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Sex Survey 2013: battle of the sexes

Do men and women in London really have different attitudes to sex and relationships? We've sifted through the stats to find out

Hannah and Adam in HBO's Girls

Your sex lives...

In some respects, men and women have quite similar sexual experiences. Miss Average lost her virginity age 17.5, has had five partners, and had sex four times last month. Mr Average lost his virginity age 18, has had four partners, and also had sex four times last month.

Men were very slightly more likely to have done most things we asked, whether it was having sex at work, sleeping with someone married or having a threesome. Read on for some of the intriguing details...

Randy watches Porn in South Park

...and porn

In our survey, 66% of women said they watch porn, while with the men we asked, the figure is 94%. And when it comes to frequency, 31% of blokes watch it 'most days' compared to just 3% of women.

But while men and women both agree that porn doesn't resemble they sex they actually have (70% and 75%, respectively), women are much more likely to say they'd like to put what they see into practice. 54% of women would like to act it out, while 70% of men would rather keep it a fantasy.

So either women are more willing to experiment, or men are watching much weirder porn. We have our suspicions.

Don Draper, cheating on his wife. Again.


We asked people in relationships: 'would you cheat on your current partner if you could definitely get away with it?' 42% of men said yes, compared with only 22% of women.

But when we asked people if they actually had cheated in the past, it's a dead heat: 49% of both men and women say they have.


Pain and pleasure

More women enjoy pain-play than men; 71% of them said "yes please" or "more!" against 62% for men. Ouch.

When Harry Met Sally

Just friends?

We asked straight men and women if (current relationships aside) they'd sleep with their best opposite-sex friend. 64% of men said 'definitely' or 'probably'; only 34% of women said the same. Men overestimated how likely their female friends were to fancy them back, while women underestimated the feelings of their male friends.

Cruel Intentions


'Straight' women are twice as likely to have had a same-sex experience than 'straight' men, 32% to 15%. Half of those women thought it was hot, while only one-in-five of the men did. Of those who've never experimented, 42% of women would consider it, compared to just 10% of men.

The Hangover

Men are more likely...

To have had a threesome (or want to have one)

To have slept with someone they met online

To have slept with someone they found annoying

To define themselves as "gay" rather than "bi" (3:1)


Women are more likely...

To have slept with someone the day they met them

To have slept with a colleague

To have read 50 Shades of Grey

To identify as "bi" rather than "gay" (3:1)



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