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Photographing Londoners
Rob Greig

Picture this: nine products to really make your camera click

Get snap happy with these brilliant bits of photo kit, hand picked by Time Out staff photographer, Rob Greig

By Time Out in association with eBay

Who doesn't love a great photograph? From perfect portraits and panoramas to lo-fi shots and long-exposure landscapes, they can paint a time and place like little else. But how do you take your camera-phone point-and-clicking to a whole new level? Time Out's staff photographer, Rob Greig, is on hand with a carefuly curated list of products to expand your creativity and release your inner Bailey. Happy snapping.

Selfie stick

They might well be the bane of gallery attendants the world over - and they are prone to collisions with unsuspecting passersby - but these ingenious inventions are popular for a reason. The only way to get a good-looking, nicely composed selfie. Duck-faces, smiles, pouts, cocked eyebrows etc. optional.

£4.25 | Shop on eBay

Pinhole camera

DIY pinhole camera

Fancy going old school? This flat-packed puppy takes you back to the days when photography was a little more involved. Sure, you'll have to put this together yourself - and take a little time to get the pictures right - but you'll be assured of some serious satisfaction when you do. Plus, the camera itself is pretty as a picture.      

£28.90 | Shop on eBay


GoPro HD Hero 4

Traditionally the preserve of gnarly sorts chronocling their particularly radical escapades, these high quality cameras have now gone mainstream. And it's little wonder - they're seriously good bits of kit. You don't need to be 'boarding in Banff to justify one, either - these things can make a mobility scooter's trip down Tooting High Street look cool.      

£252.50 | Shop on eBay


Rocket air duster

Save yourself some serious retouching time on Photoshop with this great little tool. A quick squeeze and a little puff of air sails over your lens or sensor, keeping those pesky bits of dust at bay. Still not convinced? It looks like a rocket! Hours of fun.     

£4.30 | Shop on eBay


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5

You're the adventurous type, we can tell. Which means you probably know all about buying a shiny new camera only to drop it on a rock, in the sea, on one of your adventurous adventures. Well, this Lumix camera could be for you. Waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, practically foolproof - it's as tough as ten tigers.   

£219.95 | Shop on eBay

Understanding a Photograph - John Berger

The digital age has resulted in us taking more pictures than ever - and most of them are so disposable we barely even give them a second look. If you're keen to get a deeper understanding of photography then this collection of essays from a pivotal figure in twentieth-century art is worth a look. Full of ideas that remain relevant today. 

£7.47 | Shop on eBay


Erwin Blumenfeld: Photographs, Drawings, and Photomotages

A fascinating, beautiful insight into the works of the German fashion photographer - one of the genuine big guns of magazine design and illustrative photography. As a retrospective it offers beautiful examples of the technical brilliance of which Blumenfeld was capable, and is a must for anyone looking to better appreciate the art of photography. Expect weirdness. 

£30.41 | Shop on eBay

Canon PowerShot SX700 HS

Just starting out? Looking for great value? This Canon compact is well worth a look. You can control shutter speed or aperture manually so there's some scope for fiddling, but there are also plenty of automatic modes enabling you to get clicking straight away. A pocket-sized, do-anything, all-occasions all-rounder.  

£185.05 | Shop on eBay


Vello Ringbox Ringflash Adapter

If you need a little extra lighting but don't know your arc from your ellipsoidal, this diffusing ring could be perfect. It will help you avoid the unattractive harsh shadows of bare flesh but also give the look of ringflash that fashion photographers are particularly partial to. Instant glamour, neatly packed into your kit bag.

£57.41 | Shop on eBay


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