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Brush and Bubbles

Paint your masterpiece while getting pissed on prosecco at relaxed art class Brush & Bubbles. Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec has absinthe, why shouldn't you have a bottle of bubbles? Find out more here


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Brush and. Bubbles

I was a bit apprehensive about painting for the first time since pre GCSEs, but I was also a little excited!

This was so much fun and I can't recommend it enough.

We were greeted by the organiser Laura and Tiff who were so welcoming and friendly, they gave us a glass of prosecco each and then we each sat down with our own easel, canvas, brushes and paints.

Our professional artist, Anna was super and talked us through stage by stage to create a master piece, a brush in one hand and a glass of prosecco in the other. What could go wrong!

The class lasted 2.5 hours and was a lot of fun, with some great music in the background. It was very relaxing and I can't wait to do this class with my girlfriends.

It was great to see everyone's picture and how different they each were with their own individuality attached and of course personalised signature!

Picasso and paint here we come!

Top Tip

Don't drink the paint brush water by accident

Such a fab way to spend a Saturday morning and the lovely ladies who run it are brilliant.

You honestly don’t really need an artistic bone in your body as Lara talks you through each stage of the painting really clearly – even mine looked good from far away! 

I’m partial to a boozy brunch but I feel like I’ve done that to death now, so it was great to change it up a bit!

Plus, there’s still fizz. Who doesn’t love fizz?

I’ve already got plans to go back! 

I went to a Brush and Bubbles event with some of my friends a few weeks ago in Putney. We had a great time! Lara and Tiffany we’re both lovely and really welcoming. The painting was fun and the Lara was really helpful in guiding us through how to complete each step. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and spend time with friends; all whilst enjoying a lovely glass of prosecco.

Such a good day out. The girls were really lovely making it a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere! Would definitely recommend!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the brush and bubbles class we took part in. A great day out in London, which allows you to be part of a great atmosphere, while getting creative. You don’t need to be a pro as the girls will show you step-by-step how to create your painting, allowing you to follow their lead or even create a twist to your masterpiece which you get to take home with you. The girls are lovely which makes their classes all the more enjoyable but overall very special, no matter the occasion. I highly recommend and can’t wait to go back.

I had such a great time at this amazing class! It's so easy to follow, so you don't need to worry about being a pro and it's a lot of fun. PLUS you end up with an amazing piece of art at the end of it! The girls are lovely and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of creativity. It's so good, I'm going back!

I have never painted before but Brush and Bubbles but I had a wonderful time! Such a lovely, different way to spend and afternoon. It can be really quite sociable too! I'm coming along again with my sister in law and another friend and also hoping to organise a team away day for my company. Would recommend, would come again, exceeded my expectations.

Wonderful atmosphere and fun activities! Art and bubbly, what more could you ask for? Been a few times and enjoyed every moment. Doesn't matter if you can't paint or draw, come along anyway - you might surprise yourself! Recomended.

I had such a great time at Brush and Bubbles! Really looking forward to doing this again soon!

Had a brill time at Brush and Bubbles this weekend. It was my friend's birthday and we surprised her and she LOVED it!!! Fab event, really unusual, brilliantly run and lovely girls leading the class. Thanks Brush and Bubbles!!

This was absolutely brilliant! No painting experience needed - such a fun way to spend time with friends on a hen do, birthday, date night, or just for the fun of it! The ladies who run the class are great, made us feel very welcome and relaxed, I'd highly recommend this!

A really fun way to catch up with friends! The warm welcome and enthusiasm from the hosts is the icing-on-the-icing on the cake. 

Amazing! Such a fun and creative way to spend the day. Tiffany is so lovely and I can't wait to bring more of my friends to the next one. Thanks again for having me! X

Brush and Bubbles was so much fun! The instructor talks you through the painting step by step, and it's really cool to have something to go home with afterwards. I'd definitely keep it in mind for a fun hen do activity, or a date night or even just an afternoon when I'm feeling creative.

Excellent way to spend an afternoon - lots of fun even for myself, an admitted non-creative type!

Lots of fun and the hosts were excellent. I'd definitely go again!

Brush and bubbles in such a cool way to spend a couple of hours in London. The hosts are great, its always in a cool location and its so fun and relaxed, I'd definately go again!

Brush and bubbles is one of the simplest yet innovative ideas/events I have ever attended.

