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Felicity Hayward: ten tips for plus-size shopping

Genetically blessed model Felicity Hayward shares her advice for dressing dangerous curves

Move over London Fashion Week 2015, one of the UK's foremost plus-size models - with a MAC campaign and ID cover under her heavily embellished belt - Felicity Hayward is empowering women to embrace their shape and wear whatever the fuck they want. Check out her tips below and flick through our guide to the best new shops in London and London's ten best thift stores for more curvaceous inspiration. 

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Rob Greig

'Try shopping in thrift and vintage stores; they have lots of varied shapes and sizes and are much more fun to rummage through.'

Rob Greig

'Always take a wild card piece into the changing room; you never know, it might just work.'

Rob Greig

'Ignore the mannequins, we were all born different and beautiful - most of them are massively unrealistic.'

Rob Greig

'Follow curvy fashion bloggers like Danielle Vanier. They are always kitted out in the best high street pieces and it's great to see these items styled on real and beautiful girls.'

Rob Greig

'Don't pay too much attention to the media, remember #SELFLOVEBRINGSBEAUTY'

Rob Greig

'My nan is right - for bras, stick with good old M&S for their traditional sizing.'

Rob Greig

'If you like oversized, relaxed fits, you should pop to Monki. Their sizes are very generous and work for all body types!'

Rob Greig

'Don't be afraid of your dress size. Remember, it's just a number and you are not defined by it. Your size will be different in all shops, just try everything on.'

Rob Greig

'Print works on curves, it works on ALL body types. If you like it, wear it.'

Rob Greig

'Last but not least, be YOU. Wear what you want to wear and don't listen to anyone who calls you a pear or an apple. You might look fresh and fruity but you are all WOMAN.'

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