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Sport and fitness Marylebone
5 out of 5 stars
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This Marylebone masseuse covers all the usual bases - stress, tension, camped muscles and the like - but their real specialty lies in providing a comprehensive range of therapies including sports massage, pregnancy massage, Emmett Technique massage and more. Pain relief is another area of expertise, with the full spectrum on body conditioning techniques on offer.



Address: 112 Marylebone High Street
Transport: Tube: Baker Street/Bond Street
Price: £40 (30 minutes), £70 (60 minutes), £105 (90 minutes)
Opening hours: Mon 10am-7pm, Tue 10am-7.30pm, Wed-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6.30pm
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Users say (20)

5 out of 5 stars

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I went to Ben following a friend recommendation and I discovered a First class and professional therapist. The sessions are tailored to meet my personal needs. These have been my most productive treatments ever. My posture and body awareness have enormously improved. Extremely happy!!Extremely beneficial !! Highly recommended to anyone.

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I went to Ben for a sports massage as I recently started training for a triathlon and had been experiencing a few niggles through the extra training.

He took a look at my posture and instantly pin pointed what the issues were. He explained clearly concisely about a form of treatment called NST. He suggested that I do some research myself and then get in touch with him if I wanted to proceed. There was no hard sell, he just gave me the information and let me make up my own mind.

I decided to give it a go and  this treatment improved my posture & performance after just a few sessions. I was amazed by the results. That was three months ago now. Although my posture is now pretty much there, I still go to Ben. He is well versed in many techniques and has been a big help in my athletic training regime.

Whether you want to go for a one off massage or a course of treatments I couldn't recommend a better massage therapist than Ben and I've been to quite a few.

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I was experiencing quite a bit of upper back pain which I attributed to work (I'm a consultant and sit at various desks/places with little support). I had decided to book a massage as a way to help with the aches and chose Ben as he also had experience with sports remedial massages. I work out quite a bit as well. 

I went to see Ben and he took the time to listen to my back issues and he reviewed my posture. I knew it wasn't the greatest but Ben said that over time he would be able to use various techniques that would slowly but surely re-train my muscles and eliminate the pain. I decided to put my trust in Ben and began seeing him for treatment for a few months. 

Within two months I felt immediate results. It has now been a year and Ben has been an amazing help in eliminating the pain and providing guidance on how to improve my posture. 

Ben's services are fantastic because he is very knowledgeable in the various techniques, he is always professional when booking appointments, and definitely cares about the client. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their health/back. 

I was searching the internet for amassage therapist in London when I came across Massaggi website and all his positive reviews. I spend about 10 hours a day in front of a computer and enjoy all the benefits that come with it such as a stiff neck, sore shoulders and terrible posture. I was able to book a next day appointment with Ben Pianese which was great since I wasalso suffering from a trapped nerve. Ben made me feel relaxed and I knew I was in good hands when he was able to tell me what was wrong with my back just by looking at it. I knew that my problems would not go away after just a one or even a few session, but each time I leave the clinic I do feel a little bit better. I thought my bad posture was not curable after years of being a slouch, now I know my condition will improve bit by bit! Also, Ben gave me some ideas on how to sit comfortable at my work desk without putting too much strain on my back and shoulder areas. I'm so glad I found Ben Pianese and I would recommend him to everyone in need of a good massage therapist!

Ben's work has improved my life. I'm 19 years old, but for  the past 3 years I've felt like an old man as my back was in terrible condition and often caused me a lot of pain. The most likely cause is bad posture, especially when sitting in front of a computer. I play sport regularly, but never really bothered to stretch my muscles before and after. This long build up led to extremely tight muscles, which were restricting my ability but also affecting me in everyday life. I found Ben when I searched for sports message in London and he had a lot of good reviews so I decided to go and see him with reasonably low expectations. 

However, I have been proven wrong because over the 3 months I've been seeing Ben a lot has changed. He's managed to get rid of a significant amount of pain in my back and loosen up the muscles in my back and legs, which I am extremely grateful for. It used to hurt me to go to sleep at night, but now things are a lot more comfortable. Perhaps more importantly, my posture has improved a lot and I often find myself sitting correctly.

Ben Pianese didn't just fix me, he's also showing me how to become more aware of what's going on with my body, which I am definitely noticing. I'm going to continue to see Ben for sports massage to ensure that my body is being looked after properly. If you are reading this and are in pain anywhere, then I’m confident that Ben can help you and I urge you to go and see him as he really is an expert.


I am a post-cancer patient suffering from many side effects of chemotherapy and the medication I have to take for the next few years. 

I met Ben at a seminar recently.  He offered to give me some treatment after the seminar  and see if it helps.  We only had about 10-15 minutes to spare and Ben tried his magic.  At the end of the short session my imbalance had corrected and try as he might he couldn’t get me off balance.  The pain in my knees also reduced at that time, although I feel I need a proper session to try and get rid of the pain completely. 

Ben worked on me again for another 5-10 minutes the following evening just as everything was closing down.  During most of the day I was able to walk about on my own without the aid of a walking stick. This was noticed by many of our colleagues.

 This was almost 4 weeks ago.  Since then my imbalance hasn’t bothered me.  My knees also don’t hurt so much.  The neuropathic pain in my feet and hands has also improved.

Thank you Ben for what you did in such a short time.  I now need to make a proper appointment with you and get you to work some more magic on me. 

I went to see Ben because of pain in my lower back. That was 2 years ago. He helped me to improve my posture and now I don´t have any pain anymore. My posture is now more straight and open when I walk. Ben´s treatment helped me really a lot. Now I see him just once a month to keep in shape. And after treatment I always leave with such a good feeling to face the daily grind. Thank you to Ben!

