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Another Space

Sport and fitness, Gyms and fitness centres Seven Dials
4 out of 5 stars
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Another Space


Address: 4-10 Tower St
Transport: Tube: Leicester Sq/Covent Garden
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4 out of 5 stars

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I love a spin class and love to try out new studios across London. Another Space is gorgeous, fantastic facilities and friendly staff. The class itself was hard work, in the very best way, and the instructor ensured you were never bored. Treat yourself to a class at Another Space and you will reap the rewards.


Any place that can actually make me look forward to waking up early and working out seemed like an impossibility, so when I discovered Another Space, I was overjoyed.

This super slick, super cool class space in the heart of Covent Garden offers three different classes; yoga, HIIT and cycle. I have only tried the HIIT class so far, but the class is a high energy, fast paced mix of hit exercises and martial arts techniques using a punch bag. Every instructor I have had has been really motivational, and great at pushing anyone whatever their fitness level. I have never had so much fun working out!

The best part about this space is the facilities they provide to freshen up after your sweat inducing session. All the products are Cowshed, so you are left smelling and feeling like you have been to a spa.

With a smoothie bar offering a range of delicious, protein packed shakes to pick you up after your class, Another Space is a haven in the gym industry. It is a little pricey, but for a pleasant, stress free work out experience, Another Space ticks all the boxes.

As much as I enjoy working out, I’ll be the first one to admit I avoid the exercise bike at any cost. I’ve always overlooked it as a boring and uncomfortable experience – the saddle ache is real! I struggle to motivate myself when going solo on the bike so feel my time is better spent getting my sweat on elsewhere, so the extent of relationship with the bike nowadays is nothing more than the odd 5 minute warmup before swiftly moving on to something else. That said, I have warmed to the idea of Spin since it exploded onto the scene a few years ago, with the likes “SoulCycle” in L.A sparking a celeb craze promising fitness-meets-therapy that helps you be the best you, as gimmicky as they sound the idea has always sparked an interest. The health and wellbeing industry is seemingly growing vastly in popularity at the moment and shows no signs of slowing down, and I for one am on board with this movement. So recently when us Tastemakers were offered an exclusive Cycle class at Another_Space, I thought I’d give it a give it a go despite my spinphobia... I have to say now I’d consider myself a cycle convert!

Rachele our instructor (I shamelessly know her name from stalking @another_spacelondon on Instagram… don’t judge) looked like she belonged on the cover of Women’s Health magazine with an incredibly lean and sculpted Goddess-like physique, mere mortals like me could only dream of! Teamed with the energy of a Duracell bunny after a Red Bull, she powered through our 45 minute class making it look easy, whilst the rest of us were put through our paces trying to keep up. Whilst this sounds like it could easily be intimidating (I’m not into the bootcamp style training) the challenge was actually very motivating. In the dark room, lit only with the disco lights which cycled to the rhythm of the high tempo dance beat which pumped out of the speakers the atmosphere was electric and gave little room to think about anything else other than the moves and keeping in time – I guess this escapism is why so many people find such classes therapeutic as well as the endorphins released from the activity. I loved that we were provided with shoes to wear which clipped onto the pedals securely, this made me feel safe and more confident to up the ante on the speed sections of the routine without the risk of my feet coming loose. The class was so much fun, the buzz was like nothing else and although my body was almost ready to give up I actually didn’t want it to end!

I would recommend Another_Space, not only for it’s incredible classes, but the facilities and amenities offered couldn’t be better. All your wants and needs are catered for, which makes packing your bag an easy task as you needn’t worry about forgetting the necessities – a bit tick for those planning to go before/after work! Everything a girl could need including towels, GHDs, hairdryers, toiletries, hairspray, deodorant, tampons were all readily available to use free of charge and you set codes to use lockers so don’t even have to worry about the pesky padlock and key which is much appreciated coming from someone who has locked their key in a gym locker before!

At £20 a pop the sessions are not cheap although I do feel that there is value and quality which warrant this price tag. I like the fact it’s no contract so you can pay as you go as my workout patterns are not always consistent month to month but for those planning on going regularly there are offers available for those buying in multi passes, as well as an introductory offers for newbies to bring a friend. There’s also an offer on Timeout at the moment to snap up classes for £12 which I’m definitely going to take advantage of and maybe check out the HIIT or Yoga classes as well.

