Covent Garden Market

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Covent Garden market (Rob Greig / Time Out)
Rob Greig / Time Out
Architecture (Anthony Webb / Time Out)
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Vegetable stall
Books (Anthony Webb / Time Out)
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Apple market (Anthony Webb / Time Out)
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Man playing chello (Anthony Webb / Time Out)
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Roof architecture (Anthony Webb / Time Out)
Anthony Webb / Time Out
Vintage magazine (Anthony Webb / Time Out)
Anthony Webb / Time Out

This London institution may appear too commercial and crowded to provide a characterful retail experience, but some quirky gems lift the experience. The colonnaded nineteenth-century Piazza building houses Apple Market, where tourist-friendly crafts are the staple, as well as cutesy chain stores – although it’s worth keeping a look out for independents still holding their ground such as Eric Snook’s Toyshop and the specialist tobacconist/cigar shop Segar & Snuff Parlour. Over in the South Piazza, Jubilee Market is a little more eccentric: Mondays are for antiques lovers while Tuesday to Friday sees a hotch-potch general market including clothing and household goods. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for arty knick-knacks and crafts largely geared toward touritst.

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