Secret Theatre Project Mayhem

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Secret Theatre Project Mayhem
Secret Theatre Project Mayhem

Explore a dilapidated Dalston warehouse in this mysterious immersive show from Secret Theatre Project (not to be confused with Lyric Hammersmith's Secret Theatre). They'll take audiences on an adventure inspired by an unspecified (but violent-sounding) episode in modern history.


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What it may lack in length it makes up for in impact! Really enjoyed all the scenes and the adaptation, had a really cool London flavour which worked in the amazing site specific space.

A really interesting adaptation that worked well theatrically. They took a few risks with how they displayed the action, how they portrayed the lead role and by making it site specific London style with more female roles. For me it really worked and the changes really added to the reality of the night.

What a show! The acting was incredible and the intensity of the fight scenes was palpable. I loved the location and the actors really knew how to draw the audience into the action. The whole experience was really intense - I had no idea what to expect and suddenly I found myself right in the middle of sweaty frantic craziness! I really appreciated that there were women in the cast too, as the original film is very male dominated. Top notch.

Full disclosure. I hated the original! Bunch of white men being aggressive and violent, angry at the world and they had jobs! This was a really different take, we were wondering how the hell they would make it immersive, and by putting us in the world of the Space Monkeys in London it felt original, logical and fun. The immersive actors were great and it eased us into what was a brutal production, especially if violence is not your thing. But here it was kind of special to see it so close, and at last, see some women in these roles. For me that was what connected me to the text. I cared about all of them, wanted more from them especially Marla and the Space Monkey who took on the man. We did not see that coming and she was really great. But it really was an ensemble piece with no weak links, a great venue and set design and all in all a great night out. 

A group of us went to the Friday night performance and we all really enjoyed it. Loved freely exploring the set and interacting with the various characters, who were all really well acted. I do recommend watching the film beforehand, if you've not already done so, to really understand what's going on around you and appreciate the small details. Look forward to the next show.

We completed Project mayhem and then when the theatrics started we found it quite breath taking! We felt involved right from the start to the end of the product. Solid acting performances and a great turn from the lead actor left us wanting more. This show is very different from the last production in the court house and it felt great to be more immersed in the action, in our case very immersed and when we volunteered our services for a secret mission it was a lot of fun to find ourselves back out in the street helping with a kidnap. Really keen to see what they do next.

Bloody amazing.  Visceral (literally), immersive, loyal to the story, but with a unique take on it.  Excellent theatre, excellent atmosphere, amazing actors, outstanding event.

Really enjoyed this. The beginning keeps you asking questions as you get immersed in the world and when you realise what is going on it gets really theatrical and enjoyable. Great fights and stunts and a perfect venue and design for the production worked really well. 

We had a lot of fun at the show and were really shocked at some moments, hint - don't wear white (maybe could have been told that going in - but i get it, it would have ruined it!) What was great about this production was the way it accommodated a lady in a wheelchair. My mother is disabled and loves immersive theatre but has not been able to attend many events when she visited me in London last year. If there was ever a show where i thought it might not work, this could have been it, but they managed the situation well. And my mum loves boxing, so I might just come back again!

I've been to all the London secret shows since the company started and i love the diversity in the work. All the shows are so different and this one is no exception. More style, immersive and choreographed over more narrative heavy shows in the past works well for this production and takes advantage of the 5 areas that make up the space - even though some are just small rooms or committees there is a solid attention to the what is added from this and the show is an enjoyable night out.  

If you are expecting the 5 star luxury of the last production think again - this one is set in a very different world and it represented accordingly - the show was exciting and interesting but could have done with a few more opportunities to catch my breath1! Felt the themes and tone and mood were fitting with todays London. I feel people are getting more and more frustrated with todays world and politics so i wouldn't be surprised if we all turn into space monkeys sometime soon!

The trailer of the show was what caught my eye and the show, in that sense it did not disappoint, it was a violent, dark and morbid tale that I feel would have been better without the immersive element - as soon as an audience member has to call the police or organise a kidnap the action is less dramatic. 

I had no idea what we were going to see and it wasn't until i was in a board meeting with other space monkeys led by a bemusing chap in a balaclava that i clocked what we were going to see - that was actually when it got exciting and we went to try and find the protagonist - which we did next door and tried to follow to see the transformation - which when it happens makes the pace of the production fly off - into its brutal, violent world - and then it raced to the climax which was in line with the originals - so all in all was a solid immersive experience that left us wanting more.

