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This emporium of neon, UV and electronic fashions has been a part of Camden market since its original stall opened in 1994. The owners named it after their pet chihuahua Chichi the Cyberdog, though the cyborgs that guard the shop's impressive entrance today are a little more imposing than its original mascot. Inside, an escalator takes visitors down to a darkened trove of rave gear: futuristic and cybertronic styles, neon clubwear and Kawaii are all covered. Podium dancers wearing incredible outfits and coloured contact lenses entertain visitors for as long as they can handle the flashing lights and pounding music.

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Venue name: Cyberdog
Address: Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road
Transport: Tube: Camden Town, Chalk Farm
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This is a fun shop and I always pay it a visit when I'm around Camden market. It's always eye opening with the wacky and weird clubbing outfits. Their light up T Shirts to sound are awesome. Plus they sell anything UV, with lots of makeup items to choose from. It's a fun place to visit whether you need something or not. And definitely is one of the stars of Camden's shopping experience. 


Hands down, one my favourite store in London. It's located in Camden and everyone I take there just goes completely nuts. It seems like you're entering a proper nightclub right in the middle of the day. Inside, you'll find pumped up music, dim lights, UV lights and endless amount of clothes, gear and make up to wear on a night out/festivals. On the bottom floor you'll find a sexy area where you can purchase dildos and other stuff like that. It's quite amusing to watch people handling those items without a drop of shame, whereas if you were in a similar shop anywhere else everyone would look quite prude and shy.


Camden is known for many things rock and roll, but one of it more standout attractions is the rave haven situated smack bang in the middle of the stables market. Now moved from its original location, from under the arches, where in my opinion it had much more character, it's a must visit location for the curious Camden commuter. On entry you are welcomed by the gigantic silver statues and pumping music, that lures everyone from the hardcore raver to slightly intrigued. Once inside, you are met by colourful toys, flashing lights and even more colourful staff. If the pumping music doesn't scare you off or at least give you a headache, then it's definitely worth venturing through the array of uv rave wear and accessories down to the dungeon, which though not for the faint of heart, will certainly intrigue and make your mind wonder to places you may never have imagined.

To be fair I'm a little biased in my opinion of cyberdog. As I myself am a raver and also a little extravagant, I love the selection of toys clothes and music, but even if your more of a golden oldie or a pop princess, it definitely worth popping in and picking up a souvenir from the country's biggest rave company going.



Cyberdog is probably the most insane store I've been to - and I've been to American Walmarts. 

A rave experience, in Camden market. Walking in and seeing so much latex, leather and UV products. The girls dancing on poles are interesting, but also must be dead internally to work amongst the non-stop banging beats.

Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip, if the raving scene isn't to your liking. However, if this is your thing I can see why it can be a mecca. 


Whether you're into the rave scene or not, Cyberdog is an experience for your senses! UV & neon lights, rave music, go-go dancers and even a live dj, all for your shopping experience. They have some of the coolest stuff here, quirky gadgets and trinkets that make great and funny gifts, lumo- 3 dimensional motive'd t-shirts, all the platform boats you could dream of and even music activated t's. Everyone should experience Cyberdog at least once in their lives.


If you've been to Cyberdog in the past, you'll understand why taking my parents and their friends visiting London there was a bit of a risky one. Rave connoisseurs' favourite, this gigantic store sells everything a party animal would need from fluorescent and provocative clothing (even for kids...) to fun accessories such as burger necklaces or furry caps and even... sex toys, a whole floor of them! You can hardly see or hear anything in this unlit, techno ambianced atmosphere but it was definitely an experience my lovely visitors will not forget any time soon. I'd recommend this store if you're a proper clubbing fan and see it more as a passion than just a way to pass a boring Saturday night because these clothes don't come cheap... They actually ask for a deposit for certain garments if you want to try them on!

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Wow! Cyberdog is one of those places that hits you between the eyes the first time you walk in. It's so good I have to keep going back just for the experience.