The Idiot

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Stage adaptation of Dostoyevsky's great novel, directed by Theatre Collection's ever-game Victor Sobchak.


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Not a very good venue . Most actors overacted throughout the performance. Although the prince acted well. Enjoyable if you know the book

A fantastic adaptation of Dostoevsky's 'The Idiot' brought to life by a hugely talented cast. The actors who play Myshkin and Roghozin were engaging and drew the audience into the story. The changes in Myshkin's character throughout were subtly played out and reflective of the indirect influences on such an innocent mind. His chemistry with Roghozin deeply sinister character captivated the audience. Each scene with the two actors kept the audience on edge as to Raghozin's next move and the impact on Myshkin future. Lebedev appearances brought just enough humour to balance the seriousness of the play's message. A perfect way to spend an evening, whether you're a regular theatre goer or just want to try something different.

Having seen Victor Sobchak's adaptation of Dostoevsky's 'The Idiot' TWICE since opening night, I can truly say it really is a worthwhile, entertaining experience for a night out on the fringe circuit. Well cast, superbly delivered and I can't believe how quickly 2 hours goes by, what with so many laughs, bizarre moments and chemistry between the cast. One could easily be mistaken the production is on a West End run for 6 months now. The Prince illustrates his naivety and easily-led character, whilst convincingly portraying a long-standing physical illness. As the story line unfolds, there is not just one, but a number of ‘idiots’ in their own way - warped ambitions, affected by traditional, aristocratic expectations laid upon them by surrounding society. Rogozin, a warped, obsessed soul, Nastasya a tormented tormentor, Mrs. Yepanchin, a somewhat flippant, childlike yet mother figure, the somewhat eccentric and charismatic General, the hilariously funny Lebedev, the distraught Varya and disapproving Mrs. Ivolgin, ashamed of son Ganya’s dishonourable intentions. I could go on and on and apologies I cannot mention all the cast individually. Simply go see it for yourself and you’ll have a fabulously entertaining evening.

What a wonderful adaptation to Dostoevsky's classic novel. The intimate and cosy venue is a perfect setting for this play. You are instantly drawn in and feel as though you are part of every scene. The actors who play Myshkin and Roghozin are a true credit to the show! They portrayed their characters very well and spoke eloquently. This hidden theatre above the Lord Stanley Pub is a delight! If you are a fan of the novel or enjoy a true theatre experience, you must see the show.

Christ's love for the downtrodden, a young man's misguided struggles to regain his family's honour, a maiden's first precarious steps into the realms of love and a wild man's bipolar cravings for a troubled beauty. Don't feel like this would be a serious downer at the end of a long week. The scandals and farcical juxtapositions will tickle your more wicked sense of humour and the acting, from the carnal Roghozin to Ganya's humiliated mother will reignite your sense of immediate living, and fill you with fresh eagerness to approach those greater questions which it's often safer to leave to one side as we switch the TV on. We're still referring back to it a fortnight on, a fantastic night! Please support great talent.

A charming experience - a very well put together play in a really intimate venue. It captured the mood and essence of the book brilliantly, and chatting to the actors downstairs afterwards topped it off! Go!

What a great theatrical experience: practically on stage with the actors and immediately drawn in to their world, then downstairs to the pub when the actors wander in and have a drink with you and discuss the play - memorable! Despite his reputation, Dostoevsky is easily accessible, but thought-provoking, and there's some humour too: Lebedev is funny, Rogoshin truly sinister, the Prince's eyes radiate goodness, Nastasya a tormentor and tormented. . .great characters. Please go - forget the west end - this is theatre. And a bargain too. . .!

Brilliant cast. You could really see the actors were perfect for their respective roles. Credit must go to the director for being able to envisage this. A great depiction of Dostoyevsky's novel. Very moving. And definitely one to watch!!

A wonderful heartwarming performance by truly talented actors. Very well written script . Definitely worth seeing!!!!