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Talking Shop: Jeremy Scott

Talking Shop with Jeremy Scott

Moschino's creative director Jeremy Scott has teamed up with Cybex to design a range of jazzy buggies and car seats

By Katie Rosseinsky

Moschino's creative director Jeremy Scott is fêted for his larger than life, cartoonish styles. Now, he's joined forces with design-conscious buggy brand Cybex to produce a line of chic car seats and strollers. We met the designer in Milan to talk about his design process, social media and high street collaborations.

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What was the inspiration behind your second collaboration with Cybex?
'I wanted to do something totally different from the first one, which was really colourful and playful, so I went for something all black, with gold rims on the wheels. Really, it’s ‘Pimp My Stroller’ – I made it look a bit gangster, to show my hiphop side. I return to the wing motif in my work a lot – it’s uplifting, a sign of endless possibilities.'

Is the creative process of designing buggies different to making a high-end fashion line?
'Honestly, I don’t really think it differs at all. I look at creativity like water flowing into a vessel – I could pour it in a glass, or a vase, or a swimming pool and it would still fill up. The way I approach it is always to ask 'How I can make this the most exciting, the most fun, the most unique?'

Jeremy Scott

‘I had style rules about what I would and wouldn’t do from when I was very young. I think it was a little surprising for my mom…’

You’ve done buggies and smartcars - Is there any other household object that you’d like to re-invent?
'I just love designing, so if there was a super cool vacuum cleaner company with an amazing product that I liked the look of, I would think ‘Yeah, maybe I could make a fun vacuum cleaner!’ I think it’s more about the brand than the object itself.'

Why are high-street designer collaborations so popular?
'The reason I did my collection with adidas was to be able to reach more people. Collaborations bring creativity and quality to people at a price point they can afford. People love fun fashion and want it to be more exciting – I mean, I had tennis shoes with wings sprouting out of them, poodles wearing sunglasses! They just don’t want it to cost three months rent. With Moschino, sometimes I’m embarrassed that the prices are so high, so it’s wonderful to be able to do things on a more mass level.'

Your designs are very Instagram-friendly. Do you think social media is having a big impact on designers?
'I think it is, honestly, although I’ve always been this way. Recently, someone asked me if I’d changed to fit with social media, but really I feel like the world has caught up to what I do. My work has always been very photogenic, it’s started conversations – but I think other designers have to really think about their social media footprint. Minimalistic things, simple things – they don’t seem so exciting when you see them on a tiny screen.'

Were you well-dressed as a kid?
'I always loved clothes, although I didn’t necessarily know about fashion, per se. I was very particular about the style of the things I wore – the colour, the texture – and I had style rules about what I would and wouldn’t do from when I was very young. I think it was a little surprising for my mom…'

Jeremy Scott

In the whole history of fashion, is there a collection that made you think ‘I wish I’d done that’?
'No way! I feel really lucky that I can give that answer. When I look back at my work, all I think is ‘I can’t believe they let me do that!’ I’ve been able to bring the crazy ideas in my head to life, from my game show to my car wash last season. Hopefully those shows will make someone else think ‘I wish I’d done that’ – it’s the ultimate compliment.'

Which city has the best street style?
'The best city is always Tokyo, hands down. London would have to be number two – I love London, but Tokyo kids, they are just crazy.' 

What’s your favourite shop in London?
'My favourite shop in London is November Books, but it isn’t exactly a shop – it’s more an archive or a library. It’s not really open to the public, so you have to make an appointment – I’m usually in on weird hours. There’s a really great selection of art and style books and magazines which Paul, the owner, curates. Follow him on Instagram!' 

The CYBEX by Jeremy Scott Capsule Collection is available exclusively at 10 Corso Como, Milano until end of 2015 and will be available in selected stores worldwide from January, 2016


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