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Escape Plan

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Time Out says

This Kennington escape game’s packed full of cool paraphernalia set against a World War II backdrop. The theme is 'Battle for Britain’, and it’s a bit different to your usual escape game. Instead of having to escape within 60 minutes, your aim is to shoot down as many Luftwaffe planes as possible by solving clues that help you to identify their location on a map. Whilst there’s currently only one room on offer, this means that it feels a lot more of a well-honed experience than most offerings you find in a multi-room establishment: the sets are very impressive and there are some great bits of technical trickery too. Be warned, though: it’s fairly tricky. Still, that also means that it’s very, very rewarding. 

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Address: 13a Iliffe Yard
SE17 3QA
Transport: Tube: Kennington
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Users say (21)

5 out of 5 stars

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4.6 / 5

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Ilife Yard, a quaint Victorian style cobbled street really does set the scene! I found Escape Plan A really fun 'out of the box' experience that immerses you in the world of a WW II POW camp. The effects are spot on, cue background radio and ration kits. The game is entertaining and non stop puzzle solving action with enough variety of code breaking, item finding, riddle solving themes to challenge all abilities. I was a beginner and found easy to get involved! Best advice we were given was to ransack the room :)

The organisers are welcoming and personal which is a nice touch , the 'game master' sends hints and clues throughout the experience. I recommend for team building, double dates and a good old fashioned night out with friends.

Escape Plan really does make you think and challenges you in a fun way. The price is not too bad either!

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Its that time of year when you are reluctant to pay money to be in a room with a bunch of strangers, just to spend your whole time trying to get...usual clubbing night, right? Well, same concept, but a whole lot more fun. With amazing attention to detail, a WWII-themed escape room is just want you need to get the ole brain working. A real life puzzle and escape game (would totally appeal to those who were into Myst and Riven as teenagers), this is so much fun, and whilst you maybe think it'll be a little immature or goofy for you, all the 5 stars its been getting are no joke. Get some mates, and test your noodle trying to escape under an hour. 

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Hidden away in a little cobbled alleyway within the depths of South London is a great new live escape game. Set around the World War II era the object is to solve a series of puzzles to find the codes to escape the room within 60 minutes. Exciting and mind boggling experience with some tear your hair out moments. It is great for a team building or just something different with friends, family and colleagues. Communication and lateral thinking is key. If you grew up enjoying and watching game shows such as Fort Boyard or the Crystal Maze this is something I would definitely would recommend. Everyone had so much fun and the time just flew by. The whole design props and set up was so authentic and the host Brendan was great and very welcoming. You even get a photo at the end whether you win or lose. Luckily we managed to escape with seconds to spare and the adrenaline rush afterwards will leave you feeling exhilarated.

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Amazing way to spend an hour with friends, colleagues or strangers (you will come out (if you do!) feeling you have known each other for years and years!) Really creative and well thought through game that keeps your brain working for the whole of 60 min challenge. Still amazed someone came up with all of these puzzles (and even more amazed we managed to solve them all!)

The place can be a bit tricky to find, but that's part of the adventure (and certainly easier than getting out of it!). They mentioned plans to open new branches - can't wait!

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Keeping with the essence of all things WWII, this was spiffing good fun. I had never tried an escape game before, but got on board straight away thanks to the brilliant organisation and welcome. The whole plot was very well thought out, I was gripped from start to finish. As soon as the stop clock started counting down I felt like my childhood dream of being a contestant on the crystal maze was finally becoming a reality. The theme is right up my street and the props were authentic and added to the ambience. It's also perfectly fitting for its surroundings of Iliffe Yard and its proximity to the Imperial War Museum. Brendan was an incredibly welcoming host and I really sensed his passion and enthusiasm for the business, which made me buy-in to the experience even more. Despite the fact that I was disappointingly a bit crap at cracking clues, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have already spread the word to my friends and colleagues. It's well suited to a range of age groups and so would make a great night out with mates, team building activity or something to do with the family (although teens not children). I look forward to seeing what else Escape Plan has in store, I will definitely be there!

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After entering a very unassuming door, you just don't know what to expect from escape plan. And therein lies the surprise. Clever puzzles built on each other really made our team use our solving brains. A great team bonding activity to do with friends, work colleagues or even strangers. Based on POWs during World War Two, this escape plan is the perfect degree of challenge. Always ready with a tip (but only three) when stuck in a situation, but luckily we escaped just with a little extra time!

Great location with the yard setting the scene as well and ever helpful Brendan really made it more worthwhile. He did hint that there will be a second room opening up in the future, so can't wait to experience the next part of the adventure!