P.S – Sorry for the lateness of my review

P.P.S – This being the first fitness related perk for Tastemakers was greatly appreciated


I'm not a workout person. AT ALL. Like, that's not this far to torture for me. As far as I'm concerned, exercise should be restricted to dancing, walking and, well, more saucy workout. Thus, it will hardly come as a surprise that I had never tried spinning before I went to this taster class at Another Space, Seven Dials.

I only went because it was free and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about but thinking I would hate it and want to leave after 10 minutes of the 45 mins class but actually happilly stayed until the end, telling myself 'Well, this isn't that bad after all.'

The reason for this is simple: it was just like being in a nightclub (it's almost entirely in the dark with a fast, loud beat being played) with an insanely energetic and involving DJ. The instructor, a beautiful young ginger woman, was certainly not made of the same thing I am. I swear I had never seen so much well-directed energy in anyone else before - and she managed to pass it on to us.

If you can't quite imagine what spinning is about still, I would describe it as choreographed cycling on a beat.

And for the cherry on top: the crazy good changing rooms. Very beautiful, spacious and comfortable. The two things I loved the most about it were the available free tampons (ah, the little things) and black board to mark which locker you've stored your stuff in.

Intense work outs. Instructors that push you to your limits. Beats that make you feel stronger. Changing rooms that make working out easy. I tried their spinning class as a beginner and totally fell in love with it. I had always been afraid of spinning, even though I work out regularly, but my experience at Another Space was the best possible. The instructor was very enthusiastic, giving thorough instructions throughout the class, motivating everyone to try harder.

I am definitely going back for more. If in doubt try their intro offer: 2 classes + 1 for your buddy for £20.

I've been to many spin classes but this is by far the best I've ever been too. I put this mainly down to the instructor who was helpful and chatty prior to the class starting, and on fire for the duration of the class; the energy coming from that girl was unreal! In other spin classes I've always found that I can make it easy for myself, not intentionally of course.. There was no escaping the hard work here, I must have burned around 500 calories easily, especially because of the mid spin weights session on the bike. I'd love to go back again but at £20 a session, I can't afford it.If I had the money, this would be my gym of choice. 

Brand new studio at a great location right next to china town / covent garden, with lots of amenities so you don't have to bring anything other than a change of clothes. Energetic instructors and great facilities. Has it converted me to a spinning enthusiast? No, but that's probably a reflection of myself than Another Space. 

Highly recommend, fab teacher, energetic and motivational. All towels, and toiletries available added bonus. All you need to do is bring a change of clothes and your cycle wear- which would could be any sports/gym wear. Staff were pleasant and really helpful.


I have to admit that indoor cycling is my least favourite activity to do in the gym that I try and avoid whenever possible. However I recently tried out their cycle spinning class at Another Space. I was extremely wary as I’d never done one before, and I actually think I’ve been converted, who knew indoor cycling could be so much fun!? Towels, shoes and water are provided with the class and the bikes are designed well that you’re clipped into the pedals that is handy when you are pedalling at high speed. Although I haven’t tried other spinning classes for comparison I really enjoyed it so much that I think i’ll give it another go, it will really knacker you out and surely is an intense workout that you’ll definitely feel it the next day. The cycle studio is a darkened room with air con and funky lights that change in time to the thumping dancey music tracks, which as others say really does make you feel like you’re cycling in the middle of a club as crazy as that sounds! The instructor was great at pumping everyone up and was full of encouragement throughout the class. 

Another Space studio itself is centrally located between Leicester Square and Covent Garden. There is a  clean spacious reception area, small juice bar, Changing rooms and showers are clean with cowshed products that smell lush. They even have GHD straighteners and blowdryers, towels, lockers with codes. It provides any visitor all they need really. Having checked out their timetable I notice that they offer boxing, HIIT and hot yoga classes as well that sound interesting too. The classes are fairly expensive but by purchasing the passes and credit packages these offer a good discount.

I'm going to add in my two cents here and say I LOVE ANOTHER SPACE. I started coming here more often back in January when they were running a 'resolution 21' promotion (come 21 times in January and February) and I've been hooked since. Why? Let's break it down:

1. The classes. They are just really, really good. I'm a fan of the HIIT boxing classes and the yoga in particular but I do like the spin sessions too.

