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4 out of 5 stars
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3 out of 5 stars

This hit show's big beats, junkyard instruments and playful performers will have kids mesmerised

'Stomp' has been on the West End since 2002, and it's not difficult to see why the show has lasted so long. Take a troupe of sexy young performers in overalls, add an array of junkyard items moonlighting as percussion instruments, publicise with a series of high-profile, global advertising campaigns, and you have the recipe for an international hit. I saw 'Stomp' at the age of ten and remember staring agape at all those fit men with their big muscles and even bigger dustbins.

But that's not all there is to 'Stomp'. As well as attractive player-dancers and the wow factor of rhythms beaten out on bin lids, a complete absence of words means it can cater to audiences of all nationalities. That may be why, on a freezing January week night, the Ambassadors was heaving with teens on dates and grandparents clutching overcoats squeezed between crowds of German tourists.

So does 'Stomp' still pack a punch? Yes – to a degree. The performers remain exhaustingly energetic, and there's something undeniably impressive about watching brooms, oil cans and vacuum-cleaner tubes transformed into musical instruments before your eyes. Despite becoming a global behemoth, the show has managed to retain some of its original irreverence: it grew out of the street-theatre scene, first becoming a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it remains bigger and better than the many copycat shows that have sprung up in its wake.

But 100 minutes is a long time to watch people play with rubbish, however talented they are; and there are moments of toe-curling humour (a pipe held suggestively, men sloshing water from sinks as if standing at a urinal) aimed squarely at the juvenile quarter of the audience. The kids laughed their heads off; I wished I could have brought along my ten-year-old self.

This review is from 2013. 'Stomp' is recommended for adults and kids aged four-plus.

How to get cheap tickets: a limited number of second row stalls day seats for each night’s performance will go on sale at the box office every morning from 10.30am, priced £26 each. In person only.

By: Laura Barnett



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4 out of 5 stars

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I really don’t get what the hype has been all about for Stomp. I found it tedious. Yes I can appreciate the talent involved but after 15 minutes of watching people tap dancing and banging tin rubbish bin lids, I just got a bit bored. It’s not helped by the fact that there’s no dialogue. Maybe a much shorter version would’ve been better.

I wouldn’t have minded having a nap but the stomping prevented that!


Long running West End performance with dancers and musicians playing with rythm using only rubbish, bins, brooms! Fun show lasting roughly 1,5 hour.

Great show! It was very very entertaining. Loved it. Wanna start beating up things around the house now to create some rhythms of my own. :)


It's wonderful how stomp have put on the great performance, using inanimate objects, from a match stick box to dust bin lid. It's phenomenal, how they have made a show out of this and by the end you will find yourself tapping your foot or clapping your hand against anything The show manned you really think and it's caters for all age ranges from young to old, I would definitely go again and again.

Stomp! A perfectly choreographed mix of using the most mundane every day objects and using them to make the most jaw-droppingly creative noise.... It's not for the fainthearted as there are times where it is really quite deafening - but it's so creatively put together and the 7 or 8 people on the stage are just so wonderfully talented, it's untrue. 

I cannot recommend watching this enough, having seen it three times - with friends, with my parents and with visiting guests too, it just doesn't get tiring. It is quite simply entrancing to watch and to realise the skills of so many talented individuals - there's very little talking throughout the 60 or so minutes of performance, but you don't even notice this! You will be hooked from the moment that the show starts until the final curtain. 

Unfortunately after the show, you will be guaranteed to find yourself tapping, humming and drumming on things much more ;o) 


I recently took my godchild to see Stomp as I had seen it c10 years ago and remember being enthralled. Whilst for the most part it was fascinating how talented and musical the cast were (I couldn’t believe how seamless and faultless some of their rhythms were with a vast range of ‘instruments’ such as match boxes), it did get a little tedious towards the latter part of the performance. However, it was inspirational and really excited my godchild as to how she can express herself in so many creative and out of the ordinary ways. The cast were all fantastic characters too who may not have spoken but had so much personality and made the experience even more enjoyable. My only suggestion would be to shorten it.


Jaw dropping. The objects used and the effects produced from them are so inventive and completely stunning. The performers are both athletes and geniuses combined. I can't even find the words to do it justice. Creative, mesmerising, visually engaging, funny - the list goes on.  Just make sure you get a ticket and take a friend so you have someone to discuss it with after. 

It is an amazing show that is not just funny and energizing but also makes you think and realize that music is everywhere, in everything and most importantly in YOU as long as you can feel the harmony!!!! THANK YOU STOMP!!!!

We saw Stomp on 2 Jan 16 with my 9 yr old daughter. She loved it, we loved it. Exciting, funny, inventive and energetic! The time flew by and we thoroughly enjoyed it!


The only reason this doesn't get 5 is because we were in the front row, and therefore couldn't see anything from the waist down, which is sorta the whole point of the show, so that was really disappointing, The cast were great, as were the noises they make! Very clever.

Really fun and entertaining show! The cast brings fun to an already crazy and funny story. 

Went to see the show with my girlfriend and we love the dynamism of it, the fact that anything turns into a sound and clearly it seemed to us that not only the viewers enjoyed the show but the cast too!

Bring your friends, family and kids as it is highly exciting and entertaining!¬

Very entertaining show! The cast are energetic and talented. I was wondering how they were going to entertain us with no speaking or singing but the sounds and beats they created using random everyday objects (plastic bags, tins, tubes, zippo lighters, pipes, trolleys, etc.) was simply amazing. It was even comical at times. It is a small, cosy theatre. Highly recommended.

Fantastic show - really enjoyed and could have watched for longer. I lost count of how many times I gasped in disbelief at what they were doing and the sheer spectacle of the performance. Seats in theatre are restricted leg room, so if like me your partner is 6'5'' make sure you book seats with more space (these are available).

We enjoyed the show and I recomend it specially for kids. There is no story and you do not need to speak English. It's rythm and fun. Nothing to think about seriously. Just enjoy and join in when the actors give you the sign for it.

Wow! I've never been before to that kind of performance! Energy, rhythm,creativity, passion for music&dance and happy people around! still can feel the rhythm of loud and powerful music! I'm Totally In love In Stomp! STOMP- new combo of happiness!

Great afternoon. Prepare yourself for lots of banging. Well worth it. Got discounted tickets though Time out by the way.

Great show, very funny and catching. even got the final newspaper that was toss into the public by the end of the show. Thanks for the amazing experience.

Stomp was absolutely fantastic! can't believe how clever the whole thing was and was a lovely surprise to see some comedy added in. They didnt saya word and still had the whole audience in stitches. I was fidgeting in my seat the whole time because I so badly wanted to join in, was jiggling away to the music involuntarily. Was also the perfect length of time just stopped before you'd had enough. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for somethign different to do in London! Fab day out!

I went to watch the show with 2 of my kids and we had a fun time. It was an excellent show and the interaction with the audience was fun. The only downside was that there was no air conditioning at the ambassador. But the show itself was awesome.

There's a reason why this show does not have an intermission - people wouldn't come back after the interval! Noisy and repetative. Good for small children, but as for everyone else.... avoid!

Amazing show, just went to see it last week and it has really grown with time and moved forwards from where it was 20 years ago. This is the fourth time I've seen the show and it still gives me chills! Highly recommend it. Ax

Extremely funny at times. Entertaining throughout. My second visit to see the show, guaranteed I will be back for a third!