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3 out of 5 stars
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Gymbox Holborn

Time Out says

This centrally located gym offers some of London's wittiest workouts from its 'Tour de Holborn' spinning class to the 80s-flavoured 'Voga' class. Located underneath High Holborn, this compact space combines the atmosphere of a nightclub with state-of-the-art facilities. A full-size boxing ring dominates the main space, along with a large movie screen. There's also an impressive free weights area, spinning studio and two exercise studios. While the boxing theme might suggest a macho environment, more than 50 per cent of members are women. A newer branch in Covent Garden (at 42-49 St Martins Lane, WC2) boasts a vast studio and Olympic-sized boxing ring. Further branches in Bank, Farringdon and Westfield London.



Address: Clubs:
Holborn, Covent Garden, Bank, Cannon Street, Westfield Stratford, Westfield London,Farringdon, Old Street, Victoria and Elephant & Castle
United Kingdom
Transport: Tube: Leicester Sq
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3 out of 5 stars

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Dishonest staff, money centric mindset.. They first promise something and then they charge your for your their faults. What happened is I was in a contract that will end as I would go abroad for a few months and I talked about this when I was starting my contract. Everything was fine till that day came and I wanted to cancel my membership. At first I went and signed a paper to cancel it and they said that it was possible to freeze for two months and I accepted. After a while they sent me an email (just an email no call) saying that it is not possible to freeze for two months. And then I changed my decision and wanted to cancel. What they said was sooo funny they charged me for the month that I would not be here. And the reason is I missed the notice period. I still have the paper I signed which is signed before the notice period. I sent them the paper I signed and talked about the faults they made and the misinformation. In stead of apologising for their fault they sent me a form to fill my details. Moreover I was abroad for a while and could not check my emails. And when I got back, I received an email saying that they are adding admission fee onto the payment that I have not made. Just an email? How can that happen? What they did was pretty annoying and still trying to charge me for it. I have introduced 3 friends there and now I am spreading the word, never ever in my life I will introduce anyone to Gymbox and I will never go. Do not believe what they say, so dishonest. Think five times before you become a member!!!!

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I very much agree with Esin, i took out a 6 month membership which should have expired on the 8th July 2015 however as they are money hungry they told me i had to pay for the whole of July as they are incapable of pro-rata the payment which is ridiculous as either the management there are as thick as two planks of wood or alternatively wanting to fleece me as much as possible.   As this was in dispute i cancelled my direct debit before they could withdraw the whole £75 for July which simply was not due.   However when you first register at Gymbox they swipe your debit card and tell you this is for identification which is a complete lie - this essentially allows them to take the money out as and when they feel like it even if the direct debit has been cancelled.    I manage a big company and we are moving offices.   I am moving to Holborn and was thinking of using Gymbox as an employee perk, this is now out of the question as they are highly dishonest and money hungry.   I am very disappointed with this gym and would not recommend it - better off joining the Virgin Active down the road.

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This review refers to Gymbox Covent Garden alone. I had been at this gym for 5-months, and experienced sexual harassment twice. I failed to report the first incident as I initially shrugged it off due to my own ignorance - and failed to digest what had actually happened due to shock. However the second incident which occurred in May-17 was brought to the attention of the front desk and general manager. The offender had flashed me his private parts and also began pleasuring himself at me, within the sauna- as I was getting changed (if you have been to the gym you will understand how the sauna and mirrors in changing area are positioned). The GM failed to handle this matter effectively or manage my expectations. Infact after weeks of chasing via email I was left with a "its your words and his" and no action has been taken. Sexual harassment in a gym establishment is not a laughing matter and (not only if the victim is a girl, but also a guy who has experienced this) should be taken seriously and handled with due diligence.

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Totally agree with all the user comments on here. I use to be a member and I will never join another Gymbox or recommend anyone I know. Please stay away from this money hungry gym. The facilities are average, you get these at any budget gym. The only thing more is a live DJ, plays annoying music and really loud!! Where they get you if termination of their contract. This gym is totally not user orientated but money orientated. I would advise you to go elsewere!!!!

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It is a SCAM. They will charge you 3 months after the contract finishes. They store card details so even if you cancel it directly with your bank they continue charging. I had to cancel my card and get a new one. Lost £230 for a gym I was not using. Manager Holly is one of the worst manager's I have crossed with. It is a scam, they take your money and you will never see it again. 

