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Wine retailing runs in the bloodstreams of the two families that own Bedales. Their shops offer a globetrotting list of uniformly high quality, and they sell it with pride and enthusiasm. The attraction both at the original shop in Borough and the newer one in Spitalfields is the opportunity to try the wines in combination with simple and immaculately sourced food, from cheese plates to charcuterie. The mark-up on every bottle is fixed at £8: the higher you go the better the bargain. While Bedales will admit to favouring Italian and French wines, it stocks and has tastings of wines from around the world, including those harder-to-find wines that you might not be able to source yourself.


Branches 55 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LT (7929 3536); 12 Market Street, E1 6DT (7375 1926)



Venue name: Bedales
Address: 5 Bedale Street
Opening hours: Open noon-8.45pm Tue; noon-10.15pm Wed-Fri; 8.30am-5.30pm Sat
Transport: Tube: London Bridge tube/rail
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Located in our beloved Borough Market, Bedales is a great option for both wine and food. 

The wine selection is varied and interesting; Bedales has some very well-known labels but also unique wines from smaller producers all over the world. 

What better way to enjoy your wine than pair it with some excellent charcuterie (most of which is homemade), a great selection of the most delicious French and English cheeses and tapas style dishes all made with the freshest products from Borough Market? Bedales has you covered with all of the above!  

The staff is always very friendly and knowledgable - if you are in any doubt about what wine to choose just ask and you will always end up with something great! Bonus: If you decide to take a bottle home with you the retail prices are very reasonable. 

The interiors are also great; warm, cozy and industrial all at the same time. It's one of our favourite wine bars and we will keep going back again and again! 


This lovely hidden gem in Old Spitalfields market will no doubt catch your eye if you happen to walk past it in the evenings. Lit by dozens of fairy lights, decorated with snazzy mirrors and many (many) elegant wine bottles, Bedales is welcoming you wholeheartedly for a cozy evening in East London. Great for dates or catch-ups with friends, the venue also offers wine and cheese tastings as well as private parties. The selections of wines is impressive and you are bound to find much more than the usual suspects available in other wine shops. Definitely worth a try if you are in the area. 


I love it here. They do a superb cheese and charcuterie board (locally sourced at borough market) which is great for sharing whilst catching up with mates. The wine selection is excellent and the staff are really knowledgable so can help you find a particular wine or help you whittle down the selection to help you find a new favourite. They also do wine tasting sessions which are both fun and informative. 


I went to Beadles in Borough for the white-wine tasting event. I must say I was a bit disappointed. The room looked nice and it was private for the wine tasters. The acoustics and the light in the room were not that great tho (even our host said so) - not the right light and colours to see the colours of the wine and you could hear everything from the downstairs restaurant.

Our host definitely had some knowledge about wine, but she was really bad at actual presenting and really explaining anything about tasting. There were bit and pieces that you could get , but the whole tasting wasn't guided really well. Not even mentioning she had a lisp. Absolutely no offence, but it was quite hard to understand her and I was sitting right at the top of the table. It took her a few wine bottles to get use the the portion, and couple of times, I got half as much wine in my glass as some others. She was trying to be nice and start the other way next time, but seriously, this is not how a tasting should go.

We got some nibbles in the middle of the tasting and when I asked for gluten free bread or any crackers, she immediately said no, without even trying or thinking of any alternatives.

It might be nice place to go for wine and food (the nibbles and wine selection were really good), but I would not recommend the tasting, at least not in this location and with this staff.


So I went to Bedales in borough market last night for one of their wine tasting- specifically the discovery of white wines. This was not a wine tasting this was a bunch of people trying a wide range of wines and the event could have been really nice but there was a lot to improve. I go into further detail below if you feel like reading my essay of the evening. But if you want go try lovely wines and chat to your friend it was good. If you want to go to a tasting then I would recommend booking a private tasting with them and a small group of your friends for just a smidgen more.

