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Meet the coffee co on a mission for a greener London and beyond

Percol is paving the way to a more sustainable coffee trade with the UK’s first plastic-free coffee packaging

by Time Out in association with Percol

Ready for a green ’19? Well, with the big debate over disposable coffee cups ever raging and more people hopping aboard the reuse revolution, one coffee company has just upped their game.

Percol, a homegrown brand, has released the UK’s first plastic-free coffee packaging, which is fully home-compostable. Made from renewable resources, such as plant fibres and eucalyptus wood pulp that’ll break down with your food scraps, this packaging is a big step towards combatting the millions of plastic packs already out there that can’t be recycled.

This bold move is the first in a new campaign Percol is running. ‘Coffee on a Mission’ aims to improve the industry for farmers, drinkers and the planet and Percol are intending to make all their products plastic-free by the end of 2019. 

They’ve also launched the ‘Sustainability Heroes’ list, in which they recognise 12 nationwide organisations that are changing the way we live (for the better). This includes London pioneers Stay Sixty, who produce an award-winning eco bottle; UpCircle, who turn old coffee grounds into skincare products; and A Plastic Planet, who created the Plastic Free Consumer Trust Mark (like Fairtrade, but for plastic-free companies). Naturally, Percol are the UK’s first coffee brand to receive this badge of honour. 

So what does this mean for lovers of the bean? Basically, enjoying a fine cup o’ joe while doing your bit for the planet is now super easy. And, tbh, everything always tastes better when you’ve got the ethical high ground. (Just ask the vegans).


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