Such a good evening out, can't wait to go back! Arianna

Fantastic fun creative thing to do with mates. Highly recommend for a birthday or hen/stag do. You'll be surprised what you can achieve even if you're not artistic.


My Brush & Bubbles experience took place in a room above a Soho pub - one that looks like a cosy living room from the 70s. Long tables were set out and numerous easels were poised on them, along with a whole host of blank canvasses ready to be transformed into wall worthy art... alas what I created didn't quite cut it when it came to actually displaying it.

Our hosts talked us through the creation we were going to attempt as we sipped on our welcome glass of prosecco. It was a beautifull jungle beach scene, complete with sunset, crashing waves, moss covered mountains and palm leaves. We were taken step by step through each section, taught techniques on how to achieved the desired effect and advised on how to correct our mistakes. We used acryllic paint and I was impressed to learn how versatile this paint actually is.

The evening lasted about two and a half hours - perhaps half an hour too long as it was the last portion of the evening when my mood dropped as I had managed to cock up my leaves. More prosecco might have lifted my spirits - a bottomless option would certainly be a nice addition!

I'd certainly recommend this for a hen-do or birthday celebration for anyone who likes to be creative. The girls running it are super friendly and kind - and while I think they were just being polite, they said some lovely things about our... umm... art!


This was a really fun event. It's brilliant to do with friends or by yourself and get to know new people. The atmosphere was really fun. The instructor made things really easy. I couldn't believe I had it in me to make a decent stab of the sea painting she was saying we were going to do. She went through it at a good pace and was able to help if you got stuck. Still you had the freedom to put your own creativity to your painting. The instructor had loads of tips and I did come away learning quite a lot.  The experience turned out to be very therapeutic. We did rush at the end as we were running out of time but it was fairly easy to catch up.  No one walked away with an incomplete picture. It was a really cool activity and perfect to do as part of a party. Just don't confuse your drink for the brush cleaning cup...


If you’re looking for something different to do after a busy day or week at work, Brush and Bubbles offers the perfect solution.

So what they offer is the chance to create your own canvas painting (all materials included), have fun, meet people with a glass of bubbly Prosecco to keep you going throughout the process. Be prepared to bring out the creative streak within you and start producing your own art masterpiece.The team are great, Lara and Tiffany are super friendly, welcoming and encouraging even if your sand did turn out a weirder colour than expected. The aim of the night was to recreate this beautiful beach ocean scene. I must admit when I first saw it, I thought there was no way I would possibly be able to produce something like that, but Anna who was our excellent artist guide throughout the evening explained things very well in stages step by step and by the end of it yes, I was getting into it. I actually learnt quite a few tips and useful pointers and I found painting and producing the various brush strokes, mixing different paint colour combinations to an easy going music playlist including the Beach boys and Jack Johnson strangely therapeutic. Although I loved what I ended up painting, beforehand I had no idea of what I was going to paint and the surprise element was refreshing. However I suspect others may prefer to know what they are committing themselves to painting before signing up. The paintings are originals so no reproductions of other works from what I gather. My only little niggle was that I unfortunately ran out of time so it was little rushed towards the end but that was probably due to me being mega slow, I think I got so relaxed I lost track of time. Also how you are placed in the room can make viewing the main canvas a little difficult but that is probably due to the design and layout of the room you’re in. Other than that, I would thoroughly recommend this and am now the proud owner of a lovely canvas painting. I love the concept and really enjoyed myself a lot and would definitely attend another session. Essentially it’s a fun painting class for adults with a bit of bubbly thrown in. This would make a great little team building event, a great idea for private parties, a date or even just a good catch up session with some friends. I notice they are based all over London but there is plenty of scope for them to expand and even potentially come and visit your choice of place.They offer morning and afternoon sessions during the weekends as well as the evenings which offers people a lot more flexibility and price is reasonable at £29.99. 

I have to admit, at the beginning of the night I was skeptical. How wasI going to make my blank canvas look like the masterpiece at the front of the room? But as the night progressed, as I looked at the canvas's around me, I could see the paintings taking shape.

The instructor gave us step by step instructions so that we could create our own masterpieces. Being relatively new to the brush, I thought I might be embarrassed by my final product, but the instructor was so kind and helpful that I will proudly be hanging it on my wall. 

This isn't just for amateurs though, the instructor gave helpful hints to push each of our paintings to the next level. 

By the end of the night all of my anxiety had washed away, and I was happy with my 'not exactly perfect' creation. 