2. The instructors. The teachers of each class are passionate and lively and usually have a laugh with you as well. I think many of them are performers (dancers etc) in their normal lives, which means they bring a level of fun I haven't seen in other classes across London. In HIIT, Myles's class is particularly good. In spin, Rachele and Reynold are brilliant. In yoga (which I used to hate before coming here btw), Chris and Steffy are really good at describing what to do for beginners. I feel my practice is coming along nicely (although compared to the other flexible madmen and women I'm basically just a block of concrete, but hey, you can't have everything in this life). 

3. The facilities. These guys have nailed it in terms of making sure you can travel light to the gym. You are provided with a towel, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hell - even a razor, deodorant, tampax or a hairband if you need one! They've thought of everything, and more. If that wasn't enough - you'll benefit from GHD hairdryers and straighteners as well. You won't need money for a locker or a padlock either, these are digital and free to use too. 

4. The welcome. The staff on the desk are friendly and non-pretentious. A gym like this could so easily be judgemental but that doesn't happen here. If you come a few times, they'll get to know your name and have a nice chat with you as you depart or leave. It makes the place have a happy vibe I haven't experienced in any other workout venue. 

5. The perks. If you come regularly, you'll be treated to the odd free smoothie (which are quite delicious) and you may be given special offers to use. I have received several buddy credits (meaning you can bring a friend for free to a class) and I even got a new gym bag for becoming a regular member which is a lovely freebie. 

Keep up the good work, Another Space. 


The last time I went to a spinning class was actually 8 years ago...and I really didn't enjoy it! A lot has changed in that time and spinning at Another Space is London's version of SoulCycle...disco lights, a heart pumping playlist and an instructor to match! Rachele, the instructor was awesome, she got everyone saddled up and clipped in (you get proper shoes to borrow for the class) with a smile and even yelled personal encouragement during the session! A few playlist controls to be smoothed out, but I enjoyed the session overall. As a fitness centre, Another Space surpasses any one I have been to in the past. It's stocked with all the toiletries and tools you need post work-out and it has a very clean and modern vibe, free lockers too.


Another Space is a great gym.

The space is beautiful. Light and airy, the reception area as well as the changing rooms are very welcoming and inviting. Everything is provided for your comfort – from shower gel and shampoo to deodorant and personal hygiene products for ladies, all the way to razors and moisturisers. A pleasure to actually shower there.

Staff is very friendly and more than happy to help with any inquiry.

Having said that, the class itself wasn’t outstanding. Run like any other spinning class, it didn’t blow me away. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great workout. But it wasn’t that much better quality that I would prefer Another Space above other studios.

Put simply, I wouldn’t hesitate to join Another Space as it’s a great gym with good classes – providing it was convenient enough to commute from my work or I might join somewhere else with the same service.

 Another space has definitely jumped on the boutique gym bandwagon and is doing a sterling job in the process. 

Let's start with the good: It's a beautiful space and perfectly located slap bang in the middle of the west end. The airy entrance hall makes you feel calm with none of the manic scramble of some other gym reception areas I might care to mention (aka Barry's Bootcamp) and the placement of the exercise rooms downstairs allows Another Space to keep just arrived customers seperate from the sweaty masses exiting their classes. 

The changing rooms are also fab. Although admittedly this is now almost par for the course in places such as these, Another space offers cowshed toiletries, towels large enough to cover your whole body and all the useful things you probably forgot (i.e. deodrant, razors, moisturiser, cleanser). 

They also provide water on every bike. It sounds like a small thing but its really not. There's nothing worse than rushing to a class from work and having to scrabble through your purse for 2 quid for an average sized bottle of water. 

The class itself was good: I'm already a big fan of spinning so i'm biased but I love a workout that pushes you to your limits. The instructor was great and so energetic it almost hurt but that's all part of the fun. 

HOWEVER - as a fully paid up member of BoomCycle I was a tad disappointed by the class itself. It lacked the seamless co-ordination of music and movement that Boom captures so effortlessly. Also I'm not sure about the quality of the bikes - jumping up caused my bike to rock rather precariously in a way that i've never experienced before which made for a more cautious and therefore lacklustre effort. I also agree that there are rather a lot of bikes packed into the space and not enough air conditioning to combat the claustrophobia of that. 

In terms of price I wasn't actually that shocked as all places like this are priced around that bracket. 

I have never been to a spin class before but the experience at Another Space definitely made me think twice about going again.

