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See London differently – Time Out readers take on a 10k dusk run

Putting the Xperia Z3’s low-light camera performance through its paces, Time Out invited our readers to join us on our 10k dusk run through the East End

By Time Out in association with the Xperia™ Z3 from Sony

Run the city

We took 100 Time Out Readers on a 10k evening run to see the city in a new light and seek out stunning new street art. Here’s what happened…

Thanks to the 100 Time Out readers who signed up to join us on a special 10k run, hosted by Sony and Time Out. We set off at dusk to celebrate the low-light camera capabilities of the Xperia™ Z3 Series from Sony which allows you to take beautiful photos at any time - day or night.

Time Out runs the City

Setting off from 1Rebel near Liverpool Street, our route gave us a chance to run through little known streets, past iconic sights and to check out two works of art that come to light at night. These artworks are part of a new series of street art murals commissioned by Sony to celebrate being able to see in the dark with the Xperia™ Z3 Series. Runners were able to check out Dan Kitchener’s 8m x 8m mural on the wall of the Hat & Feathers pub on Clerkenwell Road and Artist Zina’s mural at the Great Eastern Bear Gallery. Find out more about the murals and see amazing experiences captured on #ICan and #Xperia here.

On the night there was a Sony T-shirt and goodie bag for everyone, and during the event the runners were invited to post their photos on the Time Out live media wall – the best shot of London at dusk won an Xperia Z3 Compact.

Seeing things others can’t

Our guest bloggers for the event were women’s fitness team Lunges + Lycra.

Experienced runners who regularly use technology to plan and track their sessions, Lunges + Lycra were the perfect choice to put the Xperia Z3 Compact and the SmartWatch 3 from Sony to the test.

Click on the meet the bloggers tab to read what they thought…

Lunges and Lycra

Meet our bloggers Charlotte and Emma of Lunges and Lycra

These two women celebrate the benefits of fitness, but in the real world – where it’s okay to have a social life and the odd night out. Lunges and Lycra’s Charlotte Thomas and Emma Lax test out the Xperia Z3 Compact and the SmartWatch from Sony as they take on the challenge of our 10k dusk run. Here’s what they think.

Lunges and Lycra

Our website’s tagline is ...

... ‘For girls who like fitness, sweating and the odd nip of gin’, because fitness isn’t all 5am marathon runs and green juice. Everyone can enjoy it.

Lunges and Lycra: the Xperia Z3 SmartWatch

We enjoyed using the Xperia Z3 Compact and the SmartWatch 3

We particularly like gym reminders which pop up as ‘Appointment’, so you can dash from work to your so-called appointment! The SmartWatch 3 is great for runs. We downloaded the iFit app to monitor time, pace, distance, etc. You can also sync music to the SmartWatch 3 and listen on Bluetooth headphones – we couldn’t do that with our old fitness tracker.

Sony Xperia 10k run

Let's run this city

Now don’t get us wrong, we love running in the sunshine. We love running in the rain and wind, in the early morning and at lunchtime. But there’s something extra special about running through London as the sun goes down and city lights go up.

The 10k Time Out dusk run made us remember all over again. And it also made us realise just how lucky we are to live in such an awesomely beautiful city!

Sony Xperia illuminated graffiti

Illuminating London's buildings

Held to celebrate the Xperia Z3 Series of smartphones from Sony – with a camera that takes amazing photos in low light – this 10k was all about exploring the streets of London. Led by kickass run community Run Dem Crew, more than 100 runners met at swank fitness studio 1Rebel for a quick warm up before heading out to discover the city as twilight fell.

This was the perfect time to put the Xperia Z3’s camera to the test. Particularly as Sony had commissioned two murals painted in UV paint on the side of East London buildings. Pretty awesome.

Sony Xperia illuminated London

Night moves are the right moves

We passed St Paul’s – a sight we see most days when heading to work, but lit up at night it was transformed. We crossed the Millennium Bridge with magical views across the river towards the illuminated Shard and Tower Bridge one way, and the blue and red OXO Tower and London Eye reflecting across the Thames the other.

We garnered a few encouraging cheers from drinkers in the bars of the South Bank and bemused looks from passers-by, particularly when we formed an arch to welcome other runners home. 10k went in a blur of laughs, chats, stunning sights and photos. London, we love you!

Charlotte and Emma blog at women’s fitness blog Lunges + Lycra To see our photos from the evening search #ICanSeeInTheDark on Twitter and Instagram.



I can see in the dark...

To capture a moment with friends, to gather inspiration for work or pleasure, or simply to take a visual snapshot on our daily travels, the camera has become one of the key features of any good smartphone. But really, how good are the results you get from your phone? From dawn till dusk, at night-time and on gloomy London days, the XperiaTM Z3 Series from Sony takes great shots in low light.


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