Jayden's War

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This new play from David Fielding is set in 2025 and follows Jae, who's just out of prison after being sentenced as a result of the 2011 riots. His 16 year old son Jayden is carrying on his father's legacy, and is building an army in an attempt to take down the government. Directed by Suzann McLean.


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Jayden's War last night was Theatre at its best, it dared to push the boundaries, not only in a superb storyline with a fluid and thorough script by David Fielding, but in the cast of 15 young Actors, brilliantly directed by Suzann McLean. Yes, there were things that I didnt like, the set being one of them, the lighting, the film at the beginning being far too long, but when compared to other youth drama and youth drama companies that are out there doing similar, it has to be noted that Y & T REP are one of the best and where they are exceeding is their ability to put out brand new and raw material, making sure that every one of those 15 Actors had a featured part, for there really were no chorus or ensemble members. This is a unique touch about this company and very rarely do we see such a big cast on stage with all having a substantial role.

A cast of young actors and a play in Bethnal Green? Obviously a cheap amateur production that may pass a few hours away! WRONG WRONG WRONG! It was a at times very emotional performances, full of vibrancy and an a very ingenious intelligent script set in the not too distant future. The electronic graphics at the commencement of the play sets the tone for this story. Father pitted against son; a guilt-ridden mother; a love relationship that can not be; an young people yearning to have a chance in life and be free and at times scared to achieve it, All of these problems derived from an uncaring autocratic regime. Will Jayden free his people You will have to travel back in time to 21st Britain in Bethnal Green to find out! Truly excellent play with an amazing director and a playwright who obviously has done his research.5 stars for this production? Sorry but no! I'd rather given it ten!

Really enjoyed it. The ending was a shocker! Full of tension and very atmospheric. Lot of effort was put into this show and considering the number of scenes what would be a complicated operation glided along very smoothly. The actors performed excellently. Definitely recommend this show. Hope this is only a fictional story and not a future prediction of life for younger people.

Saw this show on the recommendation of a friend. Clever script; a storyline that is more likely to happen in the future than not and some very powerful performances with obvious star actors of tomorrow. For £10 you are getting tense drama, action scenes, a love interest and some humour thrown on to relieve the tension on what is a very serious subject matter. Thoroughly enjoyable evening.. A lot of work has been put into the script, the acting performances, the technical specifics and for a young cast with a very good writer and director. So it is five stars for effort and the end result . No good reading about the mostly favorable reviews here: go and see it! You won't be disappointed.

absolute fab show. Loved the actress playing the robot and dazzling light display on her. great action show and a fantastic cast. will go and see again.

Energy Driven Futuristic, Realistic and Possibly Prophetic! The premise of this play is set in the future where there are five million unemployed youth and rights and liberties are severely curtailed. Any infringement of imposed rule is severely punished. Is this far fetched? Absolutely not, as we have a million young people unemployed and abandoned today in 2013 with no hope and all our freedoms and liberties are under constant scrutiny and are attempted to be limited. In this play democracy is considered an extravagant failure of the past and authoritarian rule is the only acceptable form of government.; that is what those in power think. Freedom fighters like Jayden and his followers think much different. This is a very well researched play by David Fielding and he ingeniously blends the history of recent unrest in the 2011 rots with the future riots orf 2017 and 2023. I don’t wish to give too much away of the plot but Fielding’s scenes in the play are especially unique concerning a pregnant young girl terrified of being punished by the authorities(unmarried pregnant girls are automatically punished) and a precious relic that revered by young freedom fighters. As in any play certain characters stand out for particular merit but all the cast perform an essential task in bringing this play to life. The casting here by Suzann Mclean is superb. The acidic emotionless Android robot is played with delightful malicious relish and ‘she’ starts to develop human tendencies, deserves special mention. The body movements of the actress is almost uncomfortable to look at as this is a robot after all and mechanical in motion. Jayden and his father(rioter turned Police employee informant) is so well done you could easily believe they are real life father and son on stage. Some of us ladies were swooning at the hunk of the show stripped to the waist. The emotional tender loves scenes with his and his girlfriend were very poignant. Humour is also prevalent in this play which is a much needed as the subject matter is serious and can all well easily happen in the years to come. The sets, lighting and graphics are very good. The film sequences at opening of the play introduces the audience to the background of the story so that the minute the play starts we are all off to a running start. Let’s be clear about this play! Although tt is set in the future but this is no sci-fi futuristic story which I always find utter dribble. What you will be watching it is what we are experiencing now but with a much worse uncaring authoritarian compassionless government of the future and we will get it if we don’t breathe down the necks of our present political system. A splendid cast, full; of energy and raw acting talent. It is also a very good looking cast with a very good script. This is a Young and Talented Rep company productiobn as the cast are young and absolutely talented. Five futuristic starts from me.

