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Ballie Ballerson

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4 out of 5 stars
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Ballie Ballerson
Venue says We've burst into the West End with a new banging basement party and Ballie Soho is our boldest Ballie yet. Tickets available now!

Time Out says

Feel like a baller at this kidult-friendly playground

What do one million balls, two private ballpits, a ballpit waterfall and more retro sweetie cocktails than you can shake a stick at make? London’s biggest and best adult ball-pit. That’s what. The folks at Ballie Ballerson have moved shop from their former site in Dalston to Shoreditch’s Curtain Road, to an even bigger space and with even more balls to jump in. Not only does the 4,000ft space pack in a staggering million balls, there’ll also be a huge mirrored cage with a waterfall, and UV murals plastered across the walls. Plus, the bar will be serving kidult-friendly sweet cocktails (think Dibbie Dabberson and Skittle Sour), while DJs pump out deep house and disco into the wee hours. 


Ballie Ballerson says
Truly a grown-up’s playground, London’s famous ball pit cocktail bar is jam-packed with two giant ball pits, pulsating lights, quirky entertainment, pizzas and the best mix of RnB, disco and house beats to party to at both our Soho and Shoreditch sites.

While they’re real fun, we’re a lot more than just ball pits. Our nostalgia-inducing cocktails come served in giant, flashing Capri Sun packets, garnished with Dip Dabs or even a tiramisu twist on an espresso martini—quirky drinks for a quirky club.

Weekday sessions allow plenty of space to get intimate with the balls while our weekends are a full-blown party, perfect for going ‘out out’.

With two sites and a sleek new design, Ballie Ballerson has grown up so you don’t have to.



Address: 97-113 Curtain Road
Price: £7.50-£15 for 2 hours
Opening hours: Mon 6pm-12am (students once a month); Tues 6pm-11pm; Wed 6pm- 12am; Thur 5pm- 12am; Fri- Sat 5pm- 2am; Sat (brunch) 12pm- 2pm & 2.30pm- 4.30pm; Sun 5pm- 11pm; Sun (brunch) 2.30pm- 4.30pm
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4 out of 5 stars

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This place is so much fun! I can't believe how deep the ball pits are. I thought I'd be bored of it all in about 30 minutes but far from the case. Great night out if you're after something a little different and the pizza is delicious :)

I was taken here for my birthday and it was WAY more fun than I thought! Balls for life!


Last weekend this is where my friend and I came to let loose.

One has to prebook tickets for this ball pit (£17) and you get 2 hours of pure unadulterated fun. It is so much fun and surprisingly very deep! I almost drowned a few times no jokes.

There's so much fun to be had here and once you're done you can hit the bar and dance to tunes on the dance floor. Downside.... The drinks are way too sweet! I have the sweetest tooth ever but these drinks (£9-£10) were pure sugar! Very hard to drink which is a shame because they looked cute and creative. I would 1000% come back to play in that ball pit. It was so much fun and 100% a crowd pleaser sure to bring out the big kid in anyone.


What a party! I had an amazing birthday at Ballie Ballerson throwing myself about in the ball pit and acting as though I was 5 years old again. I suggest going to Ballie early evening as it gets busy and ruins the fun atmosphere with sweat, body contact and slightly tipsy people. I loved the mirrored ceiling and walls as it makes the space look bigger and is perfect for your Instagram story. Besides the ball pit, their cocktails are amazing! I had the Dabbie Dabberson which came with sherbet and a lollipop. Ballie Ballerson knows how to host a party but best to be sensible about what time you go. 


Way more fun than I expected.  You book a two hour slot for ball pit access which is probably more than enough time but I didn't really think I'd be in there as long as I was!  Drinks (especially cocktails) are quite expensive and you can't take them with you into the ball pit (which is probably a good thing otherwise it might get a bit sticky!). The night we went they were offering free champagne at 10pm but considering we had arrived at 6pm we didn't stay for that.  A really fun night out but the novelty would likely wear off after two or so visits.


I went there with a group of friends on a Saturday 4-6pm. The pool is smallish (you can tell from the pictures only if you look carefully) and after 30min we were all a bit bored of playing as there isn't much you can actually do whilst there. The cocktails are on the pricey side but taste OK and the venue gets really busy, to the point that the pool is too crowded to even step in. Despite the 2hrs slot, we never managed to go back in it and ended up spending more money for drinks than in nearby nicer bars, like the Old St Records. Different from the usual night out but not an experience I'd repeat. 

