Cleveland Street the Musical

2 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars

With the super-injunction, there’s no indiscretion that can’t be covered up with cash. ’Twas ever thus, according to Glenn Chandler’s musical peek into a Victorian male brothel.

After discovery by the police, the poor telegram boys of 19 Cleveland Street bore the brunt of the new laws against homosexuality, while rich customers – strongly rumoured to include Queen Victoria’s grandson – escaped charges. It’s a sudden lurch into injustice for a piece that’s mostly content to romp.

Chandler leaves out any seediness, making prostitution seem a Boy’s Own adventure. Expect double entendres and bottom-slapping a-plenty. But he doesn’t quite seem sure of his subject: is it the boys, society scandal or old-timer John Saul (Paul Brangan)?

Strong work from Josh Boyd-Rochford as the self-styled ‘madame’ and a twist of music hall helps, but for every catchy number there’s a bum note.



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