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As an escape-game nut, I was very pleased to see a new one south of the river - and so conveniently located in Kennington! I think the room would suit both seasoned escape artists and newcomers.

The WW2 theming was enjoyable and appropriate and the plotline was very well put together. The set up was slightly more team/player-driven than most - you were only allowed 3 hints, which made the success of escaping feel all the sweeter.

What really set Escape Plan apart from its competitors was the friendly atmosphere. Brendan was a very approachable host, and he's clearly put a lot of love and effort into the room, which shows. You definitely felt that it was a more personal experience. I look forward to seeing what Escape Plan does next; if they open a different room then I'll be there! 

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Set in a great location, Escape Plan does a wonderful job of keeping it authentic and is undoubtably 'London' through and through. Brendan does a great job playing host and you're soon raring to have a crack at the puzzles that await. There's a healthy number of puzzles to solve and a good balance between clues and misdirection. With every minute that passes you become more and more immersed in the experience, scrambling for a way to get you and your teammates out of of the POW camp to safety. It really is good fun. 

Highly recommended for puzzle addicts and those wanting to do something different than go to the same old pub. 

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So much fun! You'll be frustrated, puzzled and jubilant so many times in this 60-minute challenge. Great to do with friends, colleagues or randoms, but best with groups of 4-6 people (although there are simpler versions for teenagers or couples).

The venue is tucked away in a pretty yard near Kennington and spread over two locked rooms. You'll be transported back to a Prisoner of War camp in 1945 and the challenge is to solve the clues to escape. Thinking outside the box is a necessity and you'll be surprised who in your group contributes what. 

It's only running until the end of the year, so if you like a challenge - be quick!

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I had a fantastic, fun fueled and quick whitted evening escaping the WWII rooms. The whole 60 minutes my brain was working full time figuring out the ingenious and inventive challenges with my team of comrades. I was over the moon when we escaped with 1:53 minutes left on the clock (do the moon walk)



One of the best WWII escape games we've played. We went to Escape Plan thinking it would be similar to other WWII escape rooms we've played in other cities but it was so much better than that! The puzzles were very creative and the finale made us feel so proud of ourselves. Great for a fun time with friends


If you love war and escape rooms then this is the one to visit and do.  Themed around World War II you are transported back to 1945 with all the props and the music/sounds that was playing through the speakers elevating through the whole room. The story is that we are in the depths of August 1940 and the Luftwaffe have launched a resurgent attack on Britain and we are the only survivors in the bombed airbase that we are situated in. It’s up to us to find our way into the Ops Room, and mobilise the full force of the RAF to defend Britain from the next attack. However the second attack is imminent so time is tight. There are so many challenging puzzles and codes to crack and locks to unlock. It was now up to me and my friends to crack on, solve, unlock and help save home and country by deploying the planes in the end game. The planes had to be placed onto the correct county’s airbase which is determined by the codes that you collect along the way.

There are so many varied challenging puzzles throughout all leading to answers into where to place the planes. Once all planes were in position in the end game it is then time to flick the switch to order the RAF to go and defend Britain.Unfortunately we did not make it out in time before we got bombed however we managed to defend home and country quite well as you are not just timed but also scored on your ability in defending Britain. This is where we learnt how well we done and we scored 45 out of 70. So even though we may of not made it out in time we felt like we had achieved something instead in saving most of Britain from other bombings from enemy planes.

I think it may of changed slightly now as we done a test game.  However this is certainly a great escape room to do with anyone from friends and family to work colleagues. You can play in a team of 2-7 people. You will certainly have an explosive time!


Really affordable escape room event. Lots of them are over £30 a go this one was £12 each and a really clever set up. The event doesn't use too many clever stunts or expensive gadgetry but the puzzles are hard enough to keep you thinking and the instructors keep the game moving along.

The event was all based around WW2 and the decor and clues really fitted with the his era.

Brilliant for a team building day or a friends birthday

It was bit of a mission finding the venue before 10am in the morning, the day after new years day, to celebrate my cousin's 30th birthday! We didn't know what to expect as we climbed the stairs to the venue which had an aura of 2nd world war days which was incidentally also the theme of the escape plan rooms. We were briefed by the lovely Brendan who also made an effort to remember our names and were let in the first room after a short brief. There were certainly plenty of puzzles whereby the codes needed to be cracked to open various padlocks in that room and then to get into the second room and finally 3 locks to get out. We certainly needed to use our allowed 3 hints and just made it out with over a minute to spare. Definitely an exhilarating experience and can't wait to try out Brendan's new escape plan rooms which he plans to open soon. At the end, we also had an opportunity to get pics taken in the hats and other props in the room. Highly recommended indeed!


