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  • Theatre, Circuses
  • 3 out of 5 stars
  • Recommended

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

A fun but cliche-laden dance and circus show set in London's swinging Soho

If you’ve ever felt that Soho isn’t what it used to be and could do with a bit more drama, then you should go to see this circus spin on central London, which sees dancers, trapeze artists and acrobats hurling themselves around the stage.

Opening with a scene in which the performers are doing the dreaded commute, the stage is cleverly set with movable cubes that later morph into restaurants, pant shops and of course –  because this is Soho – luxury flats. Representing the hodgepodge of characters that roam the streets, there’s a handstanding shopping lady, a tower of waiters, a real-life human mannequin and a pervy photographer who asks the question,‘are there really “models upstairs”? because I always assumed they were hookers’. In fact there’s so much going on it is genuinely somewhat reminiscent of actual Soho, where you don’t know where to look. Another true-to-life moment comes from an exchange between the lost-looking tourist and an aggy Londoner on her phone – when the two are reunited later for a charming Charleston, it’s a real highlight.

It is not for those with a nervous disposition, and there are some watching-through-the-hands moments as a man hangs from a trapeze by his ankle. Hairy!

There’s also a fair bit of bewilderment. While member’s clubs are certainly confusing, I was  unsure as to why during a scene set in one there was an annoying woman parading around blowing smoke in everyone’s face, while a man in Y-fronts swings from the ceiling.

The second most disappointing thing is the lack of narrative; it vaguely follows one man’s journey through Soho but there’s no real plot development. However, most disappointing is the woman wearing a strap-on Mohawk acting all ‘punk’ while The Sex Pistols play in the background – it is one of the most cringe-inducing things I’ve ever seen. 

Don’t take it too seriously and it’s a fun and silly night out with plenty of jaw-dropping moments, but for god’s sake someone needs to stop that punk woman.

Written by
Miriam Bouteba


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