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3 out of 5 stars
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3 out of 5 stars

Anarchic theatrical dining experience based on 'Beauty and the Beast'

It’s 9:30pm on a Tuesday night and in some disused railway arches under Waterloo, a hundred odd Londoners are singing along rowdily to Whitney’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ while an actor in drag runs up and down the length of the room.

Another night, another immersive dining experience. This is the culmination of ‘Beauty and the Feast’: a pantomine – with food – very loosely based on the fairytale. It's set in a grand old French chateau on the night of a grand feast. Our compere is Fairy Liquid, who's on a mission to matchmake beautiful Belle and clumsy old Beast. And of course, she needs some help from the audience.  

I’ll be blunt, this isn’t one of the best party cum performances there. But let’s start with the good stuff: the set design is magical. In the dining area chandeliers of every shape and size hang above three long tables while swathes of velvet are draped from the ceiling. The feast itself is as pretty as a 100-plus liked picture: whole roasted pumpkins are brought to the table, followed by blue cheese cake piled high with fresh figs and for dessert ginger and chilli jelly in china tea cups. It was as close as I’ve seen to a real life fairytale spread.

But from a performance perspective the show’s a bit weak. The writing is so-so, the bawdy pantomime jokes getting sniggers rather than belly laughs. While the interactive elements are far from sophisticated. But that didn’t stop the audience having a raucous time on the night I went. As one audience member commented on our site: ‘We danced on the tables until we were told to leave’. And as far as a top night out is concerned: who can argue with that?

By: Gail Tolley



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3 out of 5 stars

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Save your money and spend it elsewhere!! If I could have left early and been issued a full refund I would have chose this option as myself along with the 4 couples we were sat beside agreed it was a disappointing shambles. The annoying thing is it has SO much potential if they put more time and effort into it. Not quite a panto, not quite a drag act, not quite anything really just seemed like a rushed mess. The gist = You eat food with the opportunity to take selfies with people in poor pantomime costumes and that is basically it. Positives: The bar you first enter has fantastic theming. The savoury cheesecake was UNREAL & there was plenty food to go round. (all sat at a long school style table the food is popped down and you just have to share it among those sat round you so this may not appeal to all). Fairy Liquid's costume had some thought put into it and she played her part well. Negatives: Staff look devastated to be there and were very abrupt and rude. Other than the guy collecting the coats. No through way set up for the toilets (has been at other events here) so you had to go through the main dining room before the even started which spoils the effect - so if you can hold it in! The storyline is pretty much non existent - would have been better just advertised as a drag act and really focused on this instead of a very very loose connection to beauty and the beast. A drunken group were allowed to heckle the actors all evening which disrupted the performance they should of been asked to reign it in or leave as the whole build up in the bar was completely ruined (7.30pm on 11.11.17). The beast looked more like the Gruffalo than the beast - All costumes in general could have done with more attention to detail!! The acting is really poor (maybe due to lack of storyline) you do not connect with the characters at all.

I appreciate this is a different company to those that run Alice in Underground and The Twits but the majority of people attending this event had attended those (a common love for interactive theatre) and naturally compared and as a result were greatly disappointed!! Nobody expected them to be the same and I am not saying replicate, but match the same standard. Do your research on what you are competing with and this really could have been a fantastic event. Will not be recommending to anyone on this occasion.

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First off, this is TERRIBLE. I can't give no stars but if I could, I would. I'll make this very simple: 

Price: Extortionate. (We paid £45 per head)

Entertainment: Awful/non-existent.

Food: Foul. Thrown down - help yourselves. 

Drinks: OK, but over-priced. No beer/wine at the table. Free tap water though. 

'Acting': Appalling. 

By far and away, the worst thing I've ever seen and attended in my entire 38 years of life. No comedy. No talent. No distinguishable theme. Utter utter drivel all night. The food tasted like a tramps left overs. Awful canteen-style seating arrangement where you were forced to listen to these so-called actors (in shockingly cheap fancy dress) make low-rent willy and bum jokes (in fact I think there was a recorded fart played at one point) and exchange unfunny banter through shouty microphones. 