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I 100% agree with everyones negative comments here, dishonest and money hungry company. Terrible communication. On the surface the do their best to be friendly, but beyond that there is nothing. After signing what I was made to believe was a 3 month contract, I received no confirmation... I had to go in and ask if I was a member, if I needed a card of some sort etc. My 3 month's came to an end but I was still being charged. They require over a months notice to cancel, compared to simply cancelling your direct debit as other, less money hungry gyms require. In fact if you cancel your direct debit they will find other ways of taking your money including passing the debt onto a debt collector which you must pay for. When I emailed about this I received absolutely no response. Also beware of their sales tactics, prices aren't available online for a reason - they are extremely high, and so attempt to lure you onto the premise and persuade you in person. Yes the classes are good and the music is good too, but this business needs be more fair with their customers.

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I signed for a 3 months membership, when I asked confirmation that the contract will end at the end of the agreed period I have been told twice that it will end automatically but after a month I realised that money was still taken from my bank account, I tried to cancel the membership with immediate effect and asked a refund for the 2 months extra paid but they said it was my fault because I did not send an email to ask for cancellation after the 3 months period, dishonest staff. In addition the gym is small, no space for stretching, expensive cost.

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As an actual gymnasium, this is a satisfactory gym with good equipment and facilities.  However, with respect to customer service and membership satisfaction, this gym is very unsatisfactory.  I would warn anyone thinking about joining this gym, to consider other gyms in the area who do not practice membership procedures like this gym.  I belonged to the Fitness First gym across the street beforehand, and the service there was much better and appropriate (the only reason I moved from that gym to the Gymbox was our company subsidy program deal with the Gymbox)!  To be hones, the Gymbox membership service practices border deceit!  I joined the gym through my workplace subsidy program.  I joined on July 1st, 2014 for a 1 year membership.  In June of 2015, our company moved offices to an area with no Gymbox in vicinity, so it was appropriate for me to cancel my membership (i.e. not renew my membership after it expired on July 1st).  I gave more notice in May (more than the required 1 month cancellation notice).  I had written a letter stating my intentions of cancelling my membership on July 1st.  However, the staff indicated they could not accept a letter, but I had to fill out their cancellation form.  I completed this form, and signed it appropriately.  What they failed to expressly indicate to me, is that they changed the date of  my membership to complete on 31-July (not 01-July which is the 1 year contract date).  They did NOT tell me this.

So they charged me an extra month fees and provided no alternative given the circumstance that they changed the date without expressly informing me.  All they said is that I am bound to it because I signed it.  There was also inconsistency with how they handled this with other of our members at work who had the same situation.  I noted this to them, but they ignored this and demanded payment.  When I gave them names which they requested of those who were treated differently, they ignored this, and then passed my account to a debt collector.

So I'm just writing this review to those who may be considering this gym - if you want good facilities, but decietful practices, then this gym will be fine for you.  But if you want honest service, I suggest you go somewhere else.



Love Gymbox! I go after work in Covent garden and love the spin classes. Only didn't give them 5 stars as there's not one near my house in Sutton -boo!

Joined this week....WOW, this is unlike any other gym I have been too. DJ's every night of the week and they do a Throwback Thursday with music from the 90's and 00's. SO SO much fun. Didn't even feel like i was working out as I was enjoying it so much! 

A really great range of classes so you don't get bored, top instructors and cool people. Boxing ring in the gym is amazing too! Just need to get into boxing lol!

If you have a corporate discount is ok, although the music extremely loud, trainers will help you only if you are on personal trainning and tricky contract termination. 

I'd never really been into the gym before I came across Gymbox, the equipment is great, the classes are totally different and the environment just makes me want to train and is so motivating! Would definitely recommend

Gymbox classes are the bomb! Try to do their yoga classes in the morning then a spin at lunch momst days. The instructors are just as good as the smaller brands like 1rebel and you get all classes included in the membership :)

Nice gym, very convenient location 2 min walk from Leicester sq, one day pass was £20 and they had everything - weightlifting ,cardio, freeweights and lots of classes.

 Been to so many gyms in London over the years and this is hands down the best yet. Sure it can seem a bit pretentious at first but this is London. Equipment is great and good music. Don't do classes but they look good fun.

