Hack the Barbican: Smart Textiles

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Hack the Barbican: Smart Textiles

For you techies out there who are interested in fashion (Bueller...Bueller...), this is a great series of free workshops on, yep, textile electronics, expertly run by technology artisan Elena Corchero of The Smart Twist of Sustainable Design. Part of Hack the Barbican, a month-long event celebrating cross-disciplinary collaboration, this is your chance to learn exactly how to make your favourite gloves work on touch screens, or add lights to make your clothes cycling friendly. There are fantastic kiddy options too, like plush monsters with LED blinking eyes or interactive iPad hand puppets. Although these teaser workshops are free at the Barbican this week (you can book your spot at www.technologyartisan.com), you can register for Corchero's regular workshops at the Trampery London Fields come September. 


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