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The British Boot Company was the first UK retailer for Dr Martens and became a favourite haunt of bands such as the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks and Madness in their late 1970s heyday. As well as the aforementioned DMs, the BBC offers all manner of big-soled, mean-looking, hard-wearing boots and shoes from the likes of Solovair, Gladiators, Grinders, NPS and Tredair. This is also one of the few outlets where you can get your hands on George Cox, the British brand famed for its brothel creepers and winklepickers and newer Robot shoes. The shop even sells vintage versions for true Cox aficionados


Venue name: British Boot Company
Address: 5 Kentish Town Road
Opening hours: Open 10am-7pm daily
Transport: Tube: Camden Town tube
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I had bought boots at this shop many years a go. Times change I am afraid! I feel very let down indeed by this shop as the prices are not consistent and some of the staff are less than helpful. They have a superb range of stock but with poor customer service there are alternatives!

1 of 1 found helpful

Do NOT shop at this store! They rip off tourists and scam internet sales. You will get 3 different prices if you ask 3 different clerks.. many boots aren't even priced. After looking on their website i saw the same pair they quoted in store for 190, on line for 125.. SAME BOOTS. This has happened to many people apparently, switching prices and not shipping goods. Somehow they wrangled me into buying a pair of boots, then later i discovered they were irregular, so when I returned them they refused a refund but TOOK the boots and issued me a credit. Their store website policy clearly states 30 day refunds, in-store its final sale? Save your hard earned money and shop elsewhere!!

Well, I can only relate my own experience which was completely positive all the way. Colin went the extra mile to track down shoes in my size and have them delivered to the store. They have a great range of British-made shoes and as such might well have short shrift with people getting in their faces about their prices, which are clearly going to be more than what you will pay for glued shoes from dog leather in the market. I recommend swinging by their store if you are in the area (you are likely to be in the area- it's right next to the tube!)

I have read previous reviews and all I can say is for me, I received great advice and great service to boot( pardon the pun). I was looking for a pair of made in England boots, and they had them in abundance here. I was explained in great detail the difference between the various brands of made in England products they sell, and all the staff were very knowledgeable about the ranges they sell. I walked out with a pair of Solovair made in England boots. If you are in the area, pop into this well known store, you will not be disappointed.

Hmm, how to interpret such disparate reviews... here's my take:

I am a fan of The British Boot Company and have been for years.  They are a local and family-owned business and, yes, they are passionate about what they do.  You could even say they are "boot snobs" to a degree.  They sell English-made products that, yes, cost more than Chinese-made boots that have a similar look.  Yes, they can get frustrated when people walk in and complain (rather bluntly, I would add) that they can get the "same thing" in Camden Town for half the price.  Yes, some of the staff have the punk look that fits the boots like BBC sells, but they have never been rude to me, or anyone else I have seen in their store.

So, if you want a quality pair of English-made boots (or shoes) from a staff that is really into the product and you don't mind the quirks of dealing with an independent business, then BBC is the store for you.  If (and there is no shame in this) you want some cheaper boots that sort of have the look, but you really don't care where they are made or how long they will last, then look elsewhere and save a few pounds.  Don't go to BBC and then trash them for being who they are.

I am a fan and have bought several pair from them.  I have never felt ripped off or treated rudely and have always had fun every time I visit.  If you want some distinctly English boots with a little punk edge in the process, then support the folks at BBC and their English manufacturers.

Same response I received as many here. The moment staff realise you are not/did not/will not buy from them, tone changes and you're asked to leave.

Exceptional service - thanks Stuart and Colin!

Emailed on Saturday evening as I couldn't see style/ size I wanted on website, got a reply almost immediately, phoned shop on Sunday morning, Colin checked stock, phoned me back within 30 minutes, my Dr Martens despatched on Monday by courier and received on Tuesday. Delighted with my purchase. What superb customer service!

The worst service I have ever experienced in a shop.. I tried to exchange a pair of boots that I bought the day before for another model  because after wearing them for half an hour they made some cuts in my legs. The shop assistant, who was terribly rude, refused point blank  (they didn´t have the other model, by the way). Thankfully,  there are now many shops in London selling Dr Martens and surely, in this day an age, who know how to treat customers well.

This is one of my favourite shops in London! I'm always keen to support independent retailers and the British Boot Company does not disappoint. The store is home to the best collection of boots and shoes I have come across in a long time. With so much choice it can be hard to choose but the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. Not sure about the previous reviews as I found everyone there very friendly and thanks to them am now a proud owner of a pair of British made Grinders. I love my new boots and will hopefully be returning to the shop soon - a must visit for anyone in Camden.

I went into the store to ask whether they had any advice/products to help me look some new Dr Martens I had bought from elsewhere. As soon as a horrible excuse for a human being (an angry man, guessing it was the owner based on other reviews I have read) discovered that I had purchased my shoes from another retailer he threw some personal abuse at me and then told me bluntly to get out. If he really cared about shoes he would have offered me advice (I know this given my Father is a shoe retailer himself!!). Instead he was just bitter that another retailer received money from me and therefore refused to help. I offered no resistance and left as I cannot be dealing with such people. They are not worth my time or effort. One of the shop assistants timidly offered to help as he saw that I just wanted a bit of advice. He probably got bollocked for doing so after I left given the nature of the man in charge. Anyway, if you want to purchase some Dr. Martens and are around the Camden Town area, just pop down on the northern line to Tottenham Court Road and head to the Dr. Martens store on Neal St (by the way, I do not work for this store, I'm sure they do not need any help in terms of sales!). In there they will help you and not make you leave the store feeling like a worthless piece of shit. It is a shame that the store is run the way it is as it is in a great location and offers good products. I am not advocating to abandon independent stores, far from it. However some are just simply not worth visiting and for the reasons I have stated, this is one of them.

**I will copy this post to other reviewing mediums in order to make people aware of what a vile experience they could have if they are not prepared to possibly  receive extremely poor service.**

Just visted this shop with the intent to purchase. I found them extremely passive aggressive, as soon as I had mentioned I had been in the store before but haven't purchased a pair of boots from them as of yet there tone changed dramatically. They told me the shop wasn't a museum, pretty much refused to answer any questions regarded the different styles of boots ( apart from repeating over and over they were made in England) and the shoes I bought were made in China (they clearly disliked me/chip on their shoulder). Told me that 'You're not going to buy today are you'. The fact is I was planning too, but after the awful, aggressive, unhelpful service I will never step foot in this shop again. Such a shame. I would put 1 star ( only due to amazing stock) but it will only let me put two sadly!

PLEASE BE AWARE this shop does not offer refund under any circumstances even if it's for their fault. I was refused refund of a pair of shoes which didn't match the description, despite the fact they made mistake handling it. When went into a shop, I felt the owner of this shop has been physically threatening, raising his voice, forcing me to take back the goods. They have also made some racist remarks about Japanese, calling me Jap (which I overheard when I rang them). I've contacted the relating authority to deal with them. Loads of stress. Please stay away from this nasty retailer if you want a stress free shopping, and someone ought to teach them how to address others in a civilised manner. BEST AVOIDED.