An interesting concept - I really liked the design of the production - it had a very eerie quality, and the choice of lighting felt that sometimes you were in the story and sometimes you were a voyeur - on a film set almost - the two leads were great and the show was held together by a great ensemble cast that excelled in dealing with the audience, the fight scenes and moments of nice theatre that really made the evening enjoyable. 

We had a stellar time at the show, i do feel you get out of it what you put in, and we were the first ones in and the last ones chased out. We had fun in the immersive world at the start getting sent between the comittes and when the action started we able to see the lead actor (who was great) going through the story - the fights were great, hadn't seen anything like them and it was also great to see a company take a risk with the adaptation.

I was disappointed, there was very little story or acting. I haven't seen the original so had no idea what was going on, if its a secret theatre production you can't assume everyone will know the story. The overall time the performance was an hour, which is very short for paying £30. I wouldn't recommend.

Do not wear white! I was front row for the mayhem and got sprayed with blood! Highlight of my week! Superb fun! Who do I sandy cleaning bill too? 

I didn't quite know what to expect and found it rather a refreshingly bonkers show. If you are not interested in making a napalm bomb or planning a kidnap it might not be for you but if you are interested in planning mayhem then let go and go and have some fun! 

What a really exciting night! From the secret entrance into this dark dystopian world, to the thrilling violent narrative, this shows has shocks and some great fights that were really impressive. Not for the faint hearted!

I found it to be in poor taste and somewhat offensive. I know they are trying to keep aspects of the event secret, but therefore things I think people should be warned of ahead of time.

I normally enjoy immersive theatre but I would not recommend this to anyone. So far from what I expected and hoped for.

Saturday night show was mega fun, I'm a big fan of the original so was wondering how it was going to work. Some interesting choices and new elements made it work quite well although the impossible task of making it fully immersive  almost worked! (They had me guessing for a moment) Only downside was for my friend who hadn't seen the original and struggled to connect to the material.  

On guessing what the show was i thought it might be a bit of a male fest so it was interesting the way it was adapted without losing the integrity of the original. We got down at 7pm but some friends just made it in before 8 so i felt i had a much more rewarding experience as i was able to follow the actors and be sent for training etc. The actors are great at the start in creating their worlds and the fight scenes were great. The show loses a little bit of steam in the interval, we noticed some people were more involved and then the show struggled but eventually got to a nice climax. 

A bold, ballsy adaptation that may be too much for some people. Once the action starts, if you wish, you can really get involved. Really enjoyed the Assault committee and the lessons on napalm bombs. Was cool to be able to move around and follow the protagonists at the start of the show, it really helped when the show unfolds and you see the whole picture. I was happy to give up my name and become a space monkey! 

We went on the opening night which was a pretty wild affair with some technical glitches, we think, or maybe it was just mayhem - which is in essence of this show. In terms of immersive you could get involved as much as you liked and we enjoyed stalking the performers when we could which was lots of fun. The fight scenes were great, often an area theatrically that can be disappointing but they really hit the mark and the adaptation felt fresh and original. 

I thought the show was going to be a little misogynistic but ladies we are well represented! A real surprise and there are a couple of moments of great action that makes the piece feel very original, current and fun. The venue works great for the show and we all had a great time, left us wanting more! 

Wicked night out, a relentless immersive theatrical show that has some really impressive moments. 

From start to finish the production offers the audience a real chance to get immersed in the narrative. I went on a pretty cool covert mission within the show that was really fun. Really cool venue in a wicked part of town added to the night.

Wicked show that really lived up to the hype. We caught the last one when we were in Hong Kong and this was just as good. Get in early to have the most time to explore!

A solid immersive experience that was engaging from the start. I wasn't the biggest fan of the original version so I was glad that they gave the production a reboot that for me really worked. I took some friends from work who had never attended an immersive experience before and they loved it.

The art direction, set and choreography is really impressive. The energy once the show gets going was quite intense, which was really fitting for the subject material. The actors did a great job at managing the audience, sometimes it was not clear whether the mayhem created was real or not which gave the production a real feeling of danger. Maybe not a show for your mum, but after a stressful (and wet) day in London, it was just what we needed! 

Loved it! The first rule of Project Mayhem is, you do not talk about project maybem! 

Went to the preview night tonight and was gob smacked! A really interesting take on my favourite novel! The night went by in a flash and was really great fun.