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Cineworld brings classic movies to life in 4DX!

See ‘Gravity’, ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ and ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ in a whole new way. Welcome to cinema-going that excites all the senses

By Time Out in association with Cineworld

Imagine not just watching your favourite film but being in it – this is the thrill of 4DX. While recent films like ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ and ‘The Meg’ have been screened in 4DX, Cineworld is now giving UK audiences the first chance to see much-loved classics in the groundbreaking format. On September 1, you can watch ‘Gravity’, ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ and ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ and feel like you’re watching it – experiencing it – for the first time. It’s an unmissable chance to see the best that cinema has to offer in a fresh, innovative, exhilarating way.

How does 4DX work?

Exclusive to Cineworld, 4DX is movie-going with an extra dimension, a state-of-the-art cinematic experience that works its magic on all five senses. It utilises three types of seat motion (pitching, rolling, heaving), which work in perfect synchronisation with effects such as wind, water, fog, tickling, strobe lights and vibrations. Yet that’s not all. It also includes scent, bringing texture and reality to any scene, be it the smell of gunpowder in a thriller or the perfume of roses in a romcom. 4DX revitalises movie-watching by making the whole auditorium an active participant in the action. Available in 2D or 3D, it takes cinema-going to another level.

Classics get the 4DX boost

This capacity for immersion makes it the perfect medium for watching the work of the world’s greatest filmmakers. On September 1, Cineworld will showcase the work of James Cameron (‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’), Ang Lee (‘Life of Pi’) and Alfonso Cuarón (‘Gravity’), plus Disney’s animated tour de force ‘Wreck-it Ralph ’, all for the first time in the UK in 4DX with 3D, enhancing their cinematic brilliance to the max.

From being stuck in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger called Richard Parker in ‘Life of Pi’ to drifting in space with Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity’ or running through a colourful, madcap videogame world in ‘Wreck-it Ralph’, 4DX will fully envelop you in these unique cinematic visions.

At every turn, 4DX will make the ride more intense. The destruction of the space station that opens ‘Gravity’ becomes even more white-knuckle. In ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’, you’ll experience the rush of the classic motorcycle pursuit with a T-1000 on your tail, and in ‘Life of Pi’ you’ll feel the splashes from the waves, as a humpback whale breaches the ocean surface. It’s your favourite films being replayed with an exciting twist.

You may have seen a film countless times on TV, but you’ve never really seen it until you’ve seen it in 4DX. It’s a one-time opportunity to see beloved films on the big screen in the most experiential environment imaginable.

Where is it?

Cineworld Leicester Square, Cineworld Enfield, Cineworld Wandsworth and 16 other Cineworld 4DX Locations, including Crawley and Bracknell.


Coming Soon To 4DX

‘The Nun’ – released Sep 6
4DX will raise the chill factor in the latest instalment of ‘The Conjuring’ series. A priest (Demián Bichir) and a novice Sister (Taissa Farmiga) confront a demonic nun (Bonnie Aarons) in a Romanian abbey. Expect jumps, suspense and a creeping atmosphere of dread.

‘Mile 22’ – released Sep 19
‘Mile 22 ‘is visceral thriller starring Mark Wahlberg as a CIA operative tasked with moving a police officer (Iko Uwais) carrying sensitive information out of Southeast Asia. As the action unfolds, 4DX will put you in the middle of bone-crunching fight sequences, blistering shootouts and nerve-shredding car chases.

‘Venom’ – released Oct 5
A spin-off from the ‘Spider-Man’ universe, ‘Venom’ sees Tom Hardy play journalist Eddie Brock, who bonds with an alien symbiote, giving him superpowers as long as the pair stay together. A darker spin on the superhero genre, ‘Venom’ promises a wild, unpredictable ride, best experienced in 4DX.

All films subject to change.

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