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Brixton Beach

London might not have Cuba's fleets of classic cars or choice of cool Panama hats, but this summer, Brixton is trying to bring a little Havana life to SW9 with its rooftop urban beach. The Piña Coladas, Cubanitos and Mojitos will be flowing in a space decorated with mint and exotic flowers. For grub, there'll be a rotating choice of street food vendors, with mac 'n' cheese bites from Mac to the Future and dishes from Mama’s Jerk and Negril. 

The rooftop will be home to music nights, salsa classes and bottomless brunches sessions throughout the summer. Look out for Ministry Does Fitness, a full programe of yoga and HIIT sessions taking place right on the beach. 

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Another Brixton pop up, this year beach themed. There is a great vibe here, but I think food and drink is quite expensive and the queues are a bit crazy. There's a great atmosphere here, especially on a summers day, be quick as it's only open for another month! Top Tip Eat the tacos


I LOVE this venue. It is a dreamy setting for any night out, with plenty of music, dancing and cocktails to put you in the mood. There are little huts - handy if you're a big group and want to sit around with a drink. To top it all off - sand. In London! For those nights when you wish you were on holiday...


A great concept with some good deals - however spoiled by massive overcrowding and poor staff management. 

We came here during a special night involving a BBQ - prepaid through TimeOut offers. When we arrived at the beginning of the night, the place was already packed and the previous exercise class had overrun meaning half the venue was blocked - we quickly found out that (not announced online) they had closed almost all the food venues in place of the one BBQ gazebo at the back. After the class was finished the place just got busier and busier, there was literally no seating, let a lone places to sit even on the floor it was so packed. The queues for the drinks where 30 mins or more, the queues for the BBQ were even longer. The BBQ staff while obviously stressed, were pretty rude and had changed the offer on the food that was written online.

I had a horrible time there, got my drink and food as quickly as I could (after about an hour and a half of waiting) ate the pretty disappointing food and left. I don't think I will return as it sounds like this kind of thing happens on more than just this one night.

While all this was rubbish - TimeOut were very helpful and kind to give a small portion of the cost back after the fact there was barely any choice of food and they refused to honour the full deal.

Another summer themed pop Londoners are really spoiled for choice. Brixton Beach is great in theory, but like many things in London is ruined by queues and overcrowding. We went for their taco festival and spent 80% of the time queuing at the street food vendors and bars, despite paying for a drink and food ticket in advance. The tacos were great but not worth the wait, not to mention the overly loud music drowning out any hope of conversation and the wet sand stuck in our shoes


Not far from the high street and station, a real treasure hidden away in Brixton! I loved Brixton rooftop Beach. It is so bright and beachy and even has sand. You feel like you are away.. for a few minutes anyway. There are several different pop up restaurants and bars inside. My favourite pop up was Mac to the future.They specialise in freshly prepared Mac n cheese which I really enjoyed. There are dj’s and good music. I really enjoyed the frozen alcoholic slushies from Icely done cocktails. Will definitely be going back!


Brixton Rooftop Beach returns for a second year with golden sands, frozen cocktails, Tacos and so much more.

I went along to a press night and as soon as I entered the rooftop I was literally transported to a beach party. ‘Was I in London anymore?’ I asked myself with all the sand, DJ’s, amazing food and several bars with some serving frozen cocktails. This is most definitely the place to go if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of London.

First things first though shoes, let’s take them off and experience the sand beneath my feet.

Now onto the frozen cocktails there was a choice of Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri or a Pina Colada. I opted for the frozen Strawberry Daiquiri this is the most tastiest grown up slush puppy I have ever had. Not only was it pink that matched my ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ logo but the taste of strawberries really came through along with the Daiquiri.

For the food there was so much choice so I had to taste as much as I could as it all looked so good and it so was. I firstly went and saved myself a spot on one of the pastel coloured benches and then went over and ordered my food. However if you don’t fancy a bench you could always opt to sit in a deckchair or you could go and sit in one of the side rooms that have seating with cushions. There are several food stalls on offer from Nanban (Chef Tim Anderson’s Japanese soul food), Mac to the Future (mac and cheese plus toasties), STAKEhaus (steak and fresh cut chips) and Del74 (Tacos). I was lucky enough to sample some food from Nanban as the photographer had finished taking photos of the food he had cooked up. So I tried the Angry Birds which were chicken wings which were very hot but then they were marinated with Scotch Bonnets chillies but they were ever so delicious even though they nearly burn’t my tongue off and I tried the Plantain Katsu Curry which was my first time ever eating plantain which was very tasty and soft. I then went and tried the steak and rosemary chips from STAKEhaus and wow the steak was cooked to perfection still pink in the middle and the rosemary chips were so full of flavour, usually I don’t like chips but wow those ones I loved so much and ate every last one. Now onto the Mac to the Future in which I tried the 88 Toastie it had an outer crusting of Parmesan cheese, was very crunchy and very cheesy most definitely one of the top toasties in London.  The food was all reasonably priced and all very tasty.

