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 (© David Levene)
© David LeveneThe Szechenyi Furdo thermal baths and swiming pool. One of many baths and spas in Budapest, these were built in the nineteenth century and contain Roman style 'gyogyfurdo' (thermal) pools and bathing pools. Here the thermal baths are fed by natural hot springs.
 (© David Levene)
© David LeveneThe 38th World Series of Poker main event, being held at the Amazon Room at the Rio Suites and Casino, Las Vegas. Towards the end of a month and a half of the poker competitions that make up the World Series of Poker, comes the Texas Hold' Em no-limit main event with an expected 6000 or more entrants.
 (© David Levene)
© David LevenePeople make off with goods found in containers that were washed up on the beach at Branscombe in Devon following an incident involving a half-sunken ship off the devon coast.
 (© David Levene)
© David LeveneKibera, Nairobi There are 10 villages that make up the slums of Kibera, the largest slum dwellings in central and eastern Africa. There are over 700,000 people living here. This picture shows the Kibera villages of Soweto and Lindi.
 (© David Levene)
© David LeveneMen and boys bathe and wash each other at the Ahalya Bai's Ghat (steps) of the river Ganges in the city of Varanasi. Varanasi (historically and still locally known as Banaras) on the banks of the river Ganges.
 (© David Levene)
© David LeveneThe skyscrapers are coming and soon Boca la Caja, a slum of mud, boats and fishermen on the edge of Panama City, will disappear. A property boom has turned one of the Panamanian capital's most impoverished and notorious neighbourhoods into prime real estate.
 (© David Levene)
© David Levene

The 'Guardian's' Eyewitness photographic feature has appeared across the newspaper's central spread since 2005. Photographer David Levene, who has had more than 120 images featured in the daily slot, has chosen ten of his favourites to be displayed in Foyles' new gallery space. Tickets to a free discussion (Wednesday September 24, 7pm-8pm) featuring Levene, alongside members of the Guardian's picture desk and imaging team, can be booked online here.


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