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The Play That Goes Wrong

Theatre, Comedy Duchess Theatre , Covent Garden Until Sunday October 27 2019
3 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
(26user reviews)
 (©   Alastair Muir)
© Alastair Muir'The Play That Goes Wrong'
 (©   Alastair Muir)
© Alastair Muir'The Play That Goes Wrong'
 (©   Alastair Muir)
© Alastair Muir'The Play That Goes Wrong'
 (©   Alastair Muir)
© Alastair Muir'The Play That Goes Wrong'
 (©   Alastair Muir)
© Alastair Muir'The Play That Goes Wrong'

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

From actual fringe beginnings, Mischief Theatre's ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ has become the most successful comedy in the West End

This comedy has, of course, actually done everything right. Produced by LAMDA graduates Mischief Theatre, the show has had successful runs at the Old Red Lion in Islington, Trafalgar Studios, and in Edinburgh; now it's made it all the way to the West End. Amid all the chatter about the overbearing West End dominance of jukebox musicals and film spin-offs, it’s cheering to see a dynamic young company land slap-bang in the middle of Theatreland.

The show is a farcical play-within-a-play. Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are mounting a production of a hoary old sub-‘Mousetrap’ mystery called ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor’. From the first moment, in which a hapless stage manager attempts to secure a collapsing mantelpiece, we suspect that things are not going to go to plan. And that, indeed, is the case, as the production shudders painfully into chaos, taking in everything from dropped lines to disintegrating sets, intra-cast fighting, technical malfunctions of the highest order, and an unexpectedly resuscitated corpse.

The show sits in a fine tradition of British slapstick, and of plays about theatrical blunders: its debt to Michael Frayn’s hilarious ‘Noises Off’, about the gradual disintegration of a touring rep production, is considerable. This is, to be fair, acknowledged by the play’s marketing, which calls it — correctly — ‘“Fawlty Towers” meets “Noises Off”’. But the trouble is that anyone who has seen, and loved, ‘Noises Off’, is likely to find the comparison unfavourable: Frayn’s play simply does all the same things, and does them better.

Still, there are laughs to be had here, and the production is a technical triumph: ensuring that props and sets collapse on cue, without actually injuring anyone, is a genuine feat of stage management.

This review is from the West End premiere of 'The Play That Goes Wrong' in 2014. The current cast includes Edward Howells (Dennis), Edward Judge (Robert), Meg Mortell (Sandra), Graeme Rooney (Trevor), Patrick Warner (Chris), Katie Bernstein (Annie), Alistair Kirton (Max) and Jason Callender (Jonathan).

The team behind 'The Play That Goes Wrong' has another West End shows in the shape of 'The Comedy About A Bank Robbery'



Venue name: Duchess Theatre
Address: 3-5
Catherine Street
Transport: Tube: Covent Garden
Price: £22-£72. Runs 2hr 5min

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Users say (26)

4 out of 5 stars

Average User Rating

4 / 5

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Absolutely love this production! Having watched the comedy of a bank robbery produced by same team, I had high expectations of this show. True enough, it had me laughing from start til end!

Stage management is brilliant and definitely one of the best I have seen so far. Highly recommended to watch this!


No, no, no, no... I cannot believe that this has spawned a franchise... it's an empty vessel; very much a one trick pony. I saw the original at the Trafalgar Studios and it was not bad. It was in their small theatre downstairs. This was a semi-professional production and it sat well in that space. It didn't feel out of place. But in the West End. Ohhh no. 

The problem is simple. It's like an skill in order to make it look amateurish you have to be a highly talented professional. If you want to make playing a piano badly realistic and funny then you truly need to be an excellent pianist (see Les Dawson(), if you want to make horse riding look amateurish then you need to be a talented stunt person with years of horse riding experience. If you want to make juggling or magic look amateurish then again you need to be a superb juggler/magician... and the same is true of acting,. If you want to act LIKE you are an amateur actor then you need to be an excellent professional actor. The problem here is they are not. They are reasonable semi-professional actors and not truly capable or a proper portrayal of an amateur actor. They don't have the skills... and the script is weak and lacks depth and the West End is very much NOT the place for this production. Take it back to the Trafalgar theatre and label it as a semi-pro production and then it would be worth seeing...