I thought Jayden's War was cleaver and well written. It made you think about the future. I love Sci-Fi so I loved the Android. I hated the set though. But the actors and the director made the most of what was there and it was a great production overall.

Considering all these Actors are under 25 and the youngest is 15, this show rocks!!!!!!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed tonights production of 'Jayden's War' with such a clever storyline It really makes you think about what is going to happen in the future and its clear its been very well researched and planned As a sci Fi Fan I loved the android The set was dreadful but the Actors and the Director made the most of what they had to work on That aside, it was a good night out and I really enjoyed it!

The Y & T Rep Company production of Jayden's war was a lot to be desired for. It was long, boring and I mainly remember black out after black out, badly timed music Que’s and even several lighting Que’s where the actors were left acting completely in the dark. I also found that the set changes were completely unnecessary and this is why there were so many black outs and sound Que’s. I also found that when the actors all spoke at once and i lost a lot of what was being said, causing me to miss several crucial facts and losing the plot in several ways. On a more positive note I found that despite the many flaws there was a silver lining, there were a few beautiful moments performed by a handful of actors. With out these talented actors this show would not be able to stand on its own and would be a total disaster but apart from this I cant find anything else to say that I liked. So if you would like to sit for 2 hours and watch the technical failings and have a numb bum I then this is the show for you.

The Y & T Rep Company have smashed it again with yet another brilliant show I couldnt stop thinking about the play all week and am going again this weekend, so much to take itn so well thought out and the acting is superb. Well done to Director/Producer Suzann McLean

I was lucky enough to see this show on Saturday Brilliant production, great Cast, really good storyline and ace Directing Well done to all involved at Y & T Rep Company

Jayden's War - Oxford House, Bethnal Green When we think about the future we sometimes imagine a world full of technology and robots but very little else, with any sci Fi TV show or film it always seems so far fetched and out of our reach in terms of reality. Here at last is a vision of the future that we can grasp at and fully see and this play has left me breathless with the thoughts of what will 2025 really hold. Director Suzann McLean has taken David Fieldings play in both hands and created a piece of theatre that is both moving and poignant. Its Directing at its best. Set in 2025, we see England with 5 million unemployed and an underground city that houses the less privileged. Jayden is 16 and escaped prison for trying to start a protest about his human rights, he is on the run, with his Mother and Father both in pursuit of him before the authorities can catch him and put him away for longer. Jayden has other plans and together with his former class mates decides to create an Army, an Army of youth to over power the government. There are very strong performances, especially from Lenox Kambaba as Jayden and the mesmerizing Maria Simmonds as Pix. I hope this play has a future as we dont get to see such clever pieces of Drama being written and a big thumbs up to Fielding for such a thorough narrative. Not to be missed

Absolutely fabulous hilarious yet serious and productive at the same time as it made you think about a differently world the different problems eg. January and zander just shows the freedom we have or could have eye opening experience I would recommend every person between the ages of 14-48 to watch it really is for everything thank you young and talented rep company for once again putting on an amazing show