I've been to the Elephant & Castle gym which is pretty new for Aerial Pilates and loved it. Not many places over such interesting types of classes and a gym together!

Surprised at some of the negative comments here, the gym is actually really nice and surprisingly big for central London. Good equipment and biiiig choice of classes - anything from high intensity to yoga.

Gymbox is a terrible gym. The size and quality of the gyms vary greatly with most of them being small and ALL of them being completely overcrowded. Booking most classes is like playing the lottery, you never win. The PTs are extremely aggressive in trying to sell their service and constantly approach you unsolicited. Even worse, is their customer service, which serves one purpose only - to extract as much money from you as humanly possible - while not giving a f*** about actual customer service. Gymbox is way more expensive than most other gyms while providing a terrible experience. In the premium segment, it's by far the worst gym there is, and there's no reason why wouldn't choose a less expensive gym or a better alternative. Do NOT waste your time here, even if there's a DJ playing during peak hours, so you don't get too bored waiting 30minutes to use a machine.

Covent Garden is my favourite one so far. I love the nightclub vibe, DJs on Tuesday and Wednesday make my life tune after tune after tune. Only really joined for the classes and I've yet to be disappointed.

These gyms are all about the experience and are designed like a nightclub. Live DJs every night so cool vibes.

Some people mention that the classes book up but that's because they are so good! Whether you want to do boxing one day, yoga the next or spinning or HITT, there are loads of choices! All the classes are for the same price as gym so you can go to as many as you want. Not like paying for barrys or 1rebel each time so its really good value. If you get on the waiting list people always cancel so I've managed to get on most days. 

The design is cool and I've personally found all the guys at the clubs I go to all really helpful

Took out a 3 month membership with Gymbox and loved the classes. I regularly did the Cycle connect class and loved their new Thunder class! I mainly used Covent garden where the staff were always super friendly and funny :)

AVOID this gym chain at all costs. There's so many nicer gyms around. The management is terrible and is always trying to find ways to charge you more money. They will look to take money from you in any way they can. The facilities and classes are average and any decent instructors/trainers leave all the time because the management is so unpleasant. In one gym they deliberately stopped providing paper towels so that people would have to pay for a towel hire. They cancel classes without telling you. Especially annoying if you've made the trip on a Saturday. Good equipment gets removed just so new inferior equipment from their sponsor can be put in. The showers consistently don't work properly. You are treated like a number not a person, with no personal touch at all. Its unfriendly and for what is offered it's overpriced. Don't take the risk, just avoid. You'll find it very hard to cancel without being charged extra money so just avoid this place altogether.

The gym is packed and classes are very hard to join unless you sign up within 15 minutes of the classes being posted. They also like to sign you up on six month contract and do not make it obvious that its a rolling contract. Thank you for the over draft! 

On the basis of the following experience, there is no way I would join GymBox. The whole place seemed to me to be a shambles run by clueless idiots. 

I'm 50 years old and had been doing some weights for general fitness at home for a couple of months. I thought I should get a personal trainer for a few lessons on each of the lifts to get some tips on technique together with things like programming. The GymBox in Holborn is just round the corner from where I work.

So I emailed them. No reply. I then called a few days later but they didn't pick up (it was lunch time I suppose) so I walked in one day to ask what they could do for me. 

I found it hard to believe the people behind the desk were actually staff! I said I was currently doing a barbell weights programme at home and was interested in getting some personal training to help me out. At first they just sort of grinned at me. Then one of them said "Weights? Wot, like this?" and made a barbell lifting gesture above his head. He asked if I wanted to become a member. But if I wanted that I probably wouldn't be working out at home, would I? So I asked if I could I just pay a personal trainer per session. Or perhaps I could find one independently of GymBox and have them train me here.

But these questions seemed to make no sense to them. They just grinned while the word "subscription" formed on their lips once again. Suddenly, one of them asked a bloke standing next to me if he did weights. Apparently, this was a personal trainer. Perhaps he might know. So I explained what I wanted. He too seemed to think I was asking something extremely unusual to the point of being impossible to grasp, but then said if I gave him my email address he'd get back to me. So I gave it to him.

He never got back and I intend never to repeat my attempt to give them my money.

Incidentally, their website is also one of the least informative of any business I have ever encountered. Check out this page how do you choose a trainer? How much is it going to cost? When are they available? You'd need to TRY to make a page more useless. 

