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Sport and fitness Liverpool Street
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Address: 63
St Mary Axe
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4 out of 5 stars

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NO NO! Ok so I've been to a mix of spin studios in London and this one is more style over substance! It is high energy but I'm not sure the workouts are as good as Boom or Psycle tbh. Aldo most of the people who go here are so up themselves so vibe is a bit clicky. 


Rebel is another one of those stylish gyms I can’t get enough of. I was reading everywhere how good Rebel is: ‘The best gym there ever was’, ‘Voted number 1’, ‘Are you ready for it?’ … I found all of this a bit intimidating to be honest, but I decided to bite bullet and give it a try, go to one of those Ride classes. And it was…amazing! I honestly loved it. Dimmed lights, lasers and techno music, I mean what’s not to like? It’s like going to a rave for an hour on a school night and makes you feel good. I’ll be back for more.

Note: I wanted to take a photo of the studio but was too embarrassed. Don’t want to be one of those girls that goes to gym just to post it on Insta.

One of the few spin classes in London where I feel like you get an actual workout! The instructors are usually really high energy and there is more of a focus on the actual spinning here than on sway to music and pressing up on the bike. Definitely worth a trek to East London. 


I am absolutely obsessed with 1Rebel. I always wanted to try out the classes but with £20 a shot, I always told myself it was too expensive and not worth it. Like Eloise who commented below, I used class pass on a trial membership and was able to give a Reshape class a go. I now can't stop, and it's worth every penny. The class is a mix of treadmill sprints and weights spread out over 45mins, HIIT style. I find that I get a lot more out of the classes than I do at my regular gym, even with only doing two a week. The classes are tough and I come out sweating every time, which is just what I want. If you want something easy then I wouldn't recommend but if you want to push yourself give it a go! 


Starting out with a Class Pass membership, three sessions a month just wasn't enough. I now have full membership and it's worth every penny! This place is not simply a gym, it's a space to blow out off steam before or after work and where a positive mindset is rewarded. Yes membership is expensive but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy and you get rewarded with abs.

The instructors are the best of the best - and I've tried classes across the city. There is no high archery and it's a gym that welcomes everyone from all walks of the earth and abilities. All of the trainers make the classes, fun and rewarding but a special shout out to Esmée Gummer, book a session with this workout warrior and you won't regret it. 

Here exercise isn't a chore, and the reps come easily, plus they have the best playlists and the lights are so low, you get to sweat it out in peace. 

Finally, two words, Procesco Fridays!

Horrible customer service and management team - I lost my spot in Ride class on Valentine's Day! 

I called to reschedule a class to the following day because I was feeling unwell. Bailey, the front-desk girl, told me it’s not possible to change as I booked it through ClassPass. While disappointed about how unhelpful she was, I kindly thanked her and hung up. An hour later, I showed up to the spinning class on Valentine's day and found out my spot was cancelled by Bailey. She somehow misheard the word "reschedule" with "cancel" and without my consensus, she went ahead and removed my spot. ClassPass members are unfortunately treated poorly at 1Rebel. 


What can I say about 1 Rebel. I hated running. I actually still do but 1 Rebel is the only place I can try and push my limits. It's the motivating instructors, it's the excellent equipment, it's the great music and of course the space and the atmosphere in general. The place is so boutique and high end, clean, industrial style and the changing rooms and showers are absolutely fabulous with ghd hair dryers, straighteners, body lotion and all the necessities you can think of. I don't think one has ever expected something more from a gym in the middle of the city. Actually it's not just a gym, it's the king of gyms - that's what they call themselves. I've tried the Reshape class multiple times. It's high intensity interval training (HIIT) so half of the people are on the treadmills running in speeds and inclination the instructor advises that vary over the rounds and the other half are working hard in the boxes doing squats, dumbbell exercises, abs or stuff like that. People swap every 3-7 minutes. They also offer spinning classes (ride) or boxing (rumble) classes. They have two studios around Liverpool street station, one in Broadgate Circle and one near the Gherkin, perfect location for professionals working in the City. Highly recommended for some serious sweating and if you're bored of mainstream gyms.

