Vidal Sassoon Academy

Health and beauty, Spas Mayfair
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Vidal Sassoon Academy
Venue name: Vidal Sassoon Academy
Address: 48 Brook St

Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm
Transport: Tube: Bond St
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Jenny B

I felt traumatised by the treatment which I received from a Tutor called Jorge /George as he was rude & dismissive of my request therefore I ended up with a dreadful hairstyle & a ball of frizz. The young Japanese Lady who carried out his incompetent instructions did exactly what she was told very accurately. She washed my hair really gently & cut it well but the style which I requested was ignored by the INSTRUCTOR & I ended up with one thick layer & a weird angular shape despite being promised a "classic" rounded style suitable for my age & job. I asked for a straight blow dry but was told that HE wanted it to be dried by a diffuser - which kept falling apart - which resulted in my almost bursting into tears as I looked as if I was being entered into "Crufts" !!!. The young girl didn't speak English & she thought that it was her work which I was unhappy with so she started crying. Jorge was very dismissive of my distress & started spouting all sorts of nonsense & roughly brushed my hair out . I said that I would rather leave than have him treat me so roughly at which point he told me to go!!!. The hero of the day was the polite Alexandre who blow dried my hair straight with the help of the young girl & they did a lovely job. I gave her a £15 tip as I felt so sorry for her & she had worked so hard. I would NOT recommend this particular instructor but all the other Models appeared to have a beautiful cut & blow dry. It did take over 3 hours but that was NOT an issue. 

Need to be careful which instructor you get. I got 2 previous very successful visits but today it was a nightmare. The instructor was quite rude and unfortunately even did not introduced himself. After initial styling advise he did not really pay attention what the lady who cut my hair (on a second day of the course) was doing. She was quite briskly with the scissors and quickly cut a lot of hair. When finally instructor found the time it turned out that she did not used Sassoon cutting technic or achieved any of the Sassoon styles. The instructor show her how to correct it but did not wait to see if the lady understood his instruction. In the end he needed to correct the cut himself as again the cut was incorrect. The result was a shot hairstyle which did not suit my face. It was much shorter than discussed at the beginning due to hair cut 3 times for corrections. When I raised my concerns all I got was a shoulder shrug from instructor and "I can not put you hair back" in unpleasant tone and "it will grow back by October" with dismissing smirk from the trainee. I was in compete shock due to that dismissing treatment when I left. Very disappointing

Took a half day from work to have my hair bleached. Arrived at the salon, waited an hour - there was no communication to advise that clients have to wait for stylists to finish their previous clients - only to be told that they couldn't bleach my hair as I hadn't had a patch test. Incredibly annoyed that no one mentioned this at the time of booking. Also, in all my years (10+) of having my hair bleached, I have never had a patch test - allergies are caused by PPD, which bleach does not contain, so a patch test is redundant. So annoyed. Needless to say, I shan't be returning. This might be a good option for students, or people who do not work 9-5, but don't waste your annual leave on taking a trip here, you will most likely be disappointed.

**edit** just scanned the rest of the reviews, seems I've had a lucky escape.

Last time I had my hair cut at Vidal Sassoon was an awful experience thanks to teacher Silvia who, after I told her that I wouldn't want to my hair to be cut too short, simply told me in a very passive-aggressive way that "since I come along with very specific requirements and a very clear idea about the haircut I want, next time I should consider going to a proper hairdresser's salon".... Which is what I've done since. They might teach their students how to cut hair but they are totally rubbish at customer service and how to listen to the people who go there to spend half a day on a haircut. They probably think that since the models pay "a fraction of the price in a salon" they don't deserve to be listened to and respected.

I had my hair cut at Sassoon Academy 48 Brook Street Mayfair on Thursday 24/11/2016 as a model £12. By student Yo supervised by teacher Vicky Payne. On Friday 25/11/2016 noticed dreadful uneven hair cut, not happy decided to return to saloon, on train at 1:45 I made phone call stating I was on my way to have hair sorted. I told Tyrone at reception I had phoned stating I was on my way, he phoned trough to Frankie De Graag she appeared and was very          loud, aggressive, shouting who took phone call, what was her name, who cut my hair, what was my teachers name, stating this message would have been passed on to her as she in the manager.