This is held in the upstairs room of the bar which is a nice looking room very airy. . With the wine tasting you got to try 6 wines, not easy picking wines to showcase white but I think they did a marvellous job picking varied whites (even though one was a “green” wine and another was an orange wine). So the wines they picked was a “green” wine from Portugal, a sav blanc from new Zealand, a very dry Riesling, a viognier from Greece, a chardonnay from California and an orange wine from Italy (which I was very excited to try as I have heard a lot about these). I liked the variety as it allowed us to taste wines we are all familiar with along sides wines I had never heard of. At the end of the night you end up drinking half a bottle of wine each.

You are also given a very tasty platter of nibbles, however you were only given this midway in the tasting and no bread was given beforehand. Considering this event was on a weeknight and started at 7pm. I went straight from my office to this event and was ravenous by the time the nibbles arrived! When I asked for food they said it would be given at the end, and when I strongly hinted that I would want something sooner or at least the option of buying additional nibbles the person hosting the evening just said no you will have to wait- no adjustments were given for the hungry. In other wine tastings I have been to bread was made available from the beginning in order to cleanse the palate a bit between the wines but this was not the case.

There was 12 of us at this tasting and the group varied in knowledge. However I think part of doing tastings is learning and this is were I think this event really fell short. I think it is hard in the best of times to hold he attention of 12 people but this women bless her was not very good at leading the tasting. She never really got peoples attention in order to ask us all our ideas as a group which is one of my favourite things about tastings- sharing ideas and seeing what other people of smelling and tasting. Unless you specifically asked she didn’t go through technique even in the slightest which is fine if this was a bit more advanced but some of the people were clearly beginners. We were just given a piece of paper to jot down our notes on the various aspects of the wine but at no point after we tried the wines did the person leading this tasting go through the smelling notes or the tasting notes of each wine or anything much really. Sometimes it was mentioned in passing but that was it. My other qualm with this tasting was that I did not like some of these wines and there was no place to pour out your wine in case you did not want to finish your glass. Final problem is that this is a white wine tasting- at least put a white tablecloth on the table so that we can try to examine the wine properly! It was done on a wood table with not ideal lighting.


We had a lovely wine tasting event here and were introduced to wines from Loire valley in France. The wine selection was on the less dry side, because Loire valley produces a lot of sweet wines, but finding about the variety of grapes and a short introduction to wine tasting by the host was very helpful. They serve little bites to soak up the wine and the location and atmosphere is fabulous overlooking the bustling market of Borough.


It is amazing how much people care about wine. I’ve been hesitant attending wine tasting in the past because of it – half scared that my palette wouldn’t be able to pick out the smoked oak and blackberries that everyone else can clearly taste, but mostly aware that spitting into a bucket in front of a bunch of strangers is not how I’d chose to spend an evening. Luckily the “Hidden gems of Loire Valley” tasting session at Bedales at Borough Market completely changed my mind.

The Borough Market location is a match made in heaven, not only is the tasting in a beautiful private room upstairs sat around two long tables, but you also get to try an amazing selection of cheeses, meats, pates and olives all either made by Bedales or from the market itself. It’s a sharing platter so try and sit next to some people who look like they won’t each too much – more for you! They did recommend saving some of the food for tasting with the last couple of wines, but this proved too difficult for our group and I don’t think the food made it much past wine number 3.

Hosted by Helen McGinn of The Knackered Mother’s club (best name ever), this tasting was informal, fun, as interactive as you wanted it to be, but most of all delicious. Helen was a really engaging speaker and obviously had both a knowledge and passion for wine. After showing us how to taste properly it turns out I totally could taste oak as much as the next person! Plus no spitting. That’s right – you get to taste 6 different wines and drink them all up. It’s a great way to figure out what you like about wine and what to look out for in the future.

I have been to both branches of Bedales; I prefer the Borough Market location since it has more atmosphere, but both bars are lovely and the food and wine are top notch. A friend of mine held her birthday party at the Leadenhall Market location and the staff were absolutely amazing; they were so friendly and accommodating, and some of them even came dressed in costume (as it was a theme party) and helped us decorate. It's unusual to get such great customer service in London - I was really impressed!