When the 'food' came, they threw it down in bowls (never near us I might add) and then it was  dog eat dog. We got up to leave as soon as pudding came and went and a few of the waiting staff couldn't understand why we were leaving. 

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY here. It's not good. It's not funny. The actors are working here and nowhere else for a reason. The food is crap. The atmosphere is like a loud school hall with people wailing stories at each other in an effort to be heard. It has nothing to do with Beauty and the Beast - I'm surprised Disney isn't suing. 

AVOID AVOID AVOID. Go to the theatre or the National Gallery up the road. And for the love of god, someone shut these wasters down. Let Bombass and Parr back in. Or just shut the doors and let the tramps back in - although they may turn their noses up at the food. 

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The marketing for this was very inaccurate. It had absolutely no relevant links to beauty and the beast and was very disappointing. The entire production was very disorganised and overpriced. I went with a very easy going group of girls who are always up for a laugh, so we made the most of it but disappointment could have been saved with better marketing and pricing.

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Absolutely dreadful. The evening was absolutely terrible and such a huge disappointment. The show was incredibly crude, with no story line and was not the immersive experience we were hoping for. The event had absolutely nothing to do with Beauty and the Beast apart from some very poor references, and the characters names. It's absolutely appalling that they can £55 a person. We complained on the evening to the hosts, alongside many other guests, so awaiting a response and refund.

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Went to this on the opening night and was actually amazed at what a farce it was. So disorganised and quite frankly embarrassing. Absolutely not worth the money and nothing like previous immersive dining experiences. A school production could have been better. Such a let-down.

Terrible food - not all items are available on the day. They even ran out of sausages so some guests did not get any. Dessert was served in chipped mugs and the toilets were gross. The performance was mediocre - perhaps the actors were just as fed up as the guests as it was one of the final shows in Jan. Definitely not worth £66 per ticket and very bad value fro money. We left before the end and have asked for a refund. 


Talk about dinner and a show… Beauty and the Feast is an interactive and immersive style of theatre dining where your fairy Godmother, Fairy Liquid takes you on an adventure to titillate and tantalise. The cocktails are strong; however I wouldn’t say that they’re all that well balanced - I’d stick to the prosecco. There were a few interesting dishes, and is served sharing and banquet style so you’re passing plates up and or down the long benches, keeping it boisterous and friendly. My favourite was the whole roasted pumpkin with black bean stew which was sweet and moreish. However the other dishes weren’t particularly memorable for flavour. The food was mostly vegetarian and/or vegan except for the venison sausages were disappointingly a little dry and lacked flavour. The set design is eclectic and the detailing well done, though I had expected the space to be bigger. Overall I wouldn’t say that the food is outstanding; however it is definitely a different dining experience and good to go with a group of friends for a laugh and a few too many glasses of prosecco to keep it silly.

Tip: do show up a little earlier so you can get some seats, enjoy a drink and soak up the set design.

Good For: large groups, something different, theatre, date night


I too love immersive dining experiences and was looking forward to this pop-up as Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourites. Sadly, the whole production was very pantomime and with some very bad lip syncing from the fairy. The food was impressive in size and some of the dishes were interesting, however, the communal dining experience is only fun if you neighbours are considerate. I was a bit unlucky to be sat with a rowdy drunk group who were almost smashing crockery and serving themselves huge portions, which they didn’t eat. Ignoring this, I felt the whole experience wasn’t worth the £45 ticket price and probably wouldn’t recommend it to others.


I love immersive theatre, but this was a big disappointment. It was over rated and had nothing to do with beauty and the beast, it felt more like panto.

The food was ok and impressive for the amount of people they were catering for.

I don't think its worth the money spent and would definitely not go back or recommend it. 


Beauty and the Feast’ is a take on the classic Beauty and the Beast but more panto and with a massive twist to the end. 

Even though fun and amusing I did not enjoy having to share a feast with strangers and I did not particularly like the food. Also I feel there could of been more scenes acted out and more immersive participation would of been good.  However I did like the ending with the massive twist and the beast. 


Although I only went to the bar rather than the show I still had a fab time lounging in the themed vaults area. The staff were very friendly and the cocktails were very inventive! My fairy dishwater cocktail was full of botanical flavours such as lavender and violet. I suggest popping to the bar before it closes mid January as it is a great (warm) relaxing pot in the centre of London and most of all it is a unique quirky experience. 

