The Evacuee

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'The Evacuee'
'The Evacuee'
'The Evacuee'

‘Poltergeist’ meets ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ in Ian Breeds’s genuinely frightening wartime ghost story. When a young evacuee is moved into the house of cantankerous widower George, things that go bump in the night are soon to follow and his house becomes a nightmare of strange noises, slamming doors and supernatural possession.

At a lean hour long it’s a mercilessly efficient house of horrors, with the hell of war and a burgeoning relationship between George and his childhood friend Brenda a convincing backdrop for the scares. Unlike the majority of stage horror, however, the creepy illusions and sudden shocks here really do pack a punch. Set design is credited to the whole team, and it’s a stunning achievement - gorgeously detailed and ingeniously tricked out with effects and surprises.

The show is made all the more unsettling by an assured performance from the brilliant Maria Eugenio as a schoolgirl pursued by malevolent forces. The story may be a familiar one, but this is haunted house theatre at its spine-chilling best.

By Stewart Pringle


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If you love horror theatre, then this is the show for you. Extremely entertaining! The talented actors and clever set made it an exciting and thrilling watch. Loved it!

What a great way to spend a spooky Halloween weekend! Excellent show that really kept me on the edge of my seat. Great set with lots of unexpected tricks and a really amazing performance from the cast. Highly enjoyable!

Very enjoyable. Felt slow to start but things needed to be explained but once it got going it was very good. The actors were very strong and the effects were good and spooky. Very good evening. Well done all

Amazing talented actors, fantastic set and special effects, not to mention the well written plot that had me at the edge of my seat with suspense and intrigue. A big round of applause to Mike, Sarah and Maria, you all portrayed your characters so well and I was taken back in time. I am still puzzled how the chair moved?!? I will be recommending this show to friends and colleagues. The whole cast and crew should feel proud of an outstanding performance and the experience that they created for the audience. Well done!!!,

I loved the suspense in this play, there was some very clever use of the set and special effects. me and my friends were all wondering just how they did it! The use of set design, world war period setting and some brilliantly convincing acting all converged to give a greatly enjoyable show. Go and see this now before halloween is truly forgotten and enjoy the scary moments with a date! I did!

Went to see The Evacuee last night. Amazing production!!! Such an achievement thinking of how they managed all that within an small budget. The ambience and setting gave the perfect frame for the story that followed. An apparently normal but old house became haunted before our eyes and those of little terrified evacuee Janet. I felt her helplessness and was frightened for her and with her! As the story of George's past and his relationship with Brenda unravels, a tension is created between an emerging hopeful future and the unfinished business buried in the past. The ending shook me... Well done you all!!!! A big bravo to the cast who performed so convincingly well and to Ian who wrote the play, directed and even built the setting!!!... and an intriguing thought I was left with... how did that chair move???

As an avid theatre goer, I have always been sceptical of watching horror. However, this play has completely changed my opinion! With a brilliant cast and set, creating a fantastically creepy and unsettling experience throughout for the audience. I could not take my eyes away from Maria Eugieno's startling performance. It is a down to earth, emotive production which I would definitely recommend and I will certainly be taking my friends to!

Maria Eugieno is a fantasic Actress and she will go on to big things from this Amazing Play,The Evacuee. I was amazed by the setting of stage and the storyline. It got me really hooked on to what was happening and things made me jumped were scary but amazing! I would recommend to everyone who goes to watch shows but should put this play to watch as a must!