I went along to ‘Escape Plan’ with no idea what to expect, but excited nonetheless as I’ve heard rave reviews from friends for similar ‘lock in the room’ challenges. I loved the WW2 theme and that it felt really authentic, with the décor and items that had been sourced. Brendan was a great host and looked after us really well. The challenge itself was brilliant- hard enough to leave us completely stumped at times, and with a real sense of achievement once we figured out the clue! We made it out with 17 seconds to spare- a very dramatic and thrilling finish!


Escape plan is a very cool timed group challenge set in the second world war.

The concept is well thought out and well executed with a good variety of different challenges to get you thinking and lot of attention to detail.

This is great for something different to do with friends or an alternative to the standard team building exercise.

The price and location make this an accessable activity that everyone can enjoy.


if you want to have 1-1,5 hour fun with your mates, this is the place to be. You are back in World war II, trapped in one room (2 actually!) with several puzzles to solve in specific time. The game's difficulty is exactly in the right level - not too easy, not too difficult. Nice location near Kennington tube station and friendly people organizing this escape game - what else to do need for an adventurous evening in London?


Code crackers at the ready! Escape Plan needs you! This fun and very well paced escape game comes alive as teams must puzzle their way out of two locked rooms each full of World War 2 paraphernalia and of course plenty of complex puzzles. Not too hard but certainly not too easy, players must use the "journal" of an ex escapee if they ever want to make it past enemy lines, receiving sporadic help through a walkie talkie from the all-seeing guide. A very enjoyable evening - my only complaint was that we can't play it again! Still need a hint? Go and play today!


Brendan(Mr Escape Plan) is a genius! I only wish my brain was half as good as cracking codes as his. Coming from a long day at the office I really didn't know what to expect when I arrived at the tiny little yard in Elephant and Castle, and being locked in a room honestly didn't really sound all too appealing at the time. But once the sixty minutes started ticking down and our team came together, it really was a whole load of fun! A fantastic team-building activity, the whole setup was extremely cleverly thought out and really got your brain working, in a good way. A brilliant alternative night out - double thumbs up!


60mins... what is this place. why am I here? What are those military jackets and helmets doing in the room, along with pictures of old fighter pilots, a telephone with a dial (how do you see your last dialed number again...?) and a list of food rations hanging on the chalk board on the wall? 

45mins... how do I open that chest which contains the key for the small locked metal cupboard which could hold the answer to the puzzle on the wall?

30mins... where is that darn code to open the locked door to the next room? which incidentally isn't the way out yet (yes there were TWO rooms filled with mind-boggling puzzles)

15mins... will we ever get out of here? This second room is even more confusing than the first.

5mins... why is the haunting music getting louder and faster. I am going to be trapped in here with my team! 

2mins... FREEDOM! WE MANAGED TO GET OUT!! through sheer brilliance (and a lot of hints from the game master but who is counting?) The sense of pride and achievement surely was worth that last hour of mind gym.

Note: the reviewer was invited as a guest for this event


Well I had an absolutely jolly time! I have played escape the room games before and this was by far my favorite of all I have done. Set in an ominous cobbled yard in the back streets of Kennington sits this immersive and all encompassing experience. Jam packed with puzzles,codes and darn right head scratchers! I really loved the touches to the game....trying not to give too much away......but I found myself yelping with excitement when posed with yet another fantastically and intricately planned challenge!

Go with mates,work chums or maybe drag your Dad to this one,this is A LOT OF FUN!

Run by the ever friendly and helpful Brendan (who also put the whole thing together) - you can see he has worked incredibly hard to make this Escape The Room game more unique and well thought than other 'brands' of game. This does also need to be said- this is not a massive operation and it benefits from it in every way. You can feel the thought and care put into each challenge set and it radiates throughout. 

Set under the backdrop of WWII and sounds of bombs dropping and sirens are going throughout. A lot of vintage furniture and original pieces from the time in the room and it makes for a very 'real' feeling throughout. Lots of challenges and lots of red herrings,a busy game! 

We escaped within the hour - phew! We did need all our hints...all I will say....brush up on your German before you go.....or not!! 

Go Go Go!!! I cannot recommend it enough

NB: And yes those are tomato plants that were happily growing out side in the yard : ) I also would like to add there is an awesome cafe right next door to it,serving food that is organic,homemade and reasonable. Check the opening hours of Electric Elephant Cafe before visiting,it may be shut if you have an evening booked early week. Really cool looking place and BOYB after 6pm,yay!

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