Another Space is hidden away in Covent Garden. You enter into an bright and airy reception area to sign-in and collect your cycling shoes. The changing rooms are located in the same floor. They are pretty well equipped with all essentials should you need to shower and freshen up after a class.

The studios are in the basement and when you walk into the spin studio, you feel like you've walked into a nightclub full of bikes. The instructor was on hand to help adjust and clip you into the bike. There are a lot of bikes in one room but the class was very energetic. The instructor was great at motivating you. The music was perfectly timed with the exercises and the disco lights to make you literally feel like you were in the club.

The classes are quite pricey so I think I'd have to think twice about booking a class at Another Space...maybe as a treat!


This is the second time I've tried a spin class, and I was quite apprehensive after having been scarred by my general unfitness and subsequent exhaustion from my first time, about 3 years ago. Another Space has a very welcoming lobby, and the changing room was spacious and had easy to use lockers. Going in to the spin room in the basement, it had more cycle machines than what I experienced the last time, and was a little more spacious, although the bikes were placed slightly close to each other. The equipment was rather well maintained though, and it was easy to get started with help from the staff on hand. In terms of the exercise itself, there was no pressure to overperform, as it seemed like everyone was engrossed in their own exercise, and this was probably what led to the lack of aches and general good feeling after the class. The exercises were simple enough to perform with some well selected songs on the playlist, although the transition could be smoother. All in all, a rather pleasant experience that would probably motivate me to get back to trying some fun fitness activities, although it's definitely the kind of thing that's catered more to busy office workers in the city centre though, not cheap, but you'll certainly walk away with a good workout and a spring in your step. 

The perks of being a Tastemaker, I willed myself out of bed on a Sunday (after a very late saturday!) and resisting the urge to spend it in the park in a summer dress, I donned on my workout gear and headed to the very swish and swanky Another Space studio....and you know what, I was glad I did! A first time "spinner" I enjoyed the class thoroughly, the instructor mixed up the routine well and the up tempo beats kept the adrenaline high. This is got me to take up spinning. Besides the class, the studio is fab with all the amenities and more. 

I have also got it as a tastemaker perk, and as some of other reviewers came in pretty tired after Saturday night. 

The staff is friendly, girls at the reception explained where to find the changing rooms and the spinning class. I've tried different spinning classes in the past and equipment at Another Space was definitely better than anywhere else I've been before. The class was good, I really liked it but I guess it depends what you like in spinning. There was not much of sprinting but more arms and chest exercises. 

There was a bottle of water and a fresh towel prepared for everyone. 

The facilities are modern, bright and you get literally everything you need - conditioners, straighteners, cleanser etc. 

I loved the experience, it is pricey though (after checking the website) but you can pay as you go so I am sure I will be back for some crazy indoor cycling!


I was bit worried if could face the challenge of the spinning class after dancing all night at the Time Out Silent Disco at the Shard, but the class was so highly entertaining, I didn’t even feel I’m exercising (but I truly do now).

I’m probably a bit too old for the clubbing style of gym classes in general. It was a bit too loud for my liking, on many occasions it was hard for me to understand what the instructor was saying. But if you ever thought spinning is boring, you should try this place out! I loved the variety of exercises we attempted on the bikes, from jabbing, through sort of push-ups to relaxing yoga moves at the end. The studio was well chilled and the dim lights helped me focusing and forget about the outside world.

The whole place is fantastic. It’s bright, clean and lush. Their facilities are one of the best I’ve seen so far at a gym. The showers are great, there’s a full range of body products available and they even have hair straighteners! I felt exhausted, but fabulous after I left the place.

It obviously comes at a price and although it’s not currently for my pocket, I think it’s worth every penny.

Another Space has jumped on the fitness concept bandwagon - much like Barry's and 1Rebel - but for me they don't do quite enough to warrant the super high price tag. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but for £20, it certainly isn't 5 stars. If I could give half stars, which I really wish I could, it would be 3.5.

Worth noting that I only did a spinning class. The others might be much better, but it's unlikely that any yoga session is going to be worth £20.

There were some great things about the gym: the entrance space really is nice - open, bright and welcoming; the staff were really friendly and the instructor in particular did a great job; and the changing rooms were good, although the 'extras' - deodorant, nice shower gel, decent hair dryer - are just becoming hygiene factors in this style of gym now.

So my gripes.

