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© Johan Persson Irfan Shamji (Laertes) and Tom Hiddleston (Hamlet)
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© Johan Persson Lolita Chakrabarti (Queen Gertrude), Nicholas Farrell (King Claudius) and Sean Foley (Polonius)
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© Johan Persson Nicholas Farrell (King Claudius) and Tom Hiddleston (Hamlet)
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© Johan Persson Ansu Kabia (King Hamlet)
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© Johan Persson Eleanor de Rohan (Guildastern), Caroline Martin (Horatia), Tom Hiddleston (Hamlet) and Ayesha Antoine (Rosencrantz)
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© Johan Persson Tom Hiddleston (Hamlet) and Caroline Martin (Horatia)
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© Johan Persson Tom Hiddleston (Hamlet)
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© Johan Persson Tom Hiddleston (Hamlet)

Time Out says

Hollywood megastar Tom Hiddleston plays the Dane at a tiny London theatre space

Movie star and RADA alumnus Tom Hiddleston is giving a little back to the acting school where he honed his talents with this one-off run of 'Hamlet'. He'll star alongside some big theatre world names including West End comedy director Sean Foley ('The Ladykillers') and writer and actor Lolita Chakrabati ('Red Velvet'). Proceeds will go to RADA's redevelopment project, which is creating a new library and archive for the school. 

Though press were invited to review if they were able to obtain tickets, Time Out was not and will have no review – if you saw 'Hamlet' feel free to leave your own.

'Hiddleston vs Scott vs Brandreth – there are three "Hamlets" on this weekend'



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Wow. I'm going to make myself sound painfully ignorant, but I don't tend to enjoy watching Shakespeare in the theatre. I saw The Tempest at The Barbican, and still have no idea what happened. I saw Romeo & Juliet - it was fine. But this. This was on another level.

The seats are *literally* on the stage, and Tom Hiddleston, who was obviously the star of the show, was often less than 30cm from us (and from my friend, who is the world's biggest TH fan!) 

They'd modernised the production (well done, Kenneth Branagh!), and I think this is why I was captivated. The three hours went SO fast. 


We got incredibly lucky with my friend to won the ballot to access the RADA adaptation of Hamlet tickets sale.

The RADA modernised Shakespeare a way I never saw before. I won’t have been surprised to hear the text was written in the 20th century. Everything matches perfectly to the script. 

The theatre is really small, creating an intimacy between the actors and the public. Tickets were quite pricey but totally worth the cost. 

I was afraid I’ll miss a bit of the content because of the old English text as I am not a native English speaker - I got quite a tough time at the Tempest representation because of that – but the articulation and the body language of each actor was so good that I never found myself struggling.

The cast was incredible. Tom Hiddleston was a perfect mad Hamlet and was near to the perfection to me! It is great to see him in a more intimate production! I was amazed by the performance of Nicholas Farrel but the most memorable for me is Sean Foley; every single of his intervention was making me laugh to not being able to stop. His body language was so good and every expression on his face was saying way more than his text!

If you got the chance to see a RADA production, I have no doubt it would be that good again!