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Do not reuse. Great Hall at Warner Bros Studio Tour London.
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

Explore the darkness of the Wizarding World

Forget black cats and apple-bobbing – be inspired to take this year’s spooking season to the dark side when you experience Halloween at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

By Time Out in association with Warner Bros. Studio Tour

One of the best things about The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is how it evolves through the year – just as Harry, Hermione and Ron lived through the seasons at Hogwarts.

At the Studio Tour, new features appear alongside the stunning permanent displays and walk-through film sets, and the run-up to Halloween is one of the most thrilling times to visit. You’ll feel like you’ve really arrived for an autumn term of adventure.

Do not reuse. Diagon Alley at Warner Bros Studio Tour London
Dan Wong Photography

Dark Arts, September 28 to November 10

Step into the Great Hall as it cranks-up for a full-on All Hallows’ Eve feast, complete with over 100 of the floating pumpkins you’ll remember from ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.

From the very start of your tour, you’re immersed in the craft and attention to detail which made every one of the eight Harry Potter films just as thrilling as the original books. Take a good look at those pumpkins – Head Propmaker Pierre Bohanna modelled them on the ones growing in Hagrid’s pumpkin patch and each one is hand-carved, so no two are the same.

While the Dark Arts season is in full swing, you can also have a go at wand combat in a live duel with Death Eaters as they storm the Hogwarts Bridge. You’ll find them waiting for you in the Studio Tour’s backlot.

And for the duration of the Studio Tour’s Dark Arts season, even your walk along Diagon Alley will take a more eerie turn, with dimmed lights and an edgy soundtrack as you peer into the wand shops and stores crammed with potions and curiosities.

Do not reuse. Warner Bros Studio Tour London.
Dan Wong Photography

Make your Halloween 100 percent more magical

From pumpkins seemingly suspended in mid-air to Death Eater costumes complete with hand-painted masks, the Studio Tour gives you a unique chance to get close to the Wizarding World and pick up some great ideas for your own Halloween party this October 31.

You can’t put the ‘super’ in supernatural without goo by the bucketload! From troll snot and unicorn blood to the drool of the three-headed dog, you can see how vats of all sorts of ooze were created. Take note, gunk-lovers – that part of the tour is hands-on.

And beyond the Dark Arts features, the Studio Tour is full of fabulously detailed film sets, costume exhibits and workshop displays to fill you with ideas.

Why not decorate your lounge with flying letters like the Dursley’s front room, or brew up a batch of butterbeer? After a visit to Warner Bros. Studio Tour you’ll feel like anything is possible!

Do not reuse. Death Eaters at Warner Bros Studio Tour London.

Want to hear something really exciting?

Brand new for 2018, there are two events especially for those of you who like to take things to the next level. Channel your inner witch or wizard and book for one of two exclusive costume evenings at the Studio Tour on October 6 and 7.

Come as your favourite witch, wizard, Muggle or even creature, and enjoy unique photo opportunities, giveaways and activities to celebrate the costumes of the Wizarding World.

Do not reuse. Great Hall at Warner Bros Studio Tour London.
Dan Wong Photography

Book now for autumn 2018

Why are we talking about autumnal creepiness now, when half of London hasn’t been on its summer holidays yet?

Well, booking starts now for the exclusive costume evenings and they’re sure to sell out fast. Plus, the autumn is one of the most popular times to visit the Studio Tour, and we know you won’t want to miss out.

So, book now for the Dark Arts. We dare you…

Dark Arts at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, September 28 to November 10. BOOK NOW at


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