Firstly, there were definitely too many bikes in the room. I nearly knocked the weights out the hands of both people next to me at one point. There's no excuse for this - just take a bike out of each row.

Secondly, I didn't think the bikes were great. One of my main issues with spinning in general is that it's hard to judge how hard you're going, but there are better bikes out there that can show this as you go, letting you stick to a certain level. When I go to a 1Rebel class I'm in tatters after but at the end of this I felt OK because I couldn't judge the intensity.

Thirdly, and this might be a bit personal, but I didn't like the upper body exercises whilst cycling. Maybe because I wasn't used to them, but it was so awkward to do the exercise and keep peddling at a decent speed. Some of the repetitive movements also lacked appreciation of the obstacles a man has when moving back and forth on a small bike seat.

But, the main issue which can't be ignored, is the price. Although my session was free, which is very nice of TimeOut, I just wouldn't go back for £20 (it gets a bit cheaper with multiple sessions but not cheap enough). They didn't excel, which you have to in this market.

Unfortunately you've got to up your game and be better than your competitors to get the big 5* treatment, and you've certainly got to put on a session that exceeds the one I can get at my £10 monthly membership gym.

I was lucky enough to try a sunday afternoon spin class as a tastemaker perk. I couldn't resist the opportunity to check out this Covent Garden fitness spot. I'd only gone spinning once before but this was at a whole new level. When you check in you are given special cycle shoes for a perfect grip. The changing rooms are gorgeous - more like a spa than a gym. The cycle studio is downstairs, they had water and a towel waiting at the bike. The instructor was enthusiastic and really knew how to get the room going, she was tough but not too tough - perfect for a sunday afternoon. I didn't stay to check out the shower facilities - preferring to walk it off - but it looked like they had everything you could need and more. 


Another Space takes boutique fitness to a whole new level, the modern studio space in Covent Garden has an airy, light and minimalistic feel. The staff are welcoming and super friendly. I recently attended an 45 min spin class and it is not for the faint-hearted! It surely gets you pumped UP, the session began with a chart filling playlist in a dark room enhanced by a light display offering a full intense body workout including a mini dumb bell session and a bit of boxing - working from your legs to your upper body, switching between standing, sitting and doing push up movements on the bike - whilst feeling the burn! It was certainly different from any other spinning class I have tried. It was such an exhilarating and high intense experience. The spinning instructor was fun and full of energy like a Duracell bunny- keeping us motivated in our paces all the way through. 

The changing room facilities are very clean, spacious and packed with everything you need from deodorant, GHD straighteners and hairdryers, to Cow Shed products - shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, razors, earbuds, cotton pads and plenty of fluffy towels. There is no need to bring a padlock for the locker as those are pretty much covered with an 4 pin electronic system which is pretty straight forward to use.

The classes are a bit on the pricey side, with one class being £20 otherwise you can bag one of their bulk deals, which appears slightly cheaper. They have a great introductory offer 2 credits +1 buddy credit for £25. 

I was also provided with special cleated shoes, which are designed to grip onto the pedal - once you step on you're off and ready to go! 

Also, we were given complimentary water bottles, but usually these will be charged for the general public - so if you're feeling frugal, bring your own. 


What I wouldn't give to be able to afford classes here every week! 

Another Space is not just another space - it is a bright, modern and luxurious place with friendly staff, an EXCELLENT smoothie menu, positive vibes, fun classes annnnd some rather well equipped changing facilities. 

I recently went to a Sunday Spin Class (my first time "spinning") and was impressed with the enthusiastic instructor and the session itself (air con, cool decor, pumping music, fancy lights and varied exercises) however have to say it wasn't really my thing (I thought the bikes were too close together).

I am very tempted by their yoga classes with the fantastic location, positive atmosphere and the handy no membership fee however credits are pretty steep at £20 a pop. Their intro offer of £25 for 2 credits (classes) + 1 buddy credit is fairly tempting though... so maybe see ya there soon?

There’s nothing like a good Sunday spin class to cure your hangover, and the basement style spin studio at Another Space is a pretty fantastic place to rid yourself of Saturday night sins.

Although hosting just three classes, HIIT, Spin and Yoga, expect nothing but less than a full body workout in every class. It’s the small things in a venue like Another Space that make the workout more enjoyable and motivational – water and towels ready and waiting for you on the bike – but then again I guess you are paying for it.

