good. By the end of the 8 courses, we were both surprisingly full - so, while the dishes may look too small, in hindsight I think they were the perfect size to allow you to enjoy each one to the max.

I will definitely be coming back here and 100% recommend it - nice views, excellent staff and mind blowing food!

So I recently visited Yauatcha in the City as I was meeting some old work friends for drinks, we started here and I have to say the venue its self was really nice. The decor and surroundings were really impressive, classy and elegant. We had some lovely Rose wine which isn't usually my first choice of wine but was very good. We ordered some venison buns to snack on and they were extremely nice. I would go back for sure and next time I would go for dinner as the food being served looked really good!


One of my all time favourite restaurants in London. I've left the food review for the Soho branch. For this one I'd like to talk about their cakes, since this branch has the one and only stand alone Yauatcha Patisserie.

You know when you get that once in a blue moon craving? Or maybe you have that craving every day? Either way, I've had one of those last Thursday, and as I came out of Liverpool Street station, I knew exactly where I needed to go. 

I have tried almost all of their cakes on numerous occasions, but there are two that I come back to each time: Raspberry Delice and Inaya Lulo. 

If you go to any, so called, patisserie in and around London, you'd get some amazing cakes, but rather bland compared to the ones at Yauatcha. The combinations of flavoured and textures is nearly orgasmic and all packed into beautifully decorated little works of art that are too beautiful to eat! All at £5.90 each (that's the price at the patisserie, however if you eat in after your meal, it is at £8.80)! Not bad, considering the Hakkasan Group has a total of 13 Michelin stars! 

Cakes will be packed for you in their signature white box. The bottom of the box is slightly sticky, which prevents your cakes from gliding onto each other. This way, when you bring them home to eat- they're still in their pretty shape.

This picture doesn't do the cakes a justice. These little gems are feast both for your tastebuds and your eyes! 


What a pretty pretty place! Cherry blossom print on the seating and vibrant pink trees on the terrace. Even the accessible bathroom was lush. As soon as the lift doors open I caught a glimpse of an array of desserts and I knew I was going to like this place :) We tried dishes which were not usually served in a typical Chinese restaurant like the lobster roll, which didn't look too exciting, but I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into it. You could tell they used quality ingredients and the prawns were jumbo and juicy. Service was also very good with staff checking up on us and pouring us tea so discreetly it was as if our cups had magically refilled itself. Dessert tasted as good as they looked and the experience reminded me of afternoon tea, but Asian style. Yauatcha is definitely a nice little treat for days when you need a pick-me-up.


This Broadgate circle venue is vast, modern and calm if a little soulless, and has a small sun-catching roof terrace. We stopped by for Saturday lunch, when swing dancers filled the circle itself and the atmosphere felt rather magical. We stuck to dim sum, and I particularly enjoyed the Prawn Cheung Fun, classic Har Gau and and King Crab Shanghai Siew Long Bun. The latter more for the novelty than the flavour - each parcel came filled with a soup more akin to a wonton. The atmosphere was on the stiff side, with waiters insistently unfolding napkins onto our laps. This didn't do anything to dampen our spirits though - I only wish we’d stayed to sample some of the beautifully decorated cakes.


Oooh I still dream about their pork dim sum! I never get THAT excited about this type of food, but Yauatcha left me speechless. 

Arriving in this, then newly opened place in Broadgate circle I wasn't expecting much, my first time in Yauatcha. 
Because of location this one is naturally used mostly by City people. Because of all the suits and monochrome interiors everything felt a bit constricted. Even the waiters seemed a bit stiff and unsure of what they are doing.

I was on a verge of leaving, but decided ordering few small dishes. When l I tasted the first dim sum I was sold! I have never tasted a dim sum this delicious!

Beautiful harmony of flavors, everything presented very neatly. I shouldn't even forget desserts, which are delicious.

Can't wait to go again.



This is like the bigger, brighter version of its sister in Soho. The restaurant and bar with terrace overlooks Broadgate Circle. While the dark basement at Soho resembles a nightclub, the City restaurant has more open space and natural light. The layout would be more conductive for meals with larger groups and business lunches. I have been twice since opening. The food is made to same standard as Soho branch. We had selection of dim sum and the signature pork ribs and chicken soup. Service has improved significantly since the first week. While the staff was enthusiastic, their lack of experience meant that dim sum was served off centred in the basket. We also had to send the tea back because it was too weak and basically not made to a standard Chinese tea was supposed to taste. Fortunately, these teething problems have been ironed out during my second visit.

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