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CircusFest: the shows not to miss

Catch the freshest, boldest and most daring circus shows out there at CircusFest 2018 this April

See a hugely talented bunch of performers test their bodies to their limits at CircusFest 2018, which is back with a line-up that centres round London's Roundhouse, but also features work at The Place, Jackson's Lane, ArtsDepot, and even at a special V&A late. It's a place to see where circus is now: whether that's riot grrl tumbling from French crew Groupe Bekkrell, steampunk-style trapeze by Pirates of the Carabina, or dazzling kaleidoscopic juggling from Gandini. Taking inspiration from street dance, contemporary art and experimental performance, these shows are taking circus leagues away from the stripy tent, big tiger stereotype - and 2018's line-up has a feminist spin that means you'll see as many strongwomen as strongmen.

For more shows that are on right now, check out our list of circus in London. Or stay on more solid ground with our critics' choice theatre shows.

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Circus in London

Although you'll not see any lions being 'tamed' in massive stripy tents, London's modern circus scene is far more jaw-dropping than the suspicious magicians and caged animals of old. Have your breath taken away with your pick from our list of London circus shows.

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