Brilliant evening last night .excellent performance and thoroughly enjoyed the food. Was a bit dubious after reading reviews but as a really enjoyable evening . Think possibly other reviewers went on a bad night or were just a bit jaded. We entered into the spirit and dressed up only disappointing thing was only a few others had dressed for effect. If it comes to Manchester would definitely go again😃😃😃

I am shocked and saddened by the negative reviews below. My friend Mark and I had wonderful fun evening. Lots of laughs. Bold and confident performances all round. Food was delicious. We met great people. Don't listen to negativity, go try for yourself

My three friends and I attended Beauty and the Feast on Saturday night. On arrival you walk into a spectacular bar which is really well decorated and there are some great themed drinks available. So that's the positives of the evening.

Unfortunately the rest of the evening went considerably downhill. Belle arrives, and it's very difficult to understand what she's saying and the parts that you can hear, aren't even funny. At this point there is quite a bit of heckling from the crowd which I think just highlighted that they had failed at this point to create the right atmosphere in the room. Never have I ever been to an immersive experience where this has happened.

We were then called into a dining room. Again the decor of the room was relatively impressive, but my girlfriend was disappointed that there was no 'Be Our Guest' elements - after all this was a Beauty & the Beast evening. You are sat down at long tables and good luck to who you are sat with. The food is there to be shared, and we did hear many say that they didn't get to eat much. Surely for £55 with such poor entertainment, you could offer everyone a plate of their own food?

Unfortunately the entertainment throughout the rest of the evening just got worse. I'd rather a children's pantomime any day over the appalling acting that we were forced to stomach. There were four actors within the 'show', and the rest of the staff just stood around looking incredibly fed up - maybe due to dealing with unhappy customers.

Not only would I not recommend the event, but for anyone who is yet to attend the evening I'd advise that you try to get a refund now. 

I can recommend this freaky, beautiful night to anyone who wants to have a wild time with many other beasts. The food was so tasty, the decor was perfect, and everything was just pure lusciousness <3


Very loosely based on the timeless story about inner beauty (no not Shallow Hal), this immersive dining experience was great entertainment. It started well and the statuesque Fairy Liquid whipped the audience into the pantomime spirit. The much expected appearance of Belle was worth the hype. We were then led to a lavish banqueting hall and I had never seen so many chandeliers in one room. The interactions wth Belle and Fairy Liquid were hilarious and added to the riotous feeling generated by the three long communal dining table. Despite being mostly vegetarian and gluten free, the food was quite tasty and the blue cheesecake and the pumpkin pie were delicious. 

The love story itself though failed to sustain any interest for me so it was bit of an anticlimax. However, this didn't dampen the enthusiasm of everyone involved.

Excellent time.  Lots of fun, food, drinks, and merriment! Was great being shown around by Fairy Liquid and meeting all the other fun characters!

Sumptuous bourgeois set and a delicious feast fit for a Belle let alone a Beast. Really recommend this as a great party night out povided you are prepared to join in the Panto mood and dance the night away.

Recommend going with a bunch of pals and you will be guaranteed a really fun dining experience with lots of special treats! Set design is gorgeous, characters are loveable, and the food is delicious and playful. Great for vegetarians and vegans. Special mention to Belle who is an absolute charm.

Super fun show. Yummy food, truly unique night out. Great performances- pumpkin girl and fairy liquid bottle were particularly hilarious. Go!

Went to this on opening night, brilliant fun, admittedly they were still finding their feet so it was a little rough around the edges but really great performances & delicious food. Special mention to the fairy godmother. Great stuff

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Fun evening, clearly a lot of thought has gone into the set, and the characters where very entertaining (Fairy Liquid was a hoot). Could maybe do with a little more interaction, but otherwise I recommend.

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I absolutely loved this. It was really different - crazy and chaotic. Not what you're expecting, but the food was amazing and everyone had fun.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The set and characters were bold and outrageous. the food was delicious and after there was pause for a bit of a boogie if you wanted to. (which is never a bad thing in my opinion!)