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A ‘90s themed brunch complete with bottomless cocktails, lip syncing battles with chart toppers from the decade, and an ample supply of glittery transfer tattoos.  Expect burgers, drumsticks, ribs and the like, plus donuts for dessert. Bookings can be made via the 90s Brunch website



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3 out of 5 stars

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We went to the so called friends themed brunch.

Do not, waste your money on this. There’s was nothing F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed about this event, just a few TV’s with clips of the tv show playing on mute. It was all so weird you walk in and it’s so dark, you go to the bar where they are serving cocktails that are basically juice then you’re not told where to sit so we just found a random space on one of the benches. We were then served the cold mushroom starter on a paper plate only to finally be greeted by someone who was very rude asking us “Who told you you could sit there”, we explained no-one had told us which she then abruptly told us we had to move, but there was an issue cause there was nowhere else to sit! She then went a rudely told the people who were sitting in our seats to move again and they also explained just as I did that it made no difference at all and they were happy to sit where they were, the woman was then very apologetic and advised we could have the table. We just felt awkward... she said we would get some free shots but they never arrived. Then the mains arrived all the time there was a cheesy DJ playing songs from the early 2000’s ( being pendatic I know, but this was meant to be a 90’s brunch) whilst a random guy rollerskated on the stage, followed by a girl wearing a bikini hullahooping, it was just weird. The main was a microwaved meatball sub which made the bread rock hard, we at this point decided we were going to leave, but wanted to get our £40’s worth so we ate the stale sub and drank 1 more cocktail until the bar staff explained even though they had 2 jugs left they’d have to charge us £7.50 for a glass because happy hour was over. No thanks! If anyone from the 90’s brunch is reading this please issue a part refund as way of an apology for awful service awful food and a really thrown together weak attempt at a F.R.I.E.N.D.S event.. For everybody else, don’t waste your money it was a joke event and an absolute rip off.

Bottomless cocktail was juice and food was awful. Such a rip off for what you get. The music was good but the DJ got moody when I tried to make a request. Don’t waste your money!

The food wasn't great at all-really wasn't what I expected. It's a shame the bottomless cocktails is only for 1 hour! Which is no time at all! The cocktails was just juice and the bar upstairs ran out so we had to get our drinks from downstairs! We attended this event for my birthday, and when the birthday announcements were made they didn't include my name! My sister complained to the manager and he was amazing! Sent a round of shots to our table! The staff were fantastic! In particular Yvonne! She really entertained us and made sure we had a good time! Thank you Yvonne! We really appreciated it!


I did really enjoy this boozy brunch! The venue was good and the staff that were walking around and serving were great, really friendly and tried to get everyone involved. Loved the different 90s props spread around the room and the music was great - obviously you've got to love 90s cheese otherwise why would you go? Although I have to say the occasional song wasn't from the 90s but still great, so I'll let it slide! The cocktails were not the best if you don't like rum - it's too bad and the bar staff were also not the friendliest. I do think that by making it only bottomless cocktails for the first hour does cause people to crowd around the bar and try to fit as many in as possible in that time, which could be avoided if it was spread out a bit. The drinks after that were very expensive and the food was an odd combination for a brunch. We had spring rolls to start, chicken and mash for mains just not what I would expect for brunch food! Overall though it was a lot of fun! 

Been to 90's brunch a few times now and it's always been a fun, wild and very energetic place to be. The bottomless drinks and the food is amazing and the entertainment, whether you're partaking or just watching is hilarious. There were great hits in 90's so you'll defo hear all of them. The staff are welcoming too. A few of us will be heading there again soon. Definitely recommend it!

I had an amazing time at 90s brunch. The venue was a cool bar in Shoreditch and the party got going almost instantaneously and just kept ramping up throughout the day. There was a hula hoop show, lip syncing competition and a whole raft of activities going on around the bar - tattoos and glitter artists, a dressing up box, vodka shots from plastic guns - I felt like I was at a psychedelic funfair. The music was perfect - all the hits from when we were kids. Food was also tasty and matched the 90s theme - definitely recommend! 

This event was the most fun Ive had in London, and the fact its a daytime event just adds to excitement, people are already dancing by 12.30 . Went in a group of 20 people. You dress up and eat and drink like youre in the 90s. Music is cheesy, but spot on. Get there early or you will queue and miss some of the hour of drinking

40 quid for a lousy cocktail, disgusting and cheap food, bad service and cramped place. The cocktail glasses weren't even clean. The extra booze they were selling were 4x the regular price. The food was a big disappointment. They served spring rolls for starters with just a dribble of sauce. It didn't even taste nice. The mains were really really bad. The menu says sweet and sour chicken balls or tofu but instead we got 3 small pieces of chicken with a sauce that's next to nothing. The chicken was so dry and hard I couldnt even swallow it. The tofu was disgusting too. There wasnt even any sauce on it. Their "egg fried rice" looks just like plain rice with fresh coriander on top. It wasnt even cooked properly. Some rice grains were still hard in the middle.They didn't even serve the food together and by the time the rice came the chicken was cold and hard. One of the servers was also rude and unfriendly. Yes, there was good music and a lot of dancing, but it could've been better. The table they gave us (a party of more than 10) was on a bad area in the restaurant. Our table was on the stage itself. Which felt like the organizers just squeezed us in coz we registered late. I don't want to make a bad review but I really felt i have been cheated and ripped off from this. It was really disappointing. I don't recommend this to anyone at all.


Loud, in your face and lots and LOTS of fun! Fancy dress is encouraged, so don't hold back. 

The day starts with an hour of all-you-can-drink mimosas, then you have a stuff-your-face style brunch (burgers, brownies, etc), then the party begins. Expect jumping up and down, lip syncing to pop hits, energetic hosts and plenty more booze. 

By the time you emerge at around 5 o'clock you have a big decision to make - to go home and chill or carry on partying? I know which one I did....! 

Went to an event in June as part of a bday party. Was insane. Hula Hooping, dress up box, inflatables and glitter..... mix that with mimosas and food - although I was too busy dancing to eat much.... It is a party from beginning to end. Not like any brunch Ive ever been to. Have booked my hen do for September :)

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