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Daisy Bowie-Sell as a zombie in 'The Generation of Z: Apocalypse'

How to be a zombie in ‘The Generation of Z: Apocalypse’

As the immersive zombie survival show ‘The Generation of Z: Apocalypse’ arrives in London, we get some pointers on how act like the undead

Written by
Daisy Bowie-Sell

‘Must have excellent staggering skills’ is what I imagine the advert for this acting job said. Whatever it was, it worked: I’m with a crowd learning how to play reanimated corpses for new zombie experience ‘The Generation of Z: Apocalypse’. The show shoves audiences into a huge warehouse that’s inhabited by a gang of infected bodies. And I’m discovering how to be one of those dead dudes. 

Five steps to becoming a zombie

It's all in the stare

1. It's all in the stare

Director Michael Hurst assures me that once I’ve got that, the rest is easy. ‘Fix on a point ahead of you,’ he says. I furrow my brow and with all the concentration I’m worried my eyeballs may fall out. Not a bad look for a zombie, though.
Walk as though you're a bit pissed

2. Walk as though you're a bit pissed

I’ve had more than enough practice at this, so it should be easy. But who knew there are different levels of drunk walk? These zombies have a virus – à la ‘28 Days Later’ – which means they are fast. I have to stumble only occasionally.
Get the voice right

3. Get the voice right

In ‘Shaun of the Dead’ there was a lot of moaning, in ‘Dawn of the Dead’ the shufflers are almost silent. The screeches coming from these walkers would freak the Hulk.
The make-up needs to be good

4. The make-up needs to be good

In this show it really is. Make-up artist Kristyan Mallett has worked on Brad Pitt zombie flick ‘World War Z’, and his team are painting me in what’s called a ‘grunge palate’.
Be creative

5. Be creative

Be experimental with your zombie,’ says a fellow trainee. Apparently one of the secrets is to find your own corpse groove.

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