Hysterical! I did not stop laughing the entire time. This is very classic British comedy (think Fawlty towers) but also really original at the same time. Absolutely loved it and I would recomend it to everyone!

Haven't laughed so much in ages! This play is brilliant... A proper belly laughing comedy.


Really fun and light hearted comedy, I am originally a northerner so the dry British Humour was just my cup of tea. I went in without any expectations and left feeling super happy after the endless laughs, that I had booked this place on spontaneous afternoon just a few hours prior. Everyone in the play was energetic and it filtered through that they love what they do, positive vibes all around. Highly Recommended.


Laughter from start to finish. Although the play is based on a murder mystery, I felt though I lost my sense of the plot and what was actually going on as I was laughing so much. The play went from disaster to disaster and eventually ended with the entire set being destroyed! It reminded me a lot of Fawlty towers with the simple storylines and slapstick humour. Overall, I really enjoyed the night and would definitely recommend it!


I cannot stress enough how bad it was! I wish someone had warned about it. The humor was childish and there was no wit or sophistication at all.

A waste of time and money.


The play that goes wrong is perfect, cosy, laugh a minute theatre. 

Don't go along expecting something highbrow. This is a slapstick giggle fest and if you resist and try to rise above the humour you'll only ruin it for yourself. 

It's silly, over the top and plays on the dry British humour we all know and love. For anyone who ever had to sit through a child/siblings school play and try not to laugh - this is for you!!


Absolutely fantastic! If you are feeling low and need a pick me up, this show is for you! It's a laugh a minute and the cast are fantastic, you laugh and laugh as the characters get all their lines wrong and the stage and set slowly falls apart. I would definitely go again. LMAO show.


If Fawlty Towers (x100) met The Mousetrap (in that it's a murder mystery portrayed on stage) then you'd get The Play That Goes Wrong... the 2 hour show is full of disaster and hilarity, with some cheap, ridiculous jokes that are guaranteed to render you in fits of giggles. The ridiculousness of the show could be seen as over the top, unnecessarily silly at times and sometimes a little predictable... but that's exactly the point!

I went to see this on Sunday night which in itself is a novelty! A theatre production open on a Sunday... the perfect way to keep away the impending back-to-work-tomorrow blues! The theatre was packed, and a line had formed outside with people waiting for returned tickets. The majority of the audience was American (perhaps farcical, obviously British comedy is easier to grasp than our dry wit) and sometimes the sounds coming from the audience were funnier than the events taking place on stage!

I really REALLY enjoyed this play. It's no work of Shakespeare, but it's simple and guaranteed to make you laugh. I'll be trying to get tickets to their Comedy About A Bank Robbery next! 


Looking for a good old fashioned belly laugh? Good old fashioned Monty Python style. This is the place! If you can imagine it going will! I can't imagine how the actors didn't get hurt! My jaws hurt from laughing so much by the end of the night. Come early and enjoy the pre-show antics. The whole time I felt their pain! The last few minutes were too over the top and I wished they wouldn't have tried to do all that. But other than that it was worth every penny!


I have to say that I felt a bit sorry for Cornley Polytechnic drama, after all the rehearsal and effort that went into the production, that they should have a night like this.

I suppose that we could have guessed it wasn't going to be their night when the dog went missing even before the show began! However they struggled on manfully and the understudy that came on for Constance after she was knocked out did very well ....... considering.

If I were them I'd probably consider sacking the sound engineer, I mean how much can he know about sound, given his love of Duran Duran.

I applaud the cast for (mostly) making it through to the end of the show unscathed.

I'm going to recommend that you go to see this production because they surely could never have another night like this. The acting was brilliant, with hand gestures and everything, and I'm sure that once they get their difficulties sorted; there is a wonderful murder mystery in there, just waiting to come out! 


Write a review...I was given this as a surprise on Thursday and to be honest, as I was walking in I was fairly sure I was not going to enjoy it. It is silly. Very silly. However, I defy you not to be laughing for the vast majority of the performance. The play involves an amateur dramatics society putting on 'The Murder at Haversham Manor' and the errors start from the very first scene when the murder victim epicly fails to act dead. I was laughing from the first moment to the end and although it's ridiculously predictable and jam-packed full of the oldest slapstick comedy, sometimes its nice to be able to sit back, relax and know that everything is very simply funny. If you enjoyed One Man, Two Guvnors a few years ago, i'm pretty sure you should get along to this sharpish!