I've been having shoulder pain for over a year due to a parital dislocation of the joint. It has affected my posture, neck and back. After my first session with Ben, I could not believe the difference he made. Not only was the pain in my shoulder was greatly reduced, the muscle tension also virtually disappeared. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who is suffering from pain due to a sport injury (already day spread the word to friends and family).

I've been visiting Ben for over two years now. I originally went because my back was very tense due to weight lifting. Since the Ben has used various techniques, and all have benefited me in some way. He is amazing at being able to spot a problem, simply by looking at me.

For the past few months Ben has used the Emmett technique and NST Bowen Therary to great affect; it's very relaxing, requiring only light touches. But it works! I come out of the room feeling like I'm walking on air. It's also amazing how simple things like my balance have improved, simply through these techniques.

If you have any issues, I can't recommend Ben enough.

I have been going to see Ben pretty much every other week for last six months and I can safely say it is the one of the highlights of my week. He has the ability to assess any issues with my back or legs immediately, before providing treatment swiftly and effectively. After each session I always feel more relaxed, and all the aches I felt beforehand have disappeared. In addition to massage techniques and therapies, Ben is also happy to make suggestions for general health matters- these have helped me immensely!

I try and go to see Ben at least once a months. He offers a combination of techniques and tailors the sessions to what is needed. I used to have to take regular chiropractic sessions to relieve tension in my back but after seeing Ben regularly the muscle tension is gone and my back gives me none of the trouble I used to experience. Highly recommended!

I have been going to Ben for 7 years. Each time has been a positive experience. He has the ability to pinpoint and understand the way your body is feeling and on some occasions I have been moved by the session - a release of pressure. All sessions have resulted in me coming away feeling positive, lighter in mind and body. I always look forward to my treatment with him, it's the one time of the month I can completely put my trust in someone else to look after me. Energised, renewed and reconnected is how I feel. We have worked on Emmett Techniques and Re-connective healing recently - both have provide outstanding and transforming results - physically, mentally and emotionally. Ben has a gift that is unique and giving. Thank you :)

Following a serious lower back injury four years ago, I went to Ben in hopes that he could help me get further down the road towards recovery. Having had steady progress with physio and oesteopathy, getting me from wheel chair to functional mobility, I wanted to pursue a more profound change. After my first session with Ben, I experienced that profound change. I will be continuing to see him, initially to complete the first phase of his re-setting work and then regularly so as to remain in this amazing zone that he has been able to bring me to. To say that I highly recommend Ben and his work would be an understatement.

I was referred to Ben for an acute neck muscle spasm following a tiring flight. The pain was quite intense and although I had visited several other practitioners, I had not found any relief. Ben thoroughly investigated the issue , identified the problem and treated it successfully. I was so much better even after our first session. He is so knowledgable and caring and I have full confidence on his treatment.

WOW – What an immediate result! I was referred to Ben to help with a knee injury that had haunted me for over 12 months. My knee was continuously swelling and I was unable walk on it properly. I had seen various health professionals (physiotherapist’s, osteopath’s etc), however after 12 months of treatment I was left with a bent leg and a limp! During my first treatment with Ben, he suggested he perform of Emmett technique on my leg / knee. I had not heard of this technique before, but given the raving review that had been given about him, I took a leap of faith. The improvement was immediate! Within 15 minutes he had straightened my leg and I was able to walk properly (albeit my leg was a little weak from not being used properly for 12 months). I have now returned to the gym and am able to focus on re-building the strength in my leg / knee and can enjoy the physical activities (running, skiing etc) that I used to do I now look forward seeing him on a monthly basis to further fine tune other aspects of my body such as my poor posture and knotted shoulders from excess laptop / office work; or to simply have a relaxing sports massage.

What a find! Ben Pianese is a miracle worker. I first visited Ben earlier this year with an upper arm problem that a recommended physio had failed to resolve over a period of weeks. After only two sessions he made a big difference and after four my arm was functioning properly. So recently when I had a shoulder problem I went straight back to Ben. He has such a wide knowledge of the body and various healing techniques so I highly recommend him. He will always be my first port of call.

I had a massage with Ben the first time this weekend and have to say it was a great experience. I went in for stress reduction and help on my posture. I left feeling super relaxed. I am looking forward to my next few sessions with Ben.

I have spent the past five years looking for a massage therapist in London to no avail that was until I found Ben Pianese from Massagi. He truly has incredible hands. As a nurse my back and general health is a must for me if I want to have a long and prosperous career, standing all day moving patients is not something one can avoid. I have suffered with scoliosis since my teenage years and being told at ripe old age 27 there are arthritic changes in your spine caused some concern. Since starting to see Ben 4mths ago using the emmett technique and more recently the neuro structural technique, I have seen some remarkable changes, my spine and my posture is straighter ( my muscles are now remembering what there function is), my balance before emmet therapy was terrible is now like a cement pilar, my breathing is lighter and easier, but most of all I feel stronger then I ever have. Every month I look forward to seeing Ben. With emmet therapy and NST therapy the simple minimal touch has me so relaxed at the end as if I've had a full body deep tissue massage that ill admit u come out drooling every time. I highly recommend Ben and this technique for anyone looking for pain relief but general health re alignment as well.

the diagnosed condition I have recently been given is so complex it is known by moans, groans and bones! If I were to say that everything hurts it would be understated. In the expert hands of Mr Pianese, I have found some comfort and relief from distressing painful kidney stones and it seems a miracle to have found him (or did he find me?). Long-standing sciatica symptoms are alleviated and on one session he re-aligned my hips!!! So I can and do recommend Massagii to everyone as the range of techniques from remedial sports massage to lymphatic drainage, Bowen and other therapies are masterfully and amazingly gently received.

I have problems in the neck and back, and in a few sessions I see the progress. Great technique, the best solution for the care of the body. If you go to London, try it!

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