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The Book of Mormon review

  • Theatre, West End
  • Prince of Wales Theatre, Leicester Square
  • 4 out of 5 stars
  • Recommended
  1. © Johan Persson
    © Johan Persson

    Tania Mathurin, KJ Hippensteel, and Brian Sears in 'The Book of Mormon'

  2. © Johan Persson
    © Johan Persson

    Asmeret Ghebremichael and Brian Sears in 'The Book of Mormon' 

  3. © Johan Persson
    © Johan Persson

    KJ Hippensteel and Delroy Atkinson in 'The Book of Mormon'

  4. © Johan Persson
    © Johan Persson

    The London cast of 'The Book of Mormon'

  5. © Johan Persson
    © Johan Persson

    The London cast of 'The Book of Mormon'

  6. © Johan Persson
    © Johan Persson

    The London cast of 'The Book of Mormon'

  7. © Johan Persson
    © Johan Persson

    The London cast of 'The Book of Mormon'


Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's naughty but extremely lovable comedy

Brace yourself for a shock: ‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Broadway-munching musical is not particularly shocking. Sure, there are ‘fucks’ and ‘cunts’ and gags about baby rape – but most of it is deployed ironically; beneath it all, this is a big-hearted affair that pays note-perfect homage to the sounds and spirit of Broadway’s golden age.

The strapping young Latter Day Saints missionaries in ‘The Book of Mormon’ are as cartoonish as any ‘South Park’ character, with the endearing alpha-male woodenness of the ‘Team America’ puppets. In other words, they are loveable, well-intentioned idiots, traversing the globe like groups of pious meerkats, convinced they can convert the heathen through sheer politeness. And if they have doubts, then as Stephen Ashfield’s scene-stealingly repressed Elder McKinley declares in glorious faux-Gershwin number ‘Turn it Off’, ‘Don’t feel those feelings – hold them in instead!’

His advice is ignored by the show’s heroes, narcissistic, highly strung Elder Price (Gavin Creel) and dumpy, lying Elder Cunningham (Jared Gertner). The pair are sent to Uganda in an effort to convert a village to Mormonism, a religion that essentially tells the penniless villagers how great distant America is. The locals are not keen: Price cracks and unwisely clashes with a crazed local warlord; Cunningham makes up his own version of Mormonism which involves fucking frogs to cure oneself of Aids.

‘The Book of Mormon’ is, above all, very funny, breathing three-dimensional, all-singing, all-dancing life into the absurdities of literal Mormon dogma without ever being particulalry mean. It’s the mildest thing Parker and Stone have done, atheist in outlook but conciliatory towards anyone whose beliefs make them happy. If they and co-creator Robert ‘Avenue Q’ Lopez are angry about anything, it’s ‘The Lion King’: ‘Mormon’ neatly sidesteps accusations of racism by making its Uganda a scathing and explicit parody of that musical blockbuster’s misty-eyed romanticism.

From Casey Nicholaw’s kitsch choreography to the sheer detail of a book that hops with elan from Biblical Egypt to eighteenth-century America to a sort of vaginal version of hell, this is a tremendous show, as accomplished as it is funny. It also has as hard-working andwell-drilled an ensemble as you’ll see on the West End.

And yet, after the biblical deluge of hype, for me ‘Mormon’ is only the best West End musical since the stronger ‘Matilda’. It offers a series of great-to-sublime songs and set pieces, but for all the laughs, as a whole it lacks the satiric purpose and angry animating spark of its creators’ other work.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not West End messiahs. But they are very naughty boys, and it’s hard not to love their smash musical. 

This review is from 2013. The cast now includes: Dom Simpson (Elder Price), J Michael Finley (Elder Cunningham), Leanne Robinson (Nabulungi), Steven Webb (Moroni/Elder McKinley), and Richard Lloyd-King (Mafala Hatimbi).

How to get cheap tickets: 'The Book of Mormon' runs a 'lucky draw lottery' for £20 tickets to each performance. Turn up at the box office at 5pm before the evening's show (noon for matinees) to register your name. Winners will be announced at 5.30pm (12.30pm for matinees), and must be present with a valid form of ID to purchase their tickets.

Andrzej Lukowski
Written by
Andrzej Lukowski


Prince of Wales Theatre
Coventry Street
Tube: Piccadilly Circus/Leicester Square
£35-£202.25. Runs 2hr 30min
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