The staff were incredibly welcoming, walking into some gyms can feel a little clicky and judgy, but this definitely wasn’t the case.  

Do not be fooled by its title, a spin class at Another Space is much more than a cycle through Hyde Park. The upbeat 1,2 music spurs you on with the shouted, excited encouragement from your instructor bringing out energy you didn’t know you had – you’ll be surprised how fast your legs can move with whoops spreading around the class.

The class is painful and had me using muscles in my arms that certainly haven’t been used in a while… but the post exercise buzz was well worth it. There are no room for slackers in the upbeat class, but with flashing lights and great tunes you won’t want  to slow down!  

And if the endorphins aren’t motivational enough to get your sweat on, the showers and facilities provide everything you need to bring yourself back to reality. From Cowshed shampoos, conditioners and cleaning lotions, to the array of cotton pads and GHD hairdryers and straighteners – even the tampons in the toilets were a nice touch – It’s worth getting sweaty just to enjoy a fab shower!

A brilliant gym in the heart of Central London! It's located close to the Leicester Square tube station along with loads of cute cafés and restaurants (to reward yourself with after an intense session!). 

A 45 minute cycle session will leave you sweating but wanting more! It truly is a full-body workout, with your legs constantly working and the instructor switching up the upper body exercises throughout the session. We covered variations of 'push-ups' on the bike, exercises with weights, and even a little boxing in that time. I liked the variety because it kept the session exciting and it helps to work out different muscles. To workout our legs, we switched between standing and sitting on the bike as well as adjusting the resistance on the bike throughout the session. Again, I liked that this was to our liking and fitness levels. Our instructor emphasised pushing ourselves but also to take it easy if it got too intense. 

The room is kept mostly dim throughout the 45 minutes, with occasional variations of lighting whenever the chorus of the song came on. It also felt like being in a club with the music blasting, light switches, and everyone working out together! It was a really enjoyable experience doing it with others, some who had previous experience with taking a spin classes and other newbies like myself. The time goes by quickly and it'll leave you wanting more! You know it was a good workout when you're aching all over the next day. Both my upper body and lower body feel sore, but like I mentioned, it'll leave you wanting more! 

I would highly recommend Another Space for a spin class, if you haven't tried one before. They do a brilliant job at taking care of you from the minute you arrive. You're greeted by lovely staff at reception, where you can collect your spin shoes. Moving into the changing and shower rooms, they're spacious and include everything you would need to get ready for your class and to freshen up after. Lockers are fitted with electronic code locks to keep your belongings safe during your class. Towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are all provided so that you can take a well-deserved shower when you're finished and there are hairdryers and even hair straighteners to complete your look before leaving. 

I really enjoyed the spin class here and will definitely be recommending this to friends and family, as well as booking myself in for another session soon! 


Make no mistake, a half hour spinning class at Another Space is verging on full body torture, but if you're going to be tortured anywhere, this is a pretty bloody dreamy place for it!

The classes consist of Yoga, HIIT and Spin which is nice - you're don't need to agonise over which class you're going to go to, it's basically one or the other for something that'll make you sweat, or yoga if you want to chill out a bit and not leave the room looking like a sweaty red balloon like I did!

The spin class I attended was run by a woman who looks like some kind of exercise goddess (the kind you find on Instagram) and had the stamina of a Duracell bunny! It's motivation enough - If I push myself harder to keep up maybe one day I'll look like this woman who still has the energy to shout along to the music while I can barely catch my breath or see through the buckets of sweat pouring into my eyes!

It's a bit like a night club in the room. Loud dance music with a heavy beat, lights that move to said heavy beat and even a spot of UV. It makes it fun... in some kind of masochistic way. While I felt like there was every chance I might die right there on the bike (though because you're clipped into it there was little chance i'd fall off!) I actually loved it and would kinda love to do it again. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!?! My exercise mantra is you only regret the exercise you didn't do... and while just before starting the class I was hating myself for submitting myself to it, afterwords I felt incredible. Not quite at Instagram fitness goddess level but you know, I felt good. I felt proud of myself for not dying. 

Post class we got to enjoy the shower facilities. My usual gym has the kind of amenities that can be used as both shower gel AND shampoo combined, while Another Space amenities are from the Cowshed brand: luxury shampoo, conditioner and body wash - all separate, all glorious. On top of that, fluffy white towels are provided, there are body lotions, make-up removers, hairdryers... literally EVERYTHING you need to make yourself feel human afterwards. You need not take anything with you, other than your make-up and clean clothes. It is all very dreamy!

