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15 dating app conversation starters that will get Londoners talking

We’ve teamed up with Badoo to reveal dating app conversations that are sure to get Londoners chatting


More Londoners than ever are using apps like Badoo to find love. But the hardest part of meeting someone on a dating app? Knowing how to start the conversation. Do you go in with something neutral? A simple ‘Hi :)’ perhaps? Do you turn on the charm with a ‘Hi ;)’? Such a tough call!

We say: go for something a little more adventurous...

Everyone loves a bit of cheese now and again – even us Londoners – and while each of these one-liners might feature a decent serving of your cornershop's finest Brie, they’re all a bit funny, a bit cheeky and will definitely get the conversation flowing. Why not download Badoo and try them out today?

1. Are you an Oyster card? Because I'd like to tap you. Preferably at an off-peak time. 

2. Ballie Ballerson: heaven or hell?

3. Barry’s Bootcamp: dream or nightmare?

4. Did you get the Central line this morning? Because you look hot.

Leo, Frankie and Millie  

5. I’d like to get to know you as well as I know the Pret near my office.

6. My love for you is like brunch. Bottomless, but only for two hours. 

7. Meet me in the Waterloos in five minutes.

8. Name your top three London pubs. Ranked.

9. Just so you know, I’ve got a Zones 1-6 travelcard. I can go all the way. ;)

10. Would you rather eat a ton of Jarlsberg or a teaspoon of fatberg?

11. Are you a trendy pop-up? Because I’d like to talk to my friends about you constantly for three days and then forget you ever existed...


12. I’d queue outside a Soho restaurant on a Thursday night just to get you your favourite food.

13. Call me Uber, because I’d like to pick you up. 

14. Are you the Northern line? Because I’d like us to be Morden friends. 

15. Rowans?

Feel inspired? Head to Badoo now to try out your best cheesy opener.


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