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Battersea Car Boot Sale

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General entry 11.30am-5pm Sun (except Easter, Christmas and New Year - please check availability during these times).

We love that this sale opens up at noon, meaning you needn’t sacrifice a Sunday lie in to get the best pieces on offer. On our visit (a mid-afternoon rummage) we left with a selection of pre-loved designer pieces (including a gorgeous Givenchy skirt suit), a £12 mountain bike and vintage Singer sewing machine for under a tenner. On the whole, the sale is not the cheapest of its kind, but is certainly more high-end than most, so is perhaps a better choice for the seasoned vintage lover rather than those in search of a bargain.


Venue name: Battersea Car Boot Sale
Address: Harris Academy
401 Battersea Park Rd
SW11 5AP
Opening hours: Open noon-5pm Sun (except Easter, Christmas and New Year - please check availability during these times).
Transport: Battersea Park/Queenstown Rd rail
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If you like a car boot sale, you'll love our Jumble Trail in Wandsworth that's happening on the Sunday 9th October 2016. Recently featured on The Archers, a jumble trail is a bit like a collective "yard sale" where lots of people in a small area of a neighbourhood bring their unwanted household items out into their front gardens on a particular day to sell to neighbours and visitors. We visited one earlier this year and bought some great toys, books and clothes for the kids for pennies but more importantly it was great to see neighbours and visitors chatting away over a beer and some bbq, and there was a fantastic sense of community. The web site publishes a map of all the households participating, so as a visitor, you can plan a route round as many as you can manage.

We've got a cellar full of stuff we need to sell or give away and this seems much less faff than ebay or getting up at 6am to do a boot sale! Usually there's a small fee for each household participating but on this occasion, it's being sponsored by Recycle for London, so is free to join, so I hope some of you will join us and make this a fun event in our neighbourhood. Go to enter your postcode and register to get a login and password. You can then enter your address and will appear on the map.  If anyone who's passionate about community events and trying to stop waste going to landfill might like to give me a hand, perhaps by distributing some leaflets on your street, your help would be much appreciated.

Anyone who has any questions is welcome to call me on 07810 753 815 or email I haven’t set up an individual twitter account for the event but am tweeting regularly about it on @guydorrell1 please RT!

If you like the idea, PLEASE forward this email, share the link to the web site on Facebook and Twitter and forward this email to any sustainability-minded friends in Wandsworth and environs and those who love a rummage for vintage stuff! We’re also on


Happily this car boot sale still has people genuinely clearing out their life over a folding table so you can expect anything from a set of original James Bond novels (£1 each) to a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress (£25), along with the usual amusing fillers like broken Kenwood mixers and suspicious branded cosmetics at bargain prices. Every now and then you find a real gem, but it's usually from someone who knows it's a gem, so you'd better get good at your bargaining. Sellers will always give you a higher price than they settle for. In saying that, if you're prepared to spend some cash, you'll actually get some real value. There's a strong community of regular sellers too. I've actually been here more often as a seller than a buyer, and as a seller, you need to prepared to let some things go for a less than you'd get on ebay (especially clothes), but there'll always be someone trying to get a vintage fur coat for 50p so stick to your guns if you know it's definitely worth more - you can make some decent cash off your big ticket items when the right buyer comes along. Vintage stuff sells well here, and so does random stuff - interest or collectable items like old hot wheels toys and erotic novels from the '80s. Plus it's always fun swapping travel stories with a stranger while striking a deal over the crossbow you bought in Thailand five years ago. 


As a seller, this place is great. Good quality stock can get decent prices. It's a good idea to have a £1 pile for the super-bargain hunters too. The pre-booking system saves lots of time.... no queues, just straight in and set-up. 

As a buyer, it's a great little Sunday afternoon mooch. I've found so many great things here over the years, and there's always more to find! 

Highly recommended. 


If you're in need of Sunday inspiration, look no further. I've been a trader here and I think it's one of the best boot sales in London! If you can get over the price for a pitch, then book online and get ready to enjoy the day because you will make the money back and more in no time! It's organised and stress free so if it's a first time visit as a trader, there's no need to be apprehensive. Equally as a buyer it's a pleasure to look around. People who come here seem to be real vintage lovers and are willing to pay a bit more for good quality items. There is a good mix of bargains and collectibles on offer too, from clothes and accessories to fine china and leather goods. It does get busy though, but it makes the atmosphere even nicer so expect to be on your feet most of the day.  Summer is almost here so make this one for the to-do list. 


I love a Car Boot me. Even on a hangover, I'm willing to face it heads on and take no prisoners when it comes to getting hold of the bargains. 

Have picked up many a random pieces here – I love how it's organised and simple to get round. There are some pieces that are a bit more expensive than others, but don't be afraid to barter for a bit! 

I prefer paying a little extra and getting there for noon. The calm before the storm!


