Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Jarred Christmas is a panto natural. The kiwi comic's perma-joshing henchman Herman gets all the best lines in this version of 'Snow White', and delivers them with shouty aplomb. Vitally he gives the adults something to chuckle at when the main action gets a bit too Disney, cracking wise about the likes of football derbies, Wetherspoons and soap operas ('New Zealand “Neighbours” would' be just two blokes in a field saying “where is everyone?”').

Herman's boss is Queen Morgiana, evil stepmother to Snow White. She's played by the age-defying Priscilla Presley who, on occasion – and entirely understandably – appears slightly confused about what she's doing in a theatre in SW19 being shouted at by six-year-olds. Still, she gets into the spirit of the thing, rustling up plenty of boo-generating malevolence despite being forced to speak almost exclusively in rhyming couplets.

The plot sticks largely to the original tale, with the occasional detour: there's a 'Moravia's Got Talent' contest, a ton of 'Glee'-esque song and dance numbers (including a fun-filled rendition of 'Gangnam Style') and an overly-long audience participation bit at the end when everyone's getting ready for the final scene.

Warwick Davies does sterling work as the Segway-riding leader of the seven dwarves and Lizzy Jay-Hughes makes a suitably adorable and sweet-voiced Snow White.

The kids love it all, jeering, groaning and 'Don't eat the apple!'-ing with vigour. And among the requisite acres of ham, bags of cheese and sledgehammer-subtle gags there's enough here for the parents too.


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I've been to panto at Wimbldeon for the last six years. I'd say that this was the best yet. Jarred is a panto natural and Warwick Davis and the dwarves were brilliant. I'd really recommend going to see it. I paid full price as I saw it on New Years eve but there now seem to be some good offers for the next few performances.

An amazing show! I enjoyed it from start to finish. Actors were great and really funny, costumes and decorations stunning! Wish I could go again and watch it for the first time. An absolute must see! A really lovely venue too.

Dire show - I was really disappointed after previous years. Priscilla was terrible and forgetting her lines was not even funny just toe curlingly cringey. I have seen Dame Edna and also the fantastic Henry Winkler at this venue. This did not get even close and I will now have to think carefully about just booking this venue next year as I have lost faith completely!

Brilliant panto - they get better every year at Wimbledon! The sets were excellent, costumes beautiful and the cast lovable. Priscilla did a great job coping with our silly panto humour as did Jarred Christmas (all jokes were good clean family fare). Jarred is a real star and his flair carried the show in many places. Pretty good for an Aussie Oooops a New Zealander!!! Dancers were split time accuracy but we didn't see enough of them. The kiddies were lovely as was the Prince and of course the Princess! A great panto, not to be missed! (Muddles you were great too!)

This was a great panto with a great cast especially Jarod Christmas (laugh out loud many times) and Warrick Davies. Priscilla Presley is awful however - wooden and permanently forgetting her lines. She can't even ad-lib and send herself up when she makes a mistake. I guess they got the PR points with her name but that's about the sum of her contribution. I can't understand the positive comments on her performance from the other reviews. I guess they are naked gun or elvis fans or just had a few wines before curtains. At best she was average. Well worth a day trip to see though.

This is a feel good fun classic with a new twist and the cast are rock solid first class Priscilla Presley is a wonderful character actor with such energy and fun who really gets the audience booing in the most positive way.Well done all a really great fun day out

Saturday 22nd December ,Another brilliant panto at the Wimbledon Theatre, I was worried that Pricilla would not be very good, but was really surprised at how good she was and took the ribbing in good part from Jarred so well when she did fluff her lines, made it all the funnier, every one in the show was great, and the costumes beautiful, a good mix of panto tradition and some new bits i.e Gangnam with Warwick good fun,like one other reviewer I don't know what the panto was that Alison reviewed but as Pricilla was Elvis' wife not daughter maybe she didn't see the same one .....but to any one wanting to see it I would say go if you can still get tickets join in and have a fun evening.

Sorry but I can't give a panto without a dame any more than 3 stars!

Show was amazing!! The best wimbledon have had yet!! Definately go and see it! Both me and the children were laughing, great fun for all the family!

As a non Panto person I thought it was excellent and so topical. Priscilla and indeed all the stars were good and for me Snow White really looked the part and sang so sweetly and displayed good stage presence.

The only star here goes to Priscilla. A screeching Snow White combined with an embarrassed Warwick Davis, the continuity was lacking, the talent way underwhelming all except for Priscella who stole the show. I wouldn't usually comment but poor singing, acting led to an amateur performance which even my kids were let down by. I guess that even Elvis's daughter can't salvage a below average cast.