So I was turning 27 (not that old I know, but I’m already unwillingly grey), wanting to relive my childhood- this was definitely the right choice!

My husband organised a trip there on a Friday night (4-6 slot seems to be the one, it got very busy from 6 onwards!). Had such a fabulous time, thought we’d have trouble getting space in the ball pit but we found our space and spent most of the 2 hours in there! At one point I lost my shoe (DON’T WEAR DOLLY SHOES, or hopped earings for that matter) and it was very easily found.

Top tip- getting up is hilarious and it’s even better to bury your friends in the balls as they trying to get up, you’ve got to do a rather ungraceful turn in the balls- and you will end up with random bruises all over your body!

The cocktails were ok, very expensive though, although it was nice to get a dib dab or wham bar with some of them, to help that nostalgia!

Would I go again? Probably not, I’ve been, got the pics, had the birthday! But it is great for a rather unique night out!


When commercialism kills the soul of a great project...

I liked the "original", "before it was cool" Ballie Ballerson in Stoke Newington. It was small, but friendly with great vibe, decoration and cocktails. I was looking forward to visit the "big brother", the Ballie Ballerson 2.0, I though it's going to be "bigger and better", but it was a great disappointment.

So what remained? The concept is still fun and the decoration is still cool. Period.

What are the differences?

  • They advertise this venue suggesting the main pit is bigger (maybe slightly) and they have more than one. They just forget to mention that in order to access the sitting area and it's ball pit you have to pay extra (SERIOUSLY?) and the third is for private hire. Considering that you already need to pay to enter the place, I feel it's a bit too much. Commercialism:BB 1-0
  • I ordered the same cocktail as I did last time at the "original" BB (served with a helium balloon): same price, no balloon, one less quirkyness :( Commercialism : BB 2-0
  • I was "lucky" to " have the worst customer experience I've ever had in London (and believe me, I'm experienced). I ordered two cocktail and a mocktail, but the bar guy refused to make and serve the third as he "hasn't touched non-alcoholic drinks for a decade" (congratulations...).He was rude, disrespectful, his tone was high-minded and he talked to me like I am stupid. 

Overall I can sadly say that Ballie Ballerson has lost it's original, alternative vibe. It's still quirky, but commercially quirky...shame.


The concept is great in theory, but the reality didn't quite match up in my opinion. 

I went on a Wednesday night and it was super busy. The ball pits are great, but it's hard to enjoy them because you're tripping over a sea of bodies, as well as balls. Unsurprisingly perhaps, it's a really young crowd - I'm 28 but felt like an old codger comparatively. 

On a positive note, the music was decent (if you like commercial RnB and hip hop) and the glow in the dark wall mural is cool. I certainly wouldn't say it's worth the price charged on the door, but not so bad if you get the discounted tickets through the Time Out shop. It's worth checking out for the novelty of it/ endless ball-related puns.

Tip: If you'd prefer a bit more space for your ball-diving fun, it's worth contacting the venue to ask when the ball pits are likely to be less congested.


I was taken to Ballie Ballerson as a birthday surprise. 

At first I was hesitant, would we be able to play for 2 hours in a ball pit? The answer is most definitely, YES! 

We went on a weekday evening and had lots of space for the obligatory Instagram photo shoot before the venue was too crowded. Staff were friendly and joined in the 'ball fights'. 

At BB you can relive the fun of childhood (but enjoy the privileges of prosecco and cocktails!)

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I went to the predecessor of the new Shoredich venue in Dalston. 

Doesn't it sound amazing......being drunk in a HUGE ball pit? YES IT DOES! The lights and music make for an awesome experience.... you can even bring you drink. This is where the problem lies in my experience.....yep after a good few cocktails and an hour or so a buck of drunkards can leave a gain ballpit, well less than clean. HAHAHAHA Yep those balls end up sticky and smelly by the end of the session my friends. Don't get me wrong I'm definitely not a clean freak, as so many of my ex-housemates can confirm, but by the end even I was a little grossed out by it!

I would definitely recommend going, its the silliest, most fun day out BUT my number one tip would be to do the ballpit fun times first and maybe then hit the bar towards the end of the session. Also I did a deal with food and unlimited champers - the food was good simple pasta and meatballs, very tasty and the bubbles were surprisingly lovely for a theme bar! WIN!