How To Solve a Problem Like Murder

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5 out of 5 stars
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How to Solve a Problem Like Murder

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3 out of 5 stars

Chaotic but fun interactive whodunnit

How do you solve a problem like murder? With difficulty, it turns out. Particularly as it’s not just a question of whodunnit but who’s been done in.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign last summer, Uncorked Theatre has taken up residency on the top floor of gastro pub Paradise by Way of Kensal Green with an immersive production that’s part play, part murder mystery.

Before making your way upstairs into the ‘Paradise Bar and Hotel’, you’re given a mask and a pen and paper to scribble down any suspicious findings, as though you’re playing a real life version of Cluedo. In the main room, the hotel’s highly-strung owner is overseeing rehearsals for a cabaret show with a cast of equally highly-strung dancers - everyone’s a suspect.

The opening dance number is interrupted as the music cuts out, the lights fade to black, a gunshot echoes in the room and an eerie voice tells you to respect his rules: no talking and no taking your masks off (which is a shame because they’re horribly uncomfortable). But then again, comfort is not really what this production is about. After all, there’s a murderer in our midst. Following the gunshot, the play takes us back to the start of the day, before the crime. The action weaves in and out of four rooms, leaving you constantly on edge that you’re missing some vital clue that’s unfolding in another room.

The show feels a bit chaotic at times, but it’ll get your pulse racing way more than a rainy afternoon spent trying to work out what Professor Plum’s been up to in the billiard room. And with each suspect as shifty as the next, it’ll keep you guessing until the end. 

'How to Solve a Problem Like Murder' is back in September 2017. This review is from its 2016 run.


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My first immersive theatre experience and really enjoyed it! The show starts with a short performance of setting a scene, then the actors and actresses proceed to play out different story lines among the crowd as if the audience wasn't there. The most interesting thing is that everyone's experience will be different according to which scenes you follow, as different scenes are played out in parallel. 

My main criticism was the instructions and mechanism for guessing was a bit unclear, spoiling the experience a little bit. You're not going to get world class acting or storyline here, but it's a really fun way to spend a night with friends, solving murder while sipping on a cocktail!


I love immersive theatre and this particular experience brings a little extra something by it since you've got to find out who dunn'it (and also who was done in).

It's somewhat informal, less structured an not as prop-heavy as most of the immersive theatre experiences that I have joined but still enjoyable. The acting seemed a bit forced (it felt a bit over-acted by some of the characters) and for that I give it 4 starts (the dancing acts balanced out the overacting). And looking for clues is great fun.

The space is wonderful (Paradise by Way of Kensal Green is a luscious, decadent space with vintage furniture and plenty of art to keep your eyes in awe.

The play/game lasts about an hour and a half but it's worthwhile staying at the pub for a drink.


This was the first time I attended a truly immersive theatre, without having that itchy feeling that I spent a small fortune to be there. 

5 stars for the pub (amazing place!!! - hidden gem in Kensal Green), 4 stars for the plot 

2 stars for the acting (sorry guys/girls) but 5+ stars for the dancing (well done guys/girls!)

As soon as you enter this pub, be prepared to have a 1.5 hour lost in a cluedo's -board game- world !

A murder just happened inside the pub - but who was killed and who is the killer ?

Leave your coat to the cloackroam, grab your mask/pen/notes (provided by the theatre company) and start your journey upstairs.

Brilliant idea for a fresh theatre experience - I won't reveal any secrets of the plot; 

just tell you that this play really worth your visit all the way up to Kensal Green.


I went along to "How to Solve a Problem Like Murder" which was held in the pub Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green. Me and my friend was handed an envelope with a mask to wear, pen, suspect page and note page. We was then both led up the stairs by a boy and girl (well two adults pretending to be children) and then we entered a room where there was some performing half naked sexy dancing ladies who were part of the whole act / story. I cant say much about the story as don't want to give anything away but basically there is affairs going on between the whole group of ladies and the men with so many arguments happening but the best part was that the dancing that the ladies and men do throughout the show there was about six different dances throughout the night. The boy and girl guides you to important pieces of info throughout the night and also whilst going around listening and watching the acting taking place you have to be quiet which is good as does not spoil what is going on and can take in more what is going on. Also the difference with this murder mystery is that you have to solve who was going to be murdered and who is the killer so unique in that respect. Well worth the money as the acting by all was superb and a great plot. The best murder mystery I have ever done and so different. Highly recommend.

Really fun, almost like real life cludo! Would totally recommend, we did a group of 5 on Yplan to get a discount on tickets. 

A completely unique and thrilling experience, not seen anything like it in London! Highly recommended!

An intimate, mysterious and exciting show that doesn't leave your mind once it's over.

Gripping storyline, talented artists and a beautiful venue. Well worth every penny!

Fabulous dance numbers with genuinely professional artistes. Beautiful venue that fits the theme perfectly. Went to initial opening show and hear they have refined it into a new show with more plot twists, which I am totally looking forward to!

P.S. Masquerade events are always great to add the air of mystery to the night! :)

Great acting. Great dancing. Brought a group of friends and we have a great experience!!