I went to see The Play that Goes Wrong last week, after getting decently priced tickets, and hearing good things about the show. We turned up to the theatre, in Covent Garden, about 20 minutes early, and it's lucky we did! The show actually starts, without properly starting, a good 15-20 minutes before the actual show starts. 

The premise of the show is that a dramatics company put on a play, and everything that could go wrong, does! The cast have perfect comic timing, and had the audience in stitches from before the show started, when they were asking if anyone had seen their escaped Springer Spaniel.

The show itself was very amusing - typical British slapstick comedy. There was an interval in the middle, and you could pre-order your drinks before the show started. 

I would recommend!


Didn't really expect much of this play but it turned out (after a slow start) to be extremely funny and exceptionally clever.  It takes immaculate timing and skill to make things go wrong to order.  I look forward to the Christmas edition "Peter Pan that goes wrong."  Good solid family entertainment.


The funniest play I have ever seen. Pick a seat with plenty of legroom- I literally fell out of my seat with laughter! Aimed at fans of Fawlty Towers and that genre of British slapstick so may not universally appeal to tourists! Also look out for the Improv play run by the same production company on a monthly basis at the same theatre. 


I've seen this show twice now and it's still great. It really is a laugh a minute. It's so enjoyable watching the stage fall apart, the actors fall unconscious and fumble lines. It has been beautifully put together and is tight as anything. If you want a good laugh then this is the show to see.

This play was amazing. I had the privilege to watch this play when it was first performed at a fringe theatre and then watched it again in the larger theatre it currently resides in. The comedy and wit were genius and the acting was amazing. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone and would love to watch it again. Absolutely superb.


The Play That Goes Wrong definitely deserves its Olivier awards 2015 best new comedy award. Based on 1920s murder mystery play put on by the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society who are determined that the show must go on despite a series of hilarious mishaps and unfortunate events. All the cast are on point with their acting, comedy timing and facial expressions. It had me laughing from start to finish and definitely a must see for someone who is up for some serious giggles and silliness.


I REALLY enjoyed this. Perhaps the humour isn't for everyone but my friends and I loved it. It is predictable and slapstick but to me was the right side of funny and not at all irritating. It is supposed to be hammy and over the top - that is the point of it - and the cast play it to perfection and had me crying with laughter at times. I'll be going to see it again before the run is over and I have also enjoyed their monthly Monday Improv (Lights! Camera! Improvise!) more than once. 

How on earth this play has great reviews from credible sources completely baffles me.  This is a pantomime for 6 year olds. Exhausting to watch. My parents and I couldn't wait to leave at the interval. Predictable, boring slapstick comedy with no wit, no clever jokes whatsoever. Many of the characters were incredibly annoying. Especially the butler. Lots of forced laughter from the audience. AVOID.

Despite great reviews, don't be fooled! Though strongly emerging from the traps, the play's main joke - it being a 'Play That Goes Wrong' - quickly becomes worn and repetitive. It tries too hard to be funny and at times has me squirming in embarrassment as the cast struggle with a script and premise that do not deliver. Having said that, some of the acting performances were lamentable and would perhaps be tolerated at a sixth form review but Not in the West End. I wouldn't recommend the play and it makes one admire plays such as 'Noises Off' and 'One Man, Two Guv'ners' anew.

Staff Writer

I must say I have been wanting to see this play for a long time and luckily I did, and I sure don't regret it :) It's so so funny, I laugh so much it was painful at a point! I went with my partner and we both have a great time on the 1st night of our holidays! It's certainly worth your time and money! 


I must applaud the cast of this very funny play. Full of high energy with some great jokes, comedy of the highest caliber.

An absolutely brilliant night out - I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys comedy of this type!


0 of 1 found helpful

The first half was funny, but after a while the novelty of it all wears off and it becomes less funny. I'd say have a large glass of red or two before you take your seats. It will help. Not bad don't pay full price though. Look out for a ticket bargain at last minute dot com. Not worth the full whack price

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