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‘Six the Musical’ review

Theatre, Musicals Arts Theatre , Covent Garden Until Sunday January 31 2021
3 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Six the Musical

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Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

A totes hilarious (but vacuous) pop musical about Henry VIII's wives

‘Six’ returns to Arts Theatre in January 2019. This review is from August 2018.

‘Remember us from your GCSEs?’

It’s Henry VIII’s six wives – and they’ve back, bitch, to re-tell ‘her-story’ as a slick, sassy girl band. Think Euro-pop remixes of ‘Greensleeves’, Anne Boleyn spouting tweenage text-speak (‘everybody chill/it’s totes God’s will’), and K-Howard warbling #MeToo tales of gropey employers.

‘Hamilton' looms large here, and although ‘Six’ has its own moments of clever-clever hip-hop rhymes, it’s a tough comparison: this musical started life as a student show (Cambridge, obvs). But its creators, Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, have succeeded in crafting almost brutally efficient pastiche pop songs – here a ballad, there a ballsy, blinging R&B number – performed with snappy dance routines by a talented, diverse cast (and all-female band). Since inception the show seems to have been given a good lick of gloss, too; it stands up in the West End.

But beneath its super-shiny surface, ‘Six’ is totes vacuous. And so basic in its feminism that it’s hard to believe it’s written by, like, actual Millennials.

The whole thing is staged as a deeply unsisterly competition, each wife getting a song in which to prove they’re the biggest victim, the one who suffered the most at Henry’s hands. This is treated weirdly as comedy though, OTT shrieks and snarks escalating until they’re actually in a catfight, pulling each other’s hair.

Several of the wives are characterised as dim and ditzy; some also as sexually provocative and vain. But by adopting the contemporary pop concert milieu, there’s no kick-back or real critique of this. Because we do still judge women by their looks, and there are whole industries where women absolutely play to that, only now under a thin veneer of ‘empowerment’. It winds up a Taylor Swift, Katy Perry sort of girl-squad feminism: skin-deep, conveniently served in hotpants.

Or doublet and fishnet-hose, as the case may be here; Gabriella Slade’s spangly costumes made my teeth hurt, but they are a spot-on synthesis of stadium pop princess and Tudor court.

At the very end, the women finally twig that competition doesn’t serve them, that it’s unfair they’ve been defined by a man, and that we don’t know anything else about them… So why on earth don’t Marlow and Moss offer us an alternative instead of a show 90 per cent about their relationship with a man and competition with each other?

It must be said, the crowd absolutely adored 'Six'. And when you’re not worrying about the plot/politics, there is much to enjoy. Moments that strayed from the pop concert formula hinted at a wittier, weirder road not travelled – the song ‘Haus of Holbein’, for instance, reimagined Renaissance portrait painting as a dating app, to a surreal mash-up of German oompah music and banging House.

Marlow and Moss also have lots of fun with speedy, smart, silly rhymes (‘I tried to elope but the Pope said nope’) and with throwing in irresistible twisted historical references – ‘Ok ladies let’s get in Reformation’ made me snigger like a right nerd.

I suspect ‘Six’ will be a big hit. But if this is the future of feminism, lop my head off now.

By: Holly Williams



Venue name: Arts Theatre
Address: 6-7
Great Newport Street
Covent Garden
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square
Price: £22-£48

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4 out of 5 stars

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I saw this and it exceeded all expectations. Absolutely brilliant. The six queens all had a-m-a-z-i-n-g voices, style, sass and stood out individually. The lyrics were tongue in cheek and the music combines everything I love about modern female artists. Most importantly, the cast and band were LOVING performing and their energy was infectuous. Dream roles for the cast and dream performance for the audience.

I absolutely love this musical. Unusually, I did zero prior research so had no idea what to expect. From the first bar I knew it would be more than simply  good. The music was electric and when all the voices were singing together, the hairs on the back of my neck rose. Most of the six 'wives' had  fabulous voices. The costumes were genius and the band on stage were tal-en-ted! Oh, I forgot to mention, it's an all female cast even down to the musicians. For once, King Henry was dispensable. The energy and camaraderie that flowed was palpable. The 'competition' to find our favourite wife was unnecessary as they all ended up being our favourite. Would I go again? You can count on it. 

I'm still listening to the soundtrack weeks after seeing this show, that shows how infectious and fun the songs are. I didn't think I was going to like Six but I absolutely loved it, the script was clever, with an abundance of tudor/modern day references to keep everyone laughing. The actresses were sharp, had great comic timing and worked well as a group as well as individually. Six will continue to be a hit! 

This is literally like The Spice Girls do GSCE “herstory” with lashings of sass & girl power. So many female artists are referenced- echoes of Beyoncé & Lily Allen to name just a couple. All 6 queens are fabulous with strong personalities & catchy signature songs. All credit to the girls- for the first time in my adult life I can name all 6 of Henry VIII’s wives in order & their fate just by picturing this show. The atmosphere was great & it was more like being in a concert than a theatre performance. Witty lyrics delivered with a wink- this is a humorous & fun show. I would love to see it again!

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