My reaction to this event was, no thank you! I hate arts and crafts type things. But I went with a few friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really relaxing, in a stressful kind of way! Ha

Sitting down with a blank canvas is daunting and then you are shown the target paining, and my thought...what am I doing here!

We were skillfully guided in transforming a blank slate into something resembling a painting.

What a great thing to do with some friends, maybe a hen do. Lasts about 2.5 hours with a short break. It did feel a bit rushed at the end, but I was ready to stop.

I would recommend this to anyone and better yet...I would go again!


I'm finding myself eager to take up creative pursuits more and more, and what better way to get back into painting than with a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of Prosecco in the other. It's the gateway art class. If you’re anything like me you’ll probably walk in, take one look at the picture and think ‘how the hell am I going to recreate that’ but you’re guided through the painting step by step and unbelievably it does end up looking something like it's supposed to. This is loads of fun for a group or even going on your own, the staff are brilliant, and you even get to take home your 'masterpiece'.


Brush & Bubbles introduces an interesting concept of painting with prosecco. A session lasts around 2.5 hours with a 10-15 minute break, where a professional artist will guide you through painting on canvas. 

For our session earlier this week, we had the lovely Anna, who helped us paint a very summer appropriate scene - the ocean crashing onto the beach and rocky mountains with some surrounding greenery and florals. When I say she guides you through it all, I really do mean it! Starting off with drawing guidelines, moving into how to mix the paint to achieve the correct colours and tones, and down to the specific technique to use (which brushes to use, the brushstrokes, how to use the sponge, etc.). 

Although we had our session in the evening, I do feel a morning or early afternoon session is best because you get better lighting to paint your canvas. Given that alcohol was involved in the 'making-of' the painting, I'm surprised it turned out so well. It is definitely thanks to Anna and the girls from Brush & Bubbles for assisting us during the session and keeping us motivated and encouraged through it all! It's a wonderful activity to do with friends and I can see it as quite fun for a baby shower, bachelorette party, birthday party, etc. 

Big thanks to the girls and Anna for such a calming and enjoyable evening!


I'll preempt this review by saying this kind of thing is right up my street. Art? Alcohol? Sign me up. 

Brush and Bubbles is the brainchild of Lara and Tiff, two London-based actors who have a sideline business running this clever painting workshop. 

When we arrived, we walked into a room above a pub in Soho decked out with paints, easels, aprons all ready for us. We were handed a glass of fizz and welcomed really warmly by the hosts. We sat down and were introduced to Anna who was leading the class. Anna walked us through step by step on how to create a tropical honolulu style landscape in acrylic. Our class was a mix of people who had painted before, and people who'd never touched a brush to paper before. Anna was patient and went around helping everyone individually as well as collectively teaching the group. Lara and Tiff topped up our paint supplies, changed over our water and provided copious amounts of kitchen roll and encouragement throughout. We learnt lots of basic techniques and everyone's paintings came out looking pretty damn good overall I'd say. 

I absolutely adore this concept and I can't wait to do it again. I highly recommend it to groups looking for an evening or weekend activity; it's ideal for hen parties, team building or just having a giggle with your friends. 


Wow... No seriously wow.. I can't stress enough how enjoyable this was! I thought to myself "OK how much fun will I truly have painting and sipping bubbles" .... Silly question right?

Turns out tons and tons of fun!!! It was so much fun and enjoyable I came away de-stressed and relaxed! Not to mention my painting actually came out a lot better than I had envisaged! With help and instruction given you can't go wrong however terrible your artistic skills are!

I can't recommend this enough honestly .. So much fun and something you'll want to do over and over again I promise!!!

I cannot recommend Brush and Bubbles enough. I have so far been to three sessions with friends and have booked to go again by myself. The girls who run it could't be sweeter and more helpful. It's a friendly, casual atmosphere and everyone has a chat and a giggle along the way. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and the prosecco helps get the creative juices flowing! I cannot wait to go again. 


This was such a unique and brilliantly fun evening - a welcome change from after work drinks. Brush and Bubbles gives you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles over a few glasses of prosecco. At the beginning of the class I was extremely sceptical as to my ability to be able to re-create the incredible beach scene hanging at the front of the class. However, teacher Hannah was clear and incredibly patient as she walked us through the process step by step and was always on hand to give tips to fix any slips of the paintbrush. 