I wish I have read these reviews before joining this rubbish.

They are the worse business I have seen in London over the last 8 years.
You sign for three months then you are trapped into their scam of paying another extra month, of course those guru fakes let you sign the contract and lie to you and you will never realise.
If it is a three months contracts you should be able to close it whenever after this period, instead no, they chase you, send you emails, threat you with the debit card payments. In 8 years in London I haven't had any missing payments, I never went thought something like this.

As well last December in Covent Garden there were no facilities, no courses running properly, they didn't even bother to give a proper notice and I had to pay a full month for not having my courses and not using the changing rooms. I am after a refund that I will never get.

They are a bunch of fake people, how much it has to be frustrating to wake in the morning and do that sad job? just be miserable every day of your life and try to steal money to people as much as possible? what a sad life. Yes we know that you don't care
My suggestion is please don't move from London, spend your holidays here, in gym box, in your place, in your amazing business, as Europe could vomit to have such human waste. 

As well to have one more month, they lose a potential returning client. It is a fatal behaviour for a business, how much stupid they are? 

I don't know what will be the next step, as I am still fighting and I am denouncing them as scam business. We can't change the world, but I wish them to wake up one day and be very sick. What goes around comes around.

Worst customer service I’ve ever had from a gym. They are extremely bad to their customers. They never try to look for their clients and have their best interest. Further, they charged me three months of membership after I cancelled my subscription. I was in the highest member tier for months and they don’t care at all, they just want all your money. If you go there, expect to have a hard time and pay a lot of money.

Worst customer service ever. I have been a member of several gyms but this one despite being pricey has the worst customer service. Strongly discourage anyone from joining. They over charged me and when asked to refund the amount, they said that the payment does not appear in their system.


Tried out the Gymbox in Westfield and even before I got in the staff made me feel unwelcome. Large bright changing room with a sauna area inside on the ground floor alongside the spinning room, then upstairs the main gym floor with some running, step and climbing machine and some machines and free weights. The space just isn't fit for the amount of equipment in it. A boxing ring takes up a large amount of space, meaning free weights and machines are all very close together, with some machines back to back sharing weights giving you even less choice if the place is busy. Classes conducted in the walkways make things even more cramped, and the personal trainers with 'VERY PERSONAL TRAINER' written on their backs makes them sound like sex pests. An odd experience with a DJ in the room means being cool is seemingly more important than keeping fit. 


I was a member of gymbox for over 15 months even helping create a corporate package for work colleagues in which the club profited from with double digit memberships. I wished to amend my package to single use as opposed to all clubs only to be told how all the prices have changed and I would now have to pay more than my colleagues who had joined over a year after me on the same length same package!!!  I was a member since the club opened and agree the facilities are good and friendly front of house welcoming staff. However beware of the back office Harriet Francis they only help and accommodate when you are paying them money.

I left the club as I don’t want to be associated with a club who only have financial interests ahead of members needs and safety requirements. This is not my first gym experience and have worked and owned fitness clubs before so I totally understand revenue is needed to run the clubs however at members expense is not the way. All this company cares about is profits $$$ 0 disregard for its current members, simply sign up as as many new members on long terms contracts to squeeze out current ones. The club has also been operating at over capacity for a long time so if you like to overpay and workout in over-crowded spaces this place is for you .

COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!! It may seem like a great gym at first... but honestly the equipment is rubbish and the classes are a joke! You literally have wake up at 6:55 am the day before the class, just to book it! Otherwise they are full in a matter of seconds! Probably because they only book about 10 people per class! completely ridiculous! I only really signed up for the 'great selection' of classes and it turned out to be a complete waste as I barely got to made it to any. Thats not even the worst part..... shortly after signing up, paying over £250 in full for a 3 month package, I fell ill with a terrible chest infection that lasted over a month. I was assured by the staff that if I provided a medical slip, stating that I was too ill to work out, my membership could be extended. After emailing back and forth for over a month, I was rejected and my membership cancelled. I paid over £250, for 3 weeks a the shittest gym I have ever attended. DON'T DO THIS TO YOURSELF! Be grateful that all of these people have been nice enough to warn others about this SCAM! 

Stole money from me by signing me up to two accounts without my permission and refuse to refund. Person who took me round the gym said "look at that girl's arse, she comes here every day". Never join unless you want to be robbed and perved on.

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