I've been here as both a buyer and a seller and I must say it's great! For first time sellers, the organised online booking system is so great and easy- AND NO QUEUING! Some may think that the price you pay for the pitch is quite steep but you are paying for efficient service and as a first time seller, I was greatful for the extra time to set up before the buyers came flooding in. I also like that there's a charity van who takes your unwanted goods- saves me lugging them all the way home!

As a buyer, it's great to have a rummage around the vast amount of stalls there- its not just designer, vintage and antique stuff, but everyday bits and bobs from people who've had a good clear-out. A really friendly atmosphere crammed with people who either want to spend or make money! I thoroughly recommend!

This really is in a league of its own in the car boot sale world. Great afternoon out, you can take the family (I take my grandchildren with me regularly and they love it) nice and safe, lovely atmosphere, plenty of bargains, decent cup of tea. What more can you ask of an afternoon out in London for 50p?!

I pick up some lovely items here every week. They have fresh sellers all the time, a good mix of old an new goods. Lots of high end stuff to be found, unlike certain other so called 'good' boot sales there really ARE vintage and antiques and designer goods to be found here, and at bargain prices! This place is pretty amazing when compared to the very poor 'wannabe' competition.

This place gets SO many buyers it's unreal, like the old days when boot sales were mad. Brilliant, love it!

this is a great boot sale, always beautifully organised, friendly and welcoming. In my experience the organisers are helpful and accommodating. We have been a few times to have a general de-clutter of the house and always do very well. The few things we have left go to the charity van they have there every week. Great all round.

generally have good finds at this place every week. They certainly live up to the hype.

Love love love this place. We go there every week and have furnished our new flat virtually 100% with stuff from here!

I have voted for this as it is one of the friendliest places to be at on a Sunday, child friendly, bargains galore, generous when it comes to offeering their left overs to charities, 100% great day out, I am addicted to Battersea Car Boot for all the reasons stated above, long may it reign - LOVE Jennie Matthias x

Wonderful boot sale. Best around and I've been to most of them in London.

Amazing boot sale, the best in London and only 50p to get in?! Brilliant afternoon out and great value.

A consistently good boot sale. Always busy, always well run, friendly staff, faultless.

Great day out, whether you are buying or selling at Battersea, its always a fun. The booksale has a great buzz it's always busy with sellers and buyers . I have bought and sold here, great bargains and interesting things to be had when buying.
Lots of buyers I always come home with a pocket full of cash when I have had a sort out and sold here.

I always book here. Very easy to book on-line and always there for help if needed.

Brilliant afternoon out, easily the BEST boot sale in London, if not the entire country! Well organised, busy, so many buyers and sellers. A great day out to buy or sell.

I first went to battersea boot fair just before christmas 2013, everyone used to say to me its the best dealers use this one. All i can say is that it is a good boot fair, but i have been to quite a few and i even run a online one and i would say that battersea is one of the best.

I now go there at least once a month and always leave with something.


Is excellent boot sale. I buy every week, I sell one time a month. is so good. I did other boot sale near but no people so no money! I sell at battersea, make plenty of money.

I love this place and book in to sell 5 or 6 times a year. The rest of the time I go there to buy. I agree with another reviewer that paying £5 is not for me - I gather it's worthwhile for the 'real' dealers though. I like to pay £3 to beat the rush of buyers going in at 1.30pm and find it good value. I love the fact that they keep their Facebook page up to date and let me know when they're almost sold out etc. It gives me a reminder when I meant to book. There's been many a time I've got a pitch by the skin of my teeth thanks to a Facebook post!! They don't fill it with crap either - just keep it relevant. Anyhow, I digress. I love this boot. It's been one of the best if not THE best in my opinion for many years. The staff are always friendly and so helpful - especially when you're booking a pitch, they certainly go 'above and beyond' in my experience. It is organised with military precision. I've seen others try to copy it but none do it as well at the guys at Battersea. I've NEVER had to queue up to get a pitch, I can have a lay in on a Sunday and still do a boot sale and make some cash. Brilliant and unbeatable.

Fantastic as always. Battersea has been the best car boot sale in London for many a year, and despite having ups and downs it always bounces back busier than ever. All the critics out there may try their best to run it down but their reviews are transparent and it's very easy for anyone to see they work for the (poor) competition. You get what you pay for - great service (and yes, I have tried the others) very busy, friendly safe atmosphere, great food. I could go on and on. In a nutshell it's a great afternoon out for the family. Pick up a few bargains and stop moaning.

Battersea strikes again! I picked up some fabulous stuff there in the last few weeks - half furnished my new flat, got a few nice vintage ish bits and pieces, picked up some current cd's. The food options are great (local baker is fab) It's been mad busy over the past few months and I haven't been able to book a pitch to sell (I oversleep every Monday when the bookings start and miss out!!) but for buying, it's just ...WOW! Can't fault this place. And to the person who gave it a bad review... YES there ARE FAR WORSE boot sales in London, LOTS of them!!! This IS the best. But it's not Marrakech! It's a London car boot sale!! lol


Fantastic carboot, well run, friendly and super popular. Absolutely heaving with buyers every time I go and I've sold out every time. I certainly can't complain and I can't imagine why people would complain about a boot sale being "stuffed to the gunnels with sellers and jam packed with buyers"... Isn't that the whole point??!! I'd rather go there and be rushed off my feet than some of the others where the vision of tumble weed springs to mind! It's a busy boot sale where you make plenty of money. What more could you ask for?

