Clapham Common Easter Funfair

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Clapham Common Easter Funfair

Dodgems, the ghost train, a carousel, white-knuckle ride and rides for kids. Wristbands cost £8.99 for riders over one metre tall, £6.99 for those under one metre. Rides are free for wristband wearers for three-hour slots. Entry for those without a wristband who don't want to ride is £2.50.


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It is a rip off! DO NOT GO! Out of date rides and very expensive entrance! My daughter did not like it at all...

DO NOT GO!!!! Seriously do not go, this ' theme park' is so dangerous it's not even funny! lets start with the entry: £8.99 over 1 meter £6.99 under 1 metre, our 5 year old was under one metre, however where I had done her hair with a high pony tail they wanted to charge £8.99 as her hairband went over the 1 metre line, then acted as if they were doing me a favour by agreeing to the £6.99!! so not a good start!

Now the rides: the ghost train was the 1st stop, the most scary thing about that was the threat of it breaking down! it was empty... and what ever did flash up flashed up AFTER you passed it!

the rides were falling apart literately, the giant inflatable slides 'steps' up to the top were falling off and missing and the attendant or rather the unattendant wasn't monitoring the children going up so they were all piling on the less able to climb falling and knocking other kids down like skittles, the bigger kids deciding it was ok to climb over the younger ones, I pulled my children off there after the 2nd time they got trampled on! the rides were mainly for younger children however, were very similar! theres only so many times you can watch them go round and round and round on a the bigger rides seemed to be breaking down with the attendants having screwdrivers to the rides! the rides were probably older then myself and needs updating with the prices they charge for what they have I am sure it wont take them long to invest! the attendants looked like they didn't want to be there, and getting a reply out of them was next to impossible. As advertised 'all attractions free with a wrist band' is not so, the bungee trampoline and the water ball walkers will set you back £5 for 5 mins, as will the inflatable assault course! £3 for 1 go at hook-a-duck sideshow game with a poundland surprise egg as a prize!

Food: now this was a joke as well, £5 for a 'gourmet' burger and £6 if you wanted it with cheese. and extra pound for a 5pence bit of processed cheese! which to add they didn't have! well the definition of gourmet must have changed as for your £5 you get a defrosted bap, and a pre frozen non specified animal burger, no lettuce, no tomato, no gherkin, just onion or no onion, which wasn't what was advertised on their menu.  £3 for a very small tray of very thick chips so you only got about 7 chips in total, and the non brand fruit shoot style drink which in a budget supermarket is probably 20p will set you back £1.50, as will the bottled water which in shops are no more then 50p!

they did have toilets hidden in at the front of the park and the only positive was the face paint lady, even though the quality of the face painting was poor and I would have complained if I were a parent that paid however we got it for free as an advertisement for her, she was the only staff member who seemed to know what customer service was it was just a shame her whole set up was very armature with just a list of 5 things you could pictures or portfolio!

so overall this so called theme park should be shut down before someone is injured or god forbid dies!  wandsworth council SHUT IT DOWN!  

Total rip-off. All the rides look knackered and the lack of health and safety is shocking. The stairs on the bouncy slide were falling apart and we saw a little girl do a somersault from the top and nearly break her neck. All stalls and food stands cost extra (as advertised) but also the kids bungee trampoline thing and the inflatable 'water-walking' balls will each set you back an additional £5 for 5mins. Rides are mostly for toddlers and small children so the £5.99 is worthy of 1 star but bring your own smiles as most of the staff look miserable. Also there are there are no toilet facilities for customers which is really inconvenient. Really disappointed.

Was a bit disappointed that they had no waltzer ot twister ride as they are included in the poster?, my son was apparently 'too big' for a lot of the rides, he's 11, so we made the most of the few rides we could go on and get our monies worth of 8.00 a wristband, the rides were a bit tired looking but he loved the inflatable slide and bouncy castle, probably wouldn't recommend going but we went on the last day so maybe they had taken the other rides down? all seemed a bit of a rip off really.....

At a fixed price of £7.99 (or £8 once you get to the gate) you can go on all the rides as many times as you want. However this is only worth it with the 2 rides that rise off the ground and the bumper cars. (Beware the hanging pieces of cloth and rope, and one figurine on the "Ghost" Train). The stalls are half heartedly run and in some cases overpriced, and on one particular game, even knocking down 9/10 tins won't win you a measly packet of smarties for a 5 year old child. On the other hand, the food is just how you would want it at a fun fair, greasy and full of sugar. So that is where the second star is rewarded.