The workouts at 1 Rebel are definitely not for the faint of heart. Get ready to sweat, push yourself to places you haven’t been before and emerge feeling stronger, leaner and faster. This place takes high intensity interval training to the next level. The philosophy is simple: combine a few minutes on the treadmill with weight lifting then repeat once, twice, maybe even three times, depending on the length of the session you’ve booked (they go from 30 minutes to an hour). And do this to dance music and flashing lights. It’s what it must feel like to exercise in a club. The setting is meant to get you pumped and energised and keep you going. Each mini session is intense. While on the treadmill, you’ll find yourself sprinting up a hill at 12 percent incline. On the ground, you’ll be doing jumping jacks then immediately move into dips or squats, often using weights which you’d normally drop after one repetition. The instructor offers different degrees of difficulty. You can start running at 8, 9 or 10k to warm up, then sprint at 12, 14 or 16. By all means though, even the starting point is not easy. But you will emerge feeling energised and proud, so definitely worth a try. The classes are a bit pricy (20 pounds for most sessions), but you do get access to a very nice changing room with good quality toiletries, hair straighteners and towels. So you pretty much only need to bring yourself and a strong willpower. You can also fuel up at the smoothie bar available at the venue after your workout and, if you fancy it, get a blow dry and you’re all set for a night out. 1 Rebel may not become your usual fitness spot for a weekly workout but you can definitely pick up a few tips and tricks to spice up your next trip to the gym. Overall, a great addition to the London exercise scene.

Sick of expensive boutique gyms and feel like they're all the same? Well, to be fair, 1Rebel is kinda expensive and their Reshape classes are all too similar to a Barry's Boot Camp class but they also have the most beautiful change rooms you've ever seen, a gorgeous cafe and even chilled towels (my personal favourite).

Their reshape classes are so bloody challenging, you'll be no doubt dripping with sweat and trembling from head to toe. They're the kind of classes that push you to your limits and make you feel like you've really pushed yourself to the edge. Their boxing classes are quite good although the equipment can be a bit smelly. Their spin classes are great and they try to keep them different by organising guest instructors and even a live saxophone player! 

Come for the Reshape, stay for the smoothies and make yourself human again in their incredible change rooms. 


1Rebel is a super cool and hip place to get your sweat on. At times, it's a little over-the-top in how cool it's trying to be. It feels like a nightclub with the flashy lights and upbeat (and very loud) soundtrack. And I'll admit, it can seem a bit intimidating if you're not in the best of shape (like myself). 

However, on the positive side the staff are really nice and helpful, they provide clean towels and excellent shower facilities, and the classes are awesome. The classes take so much concentration, it's easy to forget the intimidation and just focus on yourself.

The classes here are fantastic! A great workout and fun, I particularly like reshape and rumble. I prefer the Broadgate studio because the facilities are much better than St Mary Axe. The changing rooms are bigger and less hot. St Mary Axe changing rooms are a nightmare to get ready in before work when you're in a rush. Long queues for the shower, hot changing rooms and half the lockers don't work. Great classes but the facilities have gotten worse since I first came here a couple years ago and this is letting the brand down. 

Gym reinvented! High intensity workouts in an amazing setting. You understand that 1Rebel is not a typical gym the very first moment you walk into it. Industrial decoration, exposed concrete walls, exposed services at the ceiling and a juice bar at one corner. The staff at the reception are very friendly and helpful. You will be offered a towel regardless if you are a member or not. 1Rebel belongs to the new generation of gyms that offer flexibility and contract free membership. Each class costs 20 pounds. You don't have to be a member, have a contract or pay a joining fee in order to book classes. You only need to visit their website. The gym offers three classes: Ride (spinning), Rumble (boxing) and Reshape. I tried Reshape and fell in love with it. This 45 minute class is a high intensity interval training that uses treadmills and ground exercises. There are Reshape sessions that focus on the lower or the upper body but there are also sessions that offer a full body workout. All this takes place in a studio that looks more like a club rather than a gym with low lights, amazing beats and a really motivating instructor! Even the changing rooms are unique at this place. There you will find chilled towels to pick up from a fridge (!Yes such thing exists), an ironing board, hair straighteners , body lotions and anything else you need for a nice shower after an amazing workout.