Now onto some dancing. There are three different sections to dance with different DJ’s from the one at the entrance, one at the back on the sand and one in a room with disco lights/lasers. On Saturday’s certain DJ’s from Paul Woolford, Ben Pearce, Norman Jay MBE and Dixon Avenue Basement Jams will all be playing on the rooftop. You can expect House, Disco, Funk & Soul, Garage, Hip-Hop, Bass and everything in between. I opted to dance on the sand in the glorious sun and parted the night away.

If you are looking for a great place to kick of your shoes, dance the night away and drink and eat great food and relax too, then this is the place to go.

Sun, Strawberry Daiquiri’s, Sensational food and Sounds what can I say but Sensational


I also bought the meal and drink Vouchers (1 x meal worth £10 & 1x drink worth up to £7 for £10). The Queue to get in was short, but we must have been lucky, as when we left (around 9:30pm) it went around the road. Thorough bag check and a pat down to get in, no water bottles etc. 

When we got in the place was packed, nowhere to sit and some of the food places were closed (apparently it was the opening few days & there was a BBQ to make up for this).  Part of the outside area was cordoned off for the Ministry of Sound fitness bootcamp, which I thought was kinda odd as it was gone 7pm.  Once they cleared it was a free-for-all to grab the limited amount of deck chairs. 

Still pretty packed, not many places to sit, eat AND drink. around a 20-30minute wait for the bar, which was annoying. The toilet situation is great, if anything there is too much wasted space there.

The overall atmosphere is great, the crowd was a little older than I was expecting (maybe they were there for the salsa dancing). Great for groups if you're prepared to stand / fight for a deckchair. 


I had high hopes for Brixton beach and was really looking forward to my visit, unfortunately I left feeling disappointed! I bought a ticket for £10 which included 2 drinks and 2 meals, this sounded like a fab deal. The session was from 6 - 11, we arrived at 6:30 hoping to have avoided the queues to find it hadn't yet opened and the queue was around the block.

Once we eventually got in it was a 20 min queue to get a drink and 30 min wait in the queue for a meal. we chose to get one at a time as there was nowhere left to sit and we couldn't stand holding two drinks and two meals. We were hoping the queue would go down later in the evening but it just seemed to get longer so we didn't bother with the second meal.

The music was a south American salsa type band playing instruments which was fitting with the theme of being at a beach party but not really my type of thing, I like to sing along to my music. The only good thing was the macaroni cheese from Mac to the future but even then I asked for the deep fried macaroni balls with sauce as the lady in front of me had it only to be told they were only serving normal macaroni with toppings?

I'm sure it was a great experience for the people that managed to get a table and the idea of having a beach in an urban area is great but I thought it was far too busy and the food vendors need to be more prepared because the queuing was ridiculous!


Brixton Beach was a fun, quirky hipster spot in Brixton. With a variety of food stalls: Steak and Chips, Mac to the Future and a few more there was a lot of choice. Time Out are offering vouchers for either 2 meals and 2 drinks or 1 meal and 1 drink for £10. Which is amazing value for money!

The organisation to get in needed work, as there were very long queues for the drink and meal vouchers to be given. Largely this seemed to be a staff communication problem, as three members of staff were only able to serve 1 set of customers at a time. 

Past that, the atmosphere was fun and lively. There was a hardcore HIIT class when I arrived, and finished about 7pm. This was a very weird and inconvenient part of the event, as the class were in the actual beach area and the only area where the sun was hitting.

The stand out of the event was the delicious Mac to the Future. With a catchy, punny name the stall won me over. Cooked in tiny frying pans, the two staff members creating the most delicious, creamy and luxurious mac and cheese I've ever tasted. With traditional Mac and Cheese topped with chorizo/spinach/ham to toasties to mushrooms and truffle oil combinations the menu was superb. The pots of pasta were incredibly filling and worth the £7/8 price tag. Topped with nuts & herbs and parmesan they were tiny bites of heaven and above. The tater tots with cheese are definitely a great addition to the menu too. I have already been searching where I can get my next fix!!! So utterly brilliant.