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Temaki. Part of the sushi family, it’s Japanese for ‘hand roll’, and looks a bit like an ice-cream cone. And, just as you’d go to a gelateria for ice cream, you can now go to London’s first dedicated temakeria for hand rolls. Order at the counter, and the sushi is brought to you.

The temakeria concept is borrowed from sunny Brazil (outside of Japan, Brazil has the largest Japanese population in the world). And Brazilian sushi rocks.

However, our hand rolls were a partial success. The first came filled with a Brazilian take on tuna tartare (layering tuna with guacamole, lime and jalapeño) but lacked punch; by contrast, the second was a terrific citrus salmon, spiked with chopped chives and tiny croutons. By the time we got to the third, a veggie option of avocado and asparagus, the nori (seaweed) had become soggy, which rather spoiled the maki.

Nonetheless, Yoobi is new, it’s different, it has cool geometric decor and sweet-natured staff – and its offerings certainly beat a prawn sandwich.


Venue name: Yoobi
Address: 38 Lexington St
Opening hours: Open 9am-9pm Mon-Sat.
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus or Oxford Circus tube
Price: Meal for two with drinks and service: around £30.
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Ordered via deliveroo. 33,40 pounds for a tuna sashimi, two makis, edamame, spicy brocoli and a cold pressed juice. 
The juice did not arrive. I called the restaurant, the guy insisted they put the juice in the bag. Called deliveroo, they could only offer me a credit in my account. Fair enough.
I open the boxes. Honestly I needed a magnifying lens to find the fish in the maki rolls. What a disgrace. The pictures in deliveroo show big fat juicy makis. I received teeny tiny makis with barely any fish inside. The taste was appalling. Spicy broccoli was a joke, there was nothing spicy about it and the taste was horrific. Had to throw away. Tuna sashimi was disgusting and tiny. Even the edamame was terrible, without a hint of sea salt. Everything was old and tasteless. You should be ashamed of yourselves sending this disgusting food to people and get away with so much money.


I have a few London staple restaurants that I always come back to and Yoobi is one of them. They are consistent and every time I go I know I can expect the same great flavours, fresh fish, and a lovely relaxed vibe. If you like freshness get the citrus salmon for a tart kick, if you like spicy I would recommend the spicy tuna, and the pear in the 20-hour cured salmon is a sweet surprise. 

Sometimes I also bring my laptop here and sit in the corner and work a little, or read a magazine (they have a great selection) and it lends itself to this very well in the late afternoon.  It gets a bit busy around lunch (as anywhere in Soho does) and they only do table service after six I believe but overall it's a quaint little spot for working too. I love sushi and this is not traditional so if you're a stickler for authentic Japanese cuisine this place won't be for you, but otherwise it fits the bill for delicious, fresh, and easy. 


A fusion between Japanese and Brazilian, Yoobi has an interesting take on temaki hand rolls and maki rolls. My brother and I tried a takeaway from this eatery over the weekend using Deliveroo. 

Since we were two, we opted to go for a sharing platter of maki rolls. This included 8 of each of the following: spicy tuna maki, spicy salmon maki, citrus salmon maki and regular tuna maki. These were all pretty decent tasting and had interesting flavours. I'm normally not a fan of fusion food, especially with Japanese because I love traditional Japanese food so much the way it is. 

However, Yoobi does a good job of implementing Brazilian influences into their maki rolls. The spicy maki rolls included some crunchy bits, which we couldn't figure out at first but we believe they were bread crumbs. It also wasn't too spicy, which was nice because you can then still taste the sashimi inside. I also liked that the maki rolls were tasty enough that I didn't need to dip them in soy sauce or to use wasabi. Speaking of the latter, I was so glad that they gave sufficient wasabi and pickled ginger, especially since it was a takeaway order! 

Overall, it's a pretty good attempt at fusion Japanese food but I personally still prefer traditional Japanese food as it is! 

I'm usually suspicious of new sushi places but I stumbled into this one while in search of a table without a wait in Soho.  I'm shocked that there were free tables as it was absolutely delicious and so refreshing to find a sushi restaurant with some interesting combinations.  We had 20 hour cured salmon with asian pear, citrus salmon with croutons and a special of a delicious miso seared tuna.  The sushi was delicious, the staff were helpful and attentive and the whole experience made me want to return.


Lexington Street is a culinary dream filled with yummy restaurants and trendy wannabes queuing for the pleasure ... and when it comes to taste, this place is no exception. 

I visited before heading to the theatre, so was in quite early for dinner, and there was no queue.  I ordered three rolls - as was feeling very hungry - they offer a guide on the wall on how many rolls to go for depending on your hunger level.

My citrus salmon and spicy tuna rolls tasted yummy and fresh and filled me up nicely.  Each one cost under 4 pounds - so my entire meal was less than £15 which is amazing in London.  

Highly recommend.


Popped in to try after hopelessly queuing at another restaurant nearby. Glad we gave it a go! Only had to wait two minutes for a table to become free. Excellent, fresh-tasting sushi with delicious flavour combinations. Can choose your flavour for 8 sushi/maki rolls or get it as a large temaki/sushi-wrap to devour kebab-style. White miso sauce on asparagus and avocado was a highlight! 


Nice concept and food! Fully recommended for a day-time snack.

Stumbled across this place when looking for a new sushi place...it was mainly the rain that lead us in, but have been back multiple times and have recommended it to countless people. It is a real treat; the food is incredibly fresh and the ideas simple but perfect for allowing the quality to do the talking. Staff have always been friendly and now just waiting for a dinner party so I can order in!

We got the food for takeaway, so I cant really comment on the service. But In fact I really like the food.

I thought it was awkwardly priced for lunch. 2 Temaki @ £6+ not enough to fill you up. 3 Temaki @£9+ too expensive. The service was poor on my visit too, despite being empty.

The temakis were delicious and the staff was friendly and helpful. Will definitely be going back!

Great restaurant with a new twist on Sushi. The Temaki rolls are made up of original flavors and I have to say the Sushi tastes very fresh. Great new addition to the selection of restaurants we already have in Soho.

I am a huge sushi fan, having lived in Japan for 3.5 years, and I must say that I was surprised to find some of the best sushi I have eaten in London. The price and atmosphere are great and it rivals and may even beat the likes of Yashin, Zuma, and Dinings. Will definitely be going back.