I'm hooked! This place is addictive. The classes leave you feeling pumped for lack of a better word. I've tried all three of their offerings - ride (spinning) reshape (treadmill) and rumble (boxing) and they are all brilliant. The creme de la creme of instructors push you as hard as they can to get you out of your comfort zone and implement real change.

From the moment you enter you are well looked after. They provide large white fluffy towels and all the products you could possibly need in the changing rooms, including GHD hair dryers, straighteners and cold towels from a smeg fridge. Cleats are provided for spinning classes but boxing gloves come at a £1 charge. Classes aren't cheap but they are worth it. Anyone on classpass can take advantage of three sessions a month. 

The classes themselves are hard work. Re-shape is definitely the hardest and great if you really want to go for it. If you love music I would definitely recommend their spin classes. They also offer live sessions - I've even been to one with a saxophone player which was great. Rumble is great if you want to get out any aggression. It's just you and punching bag so you don't need to worry about anyone else. Be prepared for your knuckles to be a bit sore after your first session though. 

If you're looking for a great workout in a fun atmosphere this is the place for you. 

Had a highly enjoyable spin class here. Fantastic music, super motivating instructors and the social/fun vibe very much like Barry's Bootcamp on a (slightly) cheaper rate in your introductory session and if you bulk buy them. 


@Jo Gowans called 1Rebel the Ace Hotel of gyms and that is the absolute best description of it! If you're a hater and can't stand trendy, pricey gyms that sound like a nightclub as you walk past, then this is not for you. But if you like a gym that offers intense classes followed by nice perks like cold towels and a shower that doesn't give you nightmares then you need to try 1Rebel. The classes are really frickin' hard - but what would be the point if they weren't? The instructors are just mean enough to make you push yourself without bringing tears to your eyes. And after all that pain, you can reward yourself with a Roots & Bulbs smoothie on site!


I did the 'Rebels on Ice' class in confjunction with the Broadgate Ice Rink. Interesting concept which gives your core an amazing workout, even more so than normal as the ice forces to you maintain balance more than just a floor. Was a pretty quick class (20 minutes) but oh did I feel it in the next day! There were two stations, one for cardio and the other for strength, and we switched between the two throughout the class. 

Was really lucky as it was a gorgeous day, so it was amazing being outside at the ice rink, and we were quite an amusing site to the lunch time walkers. It is on for only 2 more weeks, so highly recommend giving it a go if you can make it! They offer two classes on Thursdays - lunch time and post work. Class costs approx ~£13

Staff Writer

I can't get enough of this studio. It's one of the best-designed gyms I know - they make everything so easy for you, from the fluffy towels on offer, to the huge shower area (rarely any queues), to the refrigerated wet towels available after classes. I regularly do their spin classes which are great - good music, motivational staff, new equipment. I've only once done their 'Reshape' class and be aware it's a total killer - I couldn't walk for three days! But great if you're looking for a challenge. 

I've recently joined 1Rebel and I simply cannot get enough. Classes are £20 each - and there are three types currently on offer Reshape (Broadgate Circle and St Mary's Axe), Rumble (Broadgate Circle only) and Ride (St Mary's Axe only) ranging from 30 minute lunch classes with a free protein shake, 45 minute classes and 60 minute 'double shot' classes which mix 2 types of classes together. I have an unlimited monthly rolling contract which means I have no obligation and can cancel at anytime. At £120 per month it's more expensive than your average gym membership but if like myself you work out 3-5 times a week, it works out to be about £6-10 per class - which is not that bad, and access to both locations is allowed. As mentioned in the fantastic review below, towels, showers, toiletries, hairdryers, GHDs are included. I'm not a fan of the lockers myself as in busy periods you can have 3-4 ladies are clawing for the same space as they are stacked on top of eachother, but I guess that'll be the same in any changing room! I've already been several times since signing up and cannot get enough - I would recommend this to anyone who's up for a serious workout and is ready to be put through the paces. The classes are regularly switched up so you really can't get bored. On weekends I've tried out 'double shots' they are very intensive but you feel super great afterwards!! I can't liken the feeling to anything else I've done.