I'd give this 10 stars if I could... Fantastic! Best car boot sale I've ever been to. It totally lives up to its reputation. It was busy when I attended and I made lots of money. They don't exaggerate in the information they offer on their website - I think, if anything, they undersell the place! It WAS packed with buyers. I went last Sunday (17/2/13) and had a £20 pitch which I would never do again, I would rather pay the £30 to set up before the buyers come in... it was MAD! Having read all the reviews on here I am mystified and can only imagine the bad reviewers went somewhere else altogether or are working for the competition. This is an excellent car boot sale, busy and well organised. Staff were friendly, patient and helpful from booking right through to helping me to pack my tables and giving my car a jump start! I'll be going back and cannot recommend Battersea highly enough.

Well run, much busier than others nearby, sold lots and will go again. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get rid of stuff but who doesn't want to get up early and go to a sale where you sit around twiddling your thumbs whilst waiting for the next customer to wander by. I paid £30 for my pitch which is a lot but I feel the added benefits were more than worth the extra cost. I earned more than double what I usually earn at a boot sale. Just watch your stall, the customers were 3 or 4 deep at my table at some points and hands reach through and grab things without you knowing who it was. I almost had a couple of things stolen so be alert!

great boot. went in the rain as i was all prepared and didn't want to miss it. covered my pitch cost and made £130 on top - not bad for a rainy day in january! i can only imagine how busy it must be like on sunny days and cant wait to go back in summer.

Love love love this boot sale! Have found some amazing bits for my own collections and to sell on. Even when it's not busy, it's busy, if you see what I mean. Always appears very well organised though I've never sold here, I've only bought. But friends who have sold say the organisation is great and you don't have to queue up to get a spot.

Found some of my best buys here, yeah you get some crap but find me a boot sale that doesn't have some crap!!! I can't believe the bad reviews for this place are genuine, they must be written by the competition. I've been going to battersea since it opened, must be 10 years or more. No complaints from me. It's a brilliant boot sale, hard to beat.

This is still the best car boot I can find by far. At least the busy footfall means you have more opportunity to make some money. I've tried all the others in London and while they may be cheaper to attend they don't get the footfall that Battersea does so I don't make anywhere near as much money. I've always found the organisers to be very friendly and willing to help, though they ARE sometimes under stress because they operate such a smooth running boot sale. This is not a tiny playground with half a dozen sellers all claiming to have 'vintage'. There's a great variation of stuff for sale here, obviously including some rubbish... it IS a car boot sale. Personally, I think all boot sales have changed so much over the past few years and I feel it's unfair of people to claim Battersea is not as good as it was. NO boot sale is as good as it was! We're in the middle of a recession! The boot sale itself shouldn't be slagged off because some sellers are rude or people charging the prices they do - you can find that anywhere. I love it at Battersea and would never go anywhere else when I want to sell. I only go 5 or 6 times a year, always sell out and find it to be a well run value for money experience. The only negative thing I could say about it is it's a shame they have to charge so much for pitches., but then again, I find it worthwhile so can't really complain.

Was the first time yesterday I have been to a car boot sale and I think will be the last for a very long time! some sellers are incredibly rude-especially the Polish woman selling silver jewellery- I am still shocked by that.. it must be the credit crunch but none of the sellers I approached, were open to bargaining which I found very strange, given the extraordinary prices they want to charge for their junk..all in all very shocked and disappointed ..I just wanted to have a good afternoon after reading positive reviews but was ruined by the rude ridiculous sellers..never mind won't be back

Geting to small no room to walk around the stalls , price for stalls to high . trying to get as many stalls in has possible in to a small space no room to park £5 to go in before opening down to £3 and down to 50p when open rip off seller selling to seller only look's the busiest has you can not walk round H&S RISK Everyone in your face

Amazing boot sale, certainly the best London has to offer without a doubt. The busiest boot sale I've ever been to!

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I am a regular car boot seller, and have been doing boot sales in East London all year.  Booked Battersea for yesterday, as it promised to be good for sellers with high end, and designer wear, and other stuff.  The pitch was placed in and around people selling low end, 50p items, and 5 for a £1 tat.  I did not make my usual £90-£140 - infact I did not even cover the cost of £20 pitch.  Battersea car boot organisers, why bother to ask what type of items people are selling, and then just bung them in with the low end marketers.  If you are thinking of doing this boot sale, think again.  They may look after their regulars, but to spend 90 minutes driving to a venue, setting up, taking down and driving home, and then be £20 out of pocket.  What can I say- avoid

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