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5 top tips for businesses to ace the Time Out Love London Awards

Maximise your chances in the final throws of the voting stage with these five handy pointers

Written by
Danielle Goldstein

The voting stage of the Time Out Love Awards is coming to an end, but it’s not over yet! You have until April 10 to collect as many votes for your venue as you can. We’ve had thousands of votes in already for hundreds of brilliant businesses all over the city – and the margins are tight. This means that a little last-minute effort from you could be just the thing to nudge you over the finish line. To help you with that final push, we’ve compiled a handy list of five great ways to get the word out there and encourage your customers to vote for you.

Top 5 tips

1. In store

Pop the poster in your window, on the door, in the loos, behind the counter – basically, wherever your customers will see it! Chat to your regulars; let them know what it would mean to you to win. One of last year’s winners was savvy enough to have an iPad on their counter so customers could vote there and then!

2. Online

Share our handy social media badge and link to the voting page on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. That way, you can take your loyal followers straight to the voting page.


3. In their inbox

Do you have email addresses for your punters? Send a note straight to their inbox and let them know it’ll only take a few moments to vote for you.

4. In the community

Is there a community notice board, local Facebook group or a regular meet-up? Take leaflets along, stick up the poster or badge, let other local businesses know about the awards and help put your area on the map!


5. Video

Want to stand out from the crowd? Try making a video like the front-runner for the most loved pub in London category: The Kenton.

Have you cast your votes yet?

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You can vote in as many categories as you like, so go and pick out your favourite spots pronto.

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