The Invitation

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'The Invitation'
Photograph: courtesy of Kapranos PR 'The Invitation'

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This immersive murder mystery from the Secret Theatres Project begins with an optional but highly luxe sounding two-course meal by chef Simon Shand (with palate-pushing options including cod cheeks, BBQ leeks, and warm chocolate and artichoke ice cream). Alternatively, turn up just for the main event; an interactive murder mystery which will transform Bethnal Green's Town Hall Hotel into a Masquerade Palace, full of masked partygoers and interactive sleuthing fun. 



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3 out of 5 stars

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If you’ve been to any immersive theatre before then don’t go to this. 100% the worst theatre production I’ve paid to go to. Terrible actors, shouting at each other, arbitrary story line. Definitely a waste of money and the result of sponsored reviews.

Big fan of secret theatre and have enjoyed their intimate immersive productions over the years. There was a big step up in the champagne ticket, the food was superb and our host for that part of the evening kept us entertained. It was hard to tell who was involved and who wasn't throughout the evening and for those extra keen there are secret moments. Can't wait for the next one! 

The venue and mise en scene was generally fantastic - the direction worked utilising the hotel in a very unexpected way. I was dreading a lame ball but the night turned into a very dark adaption of one of my favourite films, which when i realised what it was was wondering how it could possibly work - but the cast did well and the adaption worked and had something to say about the world we live in today. Of course there were tipsy guests who didn't help the enjoyment of the evening, but it was fast and loose so didn't detract that much. Would recommend.

We loved it. Unlike the previous productions at the THH they made good use of the dinner experience where we enjoyed a lovely bit of sea bass / mussels and a nice dessert - all a bit more than your normal theatre dinner experience - we also enjoyed the company of Kendall who got us into the mood of the show before taking us into the show. The show was an intense experience and we thought it was really great that a percentage of ticket sales went to charity. A mixed bag of performers but all in all a great night out. 

 This was the worst theatre/acting/production I've been to in years.

It starts with a couple dancing around barely clothed, if you can call it dancing - they are just doing some ridiculous gesturing around the room. Then the acting starts and, beginning to end, every actor was absolutely terrible. Not a single one of the actors could use pauses in their speech to pace themselves and give their words momentum, not a single time was there convincing acting in this whole thing, no one was credible - everything exagerated but not in a pantomine sort of way - just in a really, really cringe way. They need a lesson in basic public speaking, a good public speaker knows how to use pauses to bring out the attention of the crowd - a good actor needs to do just the same, not get ahead of itself like they already knew exactly what they were going to say. It was so, so cringe.

The script didn't help the situation either. There was no coesion to the story, they had no plan for when people had to go bathroom (like, you're serving drinks so its expected but we are on "high alert" and all you can do is scream "BE SAFE" whenever someone leaves the room. This was an absolute waste of 40£ I truly regret - I've seen amazing productions in London like 47 street for 17£ or immersive theatre for £12 a head with great acting and venues. That they claim to be a cross between punchdrunk is what specially annoys me because YOU ARE A FARSE COMPARED TO PUNCHDRUNK it is absolutely outrageous you would dare compare this horrible piece of entertainment to the mastery that was the drowning man. I am so angry to have wasted 40£ to watch acting worse than many high school kids play performances.

The venue is amazing for the show, it's opulent and logical but at one point was a bit of a maze and we got lost - I think there were other secret moments we may have missed - which was a slightly annoying. The food before was great and superior to most immersive experiences and we were able to enjoy the food at the start before we joined the show. 

The costumes and dance at the start of the show was great. We liked the atmosphere of the show and enjoyed the journey to the end, especially loved the ending! 

We saw this production in Hong Kong and it was so much fun. the production was immersive but intimate and very theatrical, looking forward to going again in London! 

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