She would not listen to me,when I said you should know who was on reception she then accused me of being aggressive towards her. I said you are very loud and she said so that’s the way I speak, I then turned to my husband asking his am I being aggressive she screamed at him keep out of it dont get involved, she then demanded what did I  want her to do as she was very busy. I said I would like it sorted as I have come a long way and this would mean a third trip for me, at this point a man appeared at reception, I asked him was he a manger he mouthed no, at this point she screamed at me what did you say I didn’t answer so she screamed at him what did she say I said I was not talking to you, she had everyone silenced by her power and aggression, I asked for my money back as I had enough she demanded my receipt and snatched it from my hand, telling Tyrone to refund my £12. I told her she was very rude and asked her for name as I was going to make a complaint as my husband was also a witness to all of this, she then wrote her name as Francesca Lea Principal when in fact her name is Frankie De Graag. She then proceeded to jeer me saying he is gone, his had enough of you bye, bye,bye,bye, see ya, see ya. All this at the hands of manager Frankie De Graag towards a 62 year old customer with a heart condition.

I was so traumatised by her I was going to call the police, my husband suggested going to the other saloon at 56 Brook Street to tell someone what happened. As I was explaining this to the receptionist I brook down in tears she told me not to cry and asked me to sit down while she got her Superior to deal with this matter, she offered myself and husband coffee while we waited.

Senior principal Gary Dixon asked me what happened, then said her version of the story was it was me who was aggressive towards her and undermined her position, he washed cut and blow dried my hair making the best of a bad job, he was a kind man and while cutting my hair I kept breaking down into tears, I was happy enough to give him £10 for his trouble, I said all of this should not have happened, he said it sounded like a misunderstanding and as he wasn’t there he could not take sides. I ended up apologising for something that was not my fault.

Iv had my hair cut at this Vedal Sassoon academy three times previous and was always very happy with results, I never expected such a bad haircut or to have to return to the saloon let alone having to encounter such a traumatic ordeal at the hands of Frankie De Graag

who holds a managerial position who should be ashamed of herself who acted like a common fisher-wife. I was going to let this matter lie but friends and family have encouraged me to expose manager Frankie De Graag.

The worst experience I have ever had at a hairdressers. I was not listened to, treated very badly, whilst crying the teacher dismissed me and told me I was being silly and continued to tell the student what to do through a translator!

I asked for no shorter than collarbone and maybe a side fringe, I ended up with layers above my ear and then some lengthy bits (Later learned this is called disconnected layers) and a very very short fringe after being show a picture and saying no to it. I have a very short mullet. You are treated like a dummy not a human with feelings. 

Not only can my hair not  be worn down, it cannot be worn up,  it is unprofessional for my industry, unsuitable for my very think curly hair type and completely not my style and in now way stylish or fashionable. 

The teacher (not the student) then cut my top and when I said it is from Seville and I wont be able to replace, another teacher looked at the label and shouted its just the Spanish version of Primark!!

I have complained and had a recut which has in fact made the hair even worse, my complaints don't seem to be going anywhere, they don't care. 

Avoid at all costs, even if you are skint and want a change, don't bother!

horrible experience!!! I called 15 minutes prior to my appointment to make sure I will receive my haircut because I live quite far away. When I arrived they first let me wait 20 minutes, just to tell me that 2 of their trainees just disappeared and that they could only offer to reschedule. After confronting her that I just called and whether both of the trainees seriously disappeared in the last 15 minutes, the woman behind the counter just that it happens often.. I am actually glad now that I did not have my hair cut there as I heard lots of terrible reviews about this place.

I agree with previous comments, you need to be very careful who the supervisor is. I had 2 successful visits there for tint, unfortunately on the 3rd the instructor Amber was too arrogant to get over the fact she did not match the previously applied formula (which I had written down) and insisted on changing the colour from 9/7 to 9/6 also proposing to change proportions and strength of develop (9% versus 6% previously). She instructed the student to do my roots only rather than run the colour trough the length to even it out and assured me that with the stronger develop the colour will match. I wasn't assertive enough to challenge it and I regret it as I ended up with the colour close to my scalp so much darker that you can see it in the window reflection forget in the mirror in a good light. The student dried my hair for a few minutes, applied some products and announced he was done even though my hair was still wet. When I commented that the colour is visibly different Amber stated that the difference is not big and that it's my fault as my roots were too big. When I asked her whether 9/6 is darker than 9/7 which I had previously she replied they are at the same level what seems illogical to me but what do I know about Sassoon products. She also couldn't be quicker to get rid off me and send me off with wet hair to November windy and cold weather. Probably my last visit at Sassoon academy unless I can make sure Amber is not supervising.

Had the best hair cut I've ever had here! decided to cut my long locks off for the summer and such a good decision, very friendly, they washed my hair and took a long time to work out exactly what I wanted, will definitely be coming again.

I have been going here for some time now. Usually I get a great haircut, though it can take hours. The nerve wracking bit is seeing who the tutor is. Obviously, some are more in tune than others. There is one woman who despite calling them 'lovely' seems to hate clients, no make that seems to hate everyone, and to have a permanent bad smell under her nose. I heave a sigh of relief when she is not in charge.