At the end I was pretty surprised to find I had a painting that resembled (sort of) the original painting. I was also surprised at how relaxed I felt by the end - there's something to be said for focusing on something creative to shake off a busy day in the office. 

What a wonderful thing to do!! Did this class with friends and we had the best time! Got to paint a lovely picture, catch up with friends in a social, creative, relaxing environment whilst drinking bubbly! Lovely girls who run the class, very friendly and welcoming. Even though I can't paint at all I had the best time and actually left with a painting I am proud of. Highly recommend for groups of friends or a great, usual date!!! 


A little bit of mindful creativity and bubbles, this is exactly what you need on Monday night after a stressful day at work.

The event was set in a cute pink vintage tea room above a popular Soho pub. We were greeted with a glass of Prosecco and had time to mingle before the actual class started. We were faced with a finished painting by the artist Anna, only to be guided step by step, layer by layer, how to get that exotic beach on a white canvas.

All the materials were provided and we were constantly being assisted by the lovely two ladies from B&B who were truly supportive in our artistic attempts.

I don’t think anyone participating really could paint well prior to the class, but we had so much fun mixing all the colours and using all the techniques to make a white line actually looking like a wave. I’d recommend the class to anyone who needs some fun relaxation without worrying too much about how their ‘masterpiece’ will look on their wall after. 

Myself and my husband love to look for new ideas for dates, this fit the bill! Painting AND bubbles, yes please!!

Painting isn't really my thing (kicked out of GCSE Art... yep that bad) but I did love the concept of painting and bubbles. FYI bubbles definitely help make your creative juices flow. There's no pressure to produce a master piece just relax and enjoy yourself! The girls running it (Lara and Tiff) are so helpful and obviously love what they do and the artist are incredibly talented... and very patient!

Such a great idea! I've been twice now (already booked the 3rd on the 17th August!) and absolutely LOVE IT! I have already got my husband, aunt and cousins into it... now will be taking my girlfriends...


Prosecco and painting are two of my favourite things. Hence joining this event is a no brainer for me. The class was small with a ratio of 1 teacher to 20 students. The painting looked complicated to produce at first but the teacher gave us easy to follow instructions, hence voila at the end of 2.5 hours I managed to complete an exotic painting! This activity is not for the serious artists out there, it is more of a fun taster painting class with student(s) holding a brush in 1 hand and a glass of bubbly in the other hand.


What a great concept Brush & Bubbles is! Painting a picture while sipping prosecco is an unusual combination that totally works! 

You really don't have to be good at painting to join, as a talented and very kind artist will walk you through all the steps to create your masterpiece. Prosecco is served upon arrival and you are greeted by the lovely girls from Brush & Bubbles (who are also at hand throughout the event to give you extra paper towels, paint and water if needed). 

I really found painting with a glass of bubbly by my side and nice music in the background really relaxing, fun and enjoyable. I was surrounded by lovely people who, like myself, were not professional painters in any way. That made for many laughs along the way and it was interesting to see how everyone's paintings turned out so different, even though we were painting the exact same thing. 

The duration of the event is a little over 2 hours, which is perfect, especially after a busy day. It did feel slightly rushed at the end as we started running out of time, which resulted in some of us falling a little bit behind. I still loved it though and would definitely recommend it to anyone! 


Brush and bubbles

You don't have to be creative or love painting to find this immensely fun and satisfying.

You start off with a blank canvas and by the end you have your very own masterpiece, guided along the way by an instructor. Others are on hand to hand out yet more kitchen towel/ paint/ change your water so you really only need to lift your fingers to paint and drink!

It's one of the best group activities I've done- I'd be thrilled if my work decided to do this as a team build. And of course it's ideal for a hen do. And for a birthday party. Just about any excuse to gather a group and get your creative juices flowing.

Towards the end it was a bit rushed and a few of us fell behind so we couldn't really focus on those all-important finishing touches as much as we wanted to, but I'm still happy with the end result.

I'm by no means an artist but I have to say I am so proud of my creation; it's definitely good enough to go on the wall at home.

Next time I get asked to organise a group event I know what we'll be doing...


This is a fun, chilled-out activity for people who don't mind getting their hands dirty and don't take painting too seriously. The staff are kind and friendly,  and the instructions are easy to follow. So this is less for budding creative geniuses and more for those with a casual interest. It would be nice if the class size were a touch smaller, to facilitate asking questions and taking time with the painting.