Chicken Nugget Festival

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Chicken Nugget Festival
© James Palinsad


If you think the highlight of a night out is ordering a huge helping of McNuggets at the end of the evening, then prepare to get very excited. Chicken Nugget Festival is an actual thing and it's touring the UK. It arrives in London with free helpings of nuggets for ticket holders, cheap nugget stalls to continue the cravings, a nugget eating contest, giant floating nugget decor, a nugget-themed photo area and live DJs. If that wasn't enough it's held at the infamous Infernos in Clapham. If you're shaking with excitement (rather than terror) at the thought of all this, make sure to bag your spot before it inevitably sells out, and maybe try not to think about what's actually in those beige, crispy splodges. 


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