The Broadgate Circle location only opened in September and it's my favourite. It's a slightly smaller studio with smaller changing rooms but it's cleaner, fresher and well-thought. The location is fantastic as it's practically adjoined to Liverpool Street station. The front of house staff and trainers are amazing, energetic and really get the best out of you :)


1Rebel is a dream of a studio - the Ace Hotel of gyms. The fact that I’ve spotted so many of their branded water bottles being re-used around town is testament to their success – great instructors, excellent changing facilities and an in-house Roots & Bulbs smoothie bar make this place a sure winner.

Included in the price of the class you have three types of towel (sweat, shower and frozen – from a Smeg freezer, no less), water (this is now £1 extra) and cleats (for Ride classes). Use of the slick copper lockers is free, as are the many toiletries on offer – everything from shampoo and conditioner to deodorant and hairspray. There are plenty of hair dryers and straighteners to use too – all GHD but often faulty and not the fastest dryers, if I’m being particularly picky.

Reshape is split across treadmills and weight stations, with plenty of plyometrics performed alongside. Treadmills can also be placed into ‘dynamic’ mode for an extra tough finale. 

Ride is a fairly straightforward indoor cycling class, with some hand weight sequences thrown in. It's the instructors that keep me coming back - unrelentingly enthusiastic and encouraging - the themed music rides are great fun too. 

Be sure to pre-order a Roots and Bulbs smoothie before class to get it for a fiver - the perfect start to the day. 

They've definitely got that "too cool for school vibe" going on, but that's never a bad thing if you want a workout that's as fun and memorable as it is hardcore. Loved the spinning class - great music, enthusiastic teacher - and afterwards, I was impressed that the changing rooms had everything I needed (posh toiletries, hairdryers, large mirrors) to get me looking how I arrived.  Also, a tenner for the first class is decent, but this shoots up to £20 a pop afterwards which might be a little dear for a studio that only offers two types of workouts.  But it's worth a shot, if only for the experience.  


Agree with @Abigail D - this is a bit like stepping into a slick city nightclub, except everyone is wearing gym kit and trainers. You'll be greeted with a towel and a bottle of cold water as you sign in. These guys have thought of everything - great products in the changing rooms, lockers which you can set your own code to (and you don't need your own lock). It's very cool.

I've only tried the spinning class - and it was good. I'm not sure about this current fad of spinning in pitch black, but I did enjoy the live DJ in the corner, and the teacher was good. The best thing about it is that you work your upper body with weights as well as your lower body with the spinning. 

It's kind of a place to be "seen" - everyone is immaculate and fit looking - so wear your best kicks. It's expensive - but definitely worth a try, and great if you work in the area as classes are at convenient times. 

Staff Writer

If you want to work out hard but come out of it feeling pampered, this is definitely the gym for you. It’s not cheap – it’s the usual deal, the more you buy the more reasonable it is – but with no monthly fees or contracts, it’s well worth treating yourself every now and then. If circuits with hill sprints, box jumps and mountain climbers to pumping music are your version of treating yourself, anyway. There’s a bit of yelling too. 

But then it’s worth it for the showers alone. We’re talking post workout luxury; think ice towels, GHDs and nail files. Check out their additional bits and pieces in the gym as well - if you catch them at the right time you can grab a cheeky bloody mary. It’s not for the faint hearted, but power through with thoughts of Cowshed moisturiser and super flattering lighting.

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