I've had a look and this place isn't cheap, but there are some semi-decent deals to be had (you can buy 2 classes + a buddy pass for £25 which I think is pretty good) and there are no memberships to tie you down. So if you maybe have some fitness of weight-loss goals to achieve then I think this place is certainly worth the investment!


Another_Space is the nicest gym space I have ever been to. The prices are quite high, but you defiantly get what you pay for here.

You don't need to worry about bringing anything but a change of clothes - the changing facilities have everything. Lockers that take 4 digit pin codes (so you don't need a padlock/quid), 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner and body wash, towels, deodorant, hair spray, razors, ghd straighteners and hairdryers, towel and water for the class. 

Set only a short walk away from Tottenham Court road or Covent Garden, this gym is well located, they run HIIT, Spinning and Yoga classes. I came here for a Spinning class, the studio was downstairs and it was great fun. The instructor was incredibly passionate and nice, and while there were a couple teething issues with the speaker system overall it was great. I liked how the beat of the music was set to match the speed of the cycling, and the lighting system aided the class, and took the attention away from all the other people in the class setting the attention on the instructor. It's only a little thing but I was grateful to see the instructor keeping in time with us and giving a good example of the exercise. Too often an instructor stands watching and encouraging while not actually doing the exercise at the same time. The only complaint I would make is that I felt my bike was particularly close to the others, and being quite tall this caused a couple of worries of clashing with others, in particular with exercises that involved my arms.

After the class one of the nicest parts is getting to use the facilities, my only disappointment here was that the water pressure was not has strong as it could have been - the shower has an amazing shower head with rainfall, single stream and massage settings, however without a strong pressure the massage and single stream settings were slightly pointless.

Overall I would completely recommend this place, especially if you work in the area. If I worked near here, or they opened another one in Islington I would defiantly get a pack of classes at a cheaper rate. I want to come back and try the HIIT class soon, as I currently go to HIIT weekly at Pineapple Dance Studios, which is no where near as nice as this place!

Here's a too-cool-to-be-true gym space for you, in case you haven't found it yet!

Yes, it's in central London and yes, it will cost you all your Friday night Be@1 cocktails for weeks to come but boy, if you want to feel like the world is petting you on the shoulder for having finished a spin, yoga or HIIT class, this is the place. Not only are classes fun and engaging, as said before, the changing facilities make you feel like a princess. Deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, razors and anything else you may desire are provided so really, you don't have to pop home after class to get ready for those aforementioned Be@1 cocktails.

Having tested a spinning class, I can confidently say the place is beautiful and clean, the bikes are super modern and easily adjustable; class facilities are awesome with flashing lights (often cycling in pitch black for funsies!) and good quality speakers, and our trainer deserves a special mention for putting in so much energy to keep us motivated. I've never met anyone this hyped about spinning.

Another Space classes will leave you feeling clean, happy and pampered - highly recommended, even on an occasional basis. Which you can do, because unlike gyms, there's no contract. Total win-win situation. Can't wait to go back again.


Another Space is a very fancy, bright and modern gym in Seven Dials which offers HIIT, yoga and spin classes. I tried a spin class here which was held in a dark room with about 45 bikes, disco lighting and loud club music to keep you going. The instructor was really welcoming and helped with adjusting bikes as needed before the class. Even at only 45 minutes long, the class was very tiring and I left feeling like I had had a solid workout. The amenities at the gym are a huge step up from the Better leisure centre I usually go to. Cycling shoes, water bottles and towels were provided for the spin class and the changing rooms had everything you would need to freshen up after a class. Classes aren’t cheap at roughly £20 each but there are some ways to get them for less if you’re able to buy 6 of 9 class monthly passes. 

A beautiful and welcoming studio space! The cycle class was amazing. If you've ever tried Soul Cycle in the US this is place is just as good! High energy instructors, dim lighting and a power playlist keep you pumping away that you stop worrying about time altogether. A full body workout with choreography and small dumbbells to get the whole body working to the best. The changing room facilities are top notch with all the necessary bits and pieces for getting ready afterwards because let's be honest we've all forgotten deodorant or hair ties at some point.

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