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Edo Zollo's a veteran member of our Flickr community, and we've long been fans of his work. His voyeuristic, dimly-lit shots transform innocuous London scenes into something altogether more sinister: a dinner between two friends, for example, suddenly seems like a clandestine meeting of international intrigue. An appropriate aesthetic for our constantly under-surveillance city, for sure. Read more from Edo himself below. The photographer: ‘I’m Edo Zollo, an Italian professional photographer. I have been living in London for 13 years. My passion for photography started from early age, helping my photographer dad with lenses and films, playing with his cameras and spending weekends at weddings taking pictures with him.’

The gear: ‘I use a manual Olympus OM10 and Canon 5DII.’

The work: ‘The photos I take of London are very much candid and raw - I guess it's my ongoing love/hate relationship with this city.

‘As my work has developed, I have become more interested in using photography to examine people’s perceptions of life, people and events around us. A photograph can be a powerful way to break down prejudices and change points of view.

‘I have carried out a range of projects focusing on different subjects, like people with full-body tattoos that may have negative connotations. I enjoy challenging assumptions.

‘Another project I worked on was a series of portraits of people living with HIV. I was determined to undertake this project with the intention to challenge the still widely held misconception that HIV is restricted to gay men and people of black African origin.

‘And the project I’m currently working on is Beauty in Older Women, focusing on and celebrating beauty in women aged 65 and above. I wanted to explore the reality of women getting older yet still feeling attractive, and to emphasise the wisdom, experience and beauty of age.’

Find out more: visit Edo's website